Birthday treats


And the birthday treats continue...

I met up with Girly yesterday, and since I was still sick the first time I went to Violet Oon, now that I have fully recovered, I decided to go to Violet Oon again for my treat in order to fully appreciate the delicious food this restaurant offers. I was never disappointed by Violet Oon despite me feeling under the weather nearly 2 months back, and this time round, I got to enjoy the food in its full glory!! ;D So happy that I gave this restaurant another go, and I'm glad to have introduced this restaurant to Girly as well!

The kueh pie tee that can do no wrong. I was deciding between this and the ngoh hiang (which I loved too), but since Girly wanted kueh pie tee, we went with this. It was still as good as the first time I had it, and Girly agreed that this kueh pie tee was delicious as well! The shells were still crispy even though we didn't eat them immediately, and we both agreed that there was no rancid oil taste, which is usually apparent on kueh pie tee from elsewhere. Proves that the kueh pie tee was fresh out of the kitchen! Super yums!

I do not really like fried stuff, and initially wasn't that keen on trying the Hainanese pork chop as I haven't had good ones before. We did not regret ordering this though, because omo, the pork chop was so damn succulent and moist, even if it was mainly lean meat and had very little fats! It reminded me so much of the shiok pork that I had in Biei last year. Although both Girly and I hate peas, we did end up finishing the peas here because they weren't the usual frozen peas which we both hate. The peas were really fresh, and I finally know why peas are called "sweet peas", because fresh peas do really taste naturally sweet! o.O''' This portion was huge though, no thanks to the huge pork chop and the abundance of peas and thick cut fries they served.

I felt so tempted to order the dry laksa again, but a part of me also wanted to try something new, so we ordered the black sambal pepper tiger prawn pasta instead. No regrets too, because the prawns were charred so nicely and gave off such a nice-smelling aroma! The pasta was perfectly al dente too, with each strand coated evenly with prawn unami, pepper and garlic. Ultimate combo sia! Grumps would have definitely approved of this pasta! My only gripe was that the prawns did seem quite small and not as big as I had envisioned it to be, because well, they did mention that they used tiger prawns for this dish, and tiger prawns are supposed to be huge.

Girly and I just spent quite awhile catching up with each other, including talking about my own proposal huhuhu. We did a bit of window-shopping too, which was fun, considering the fact that I haven't been window-shopping in town for quite awhile.

We ended up chilling at Muji because Violet Oon wasn't going to serve le Horlicks cake this week, so we decided to leave. Girly got the green tea chocolate pear mousse while I got the Hokkaido citrus panna cotta. I found the green tea mousse very sweet, so I didn't eat much, but the panna cotta, while tangy, did taste really good as the sourish notes of the citrus did help to neutralise the sweetness of the custard.

As I had a dinner appointment with my family, we parted ways after spending some time chilling at Muji.

My actual birthday was spent with Grumpy, so le fam treated me to dinner yesterday. ;P I had always wanted a zi char dinner, and Clinty so happened to suggest going to the zi char restaurant near our house for dinner. Wow, having lived in this area for nearly the whole of my life, while I knew that restaurant was always busy, the thought to dine there had never ever crossed my mind! D;

I was running slightly late as I had to return home first, but by the time I arrived, the food had just come, so just nice! I wasn't really very hungry anyway as I had a really filling lunch at Violet Oon's, on top of the sweet treats that I had.

Eggs with cai po (preserved radish) can honestly do no wrong. The best cai po egg omelette I've ever had still goes to Hong Chang Eating House at Serangoon though, but this cut it close! Yummy!

Hong Kong-style steamed fish head! The light soya sauce went so well with the garlic and the natural sweetness of the garoupa! Shiok ah!

Sweet potato leaves with garlic. I felt that this dish would have been better had we ordered the sambal version instead. The garlic version wasn't as garlicky as I had liked it to be.

Har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken) is a must-order at any zi char restaurant! This was really good too!

Le parents ordered noodles for me, because in Chinese customs, one must always eat noodles for any birthday celebration. I was so stuffed, but le dibby still made me finish up my noodles huhuhu. I finished it in the end, but I haven't felt this stuffed in recent months. ._-

And finally, my last birthday treat of the year (hopefully, because I don't think I can continue eating such good food if I'm trying to keep my weight below 50 kg lol) was from my boss HAHAHA. Grumps had told me that he loved the burgers at Bergs Burger, so I suggested going there for my birthday lunch since it was also located near to le office.

The onion rings were really good!

The calamari rings tasted quite burnt to me though. I ended up tearing off the coating thereafter.

I ordered the large BFB burger, which included two ginormous beef patties. When my burger came, I got quite a rude shock, because I honestly did not expect my burger to be this big! In fact, it was so big that I took only 5 mouthfuls before I decided that I had enough. Thankfully, I was able to tell the waiter to wrap up my 1/4-eaten burger for takeaway. The burger itself was honestly good, but think I shouldn't be over-estimating my appetite again hahaha. My leftover burger ended up being dinner for le sis and I. Can you imagine how big this burger was, given that it was more than enough to feed two adults for dinner? o.O''' I even gave my parents half of the beef patty I had lol, because I really couldn't finish.

OK there, I guess that's all to my foodie adventures for March hahaha. Time to get back into shape! T_T

Most memorable birthday yet


This birthday has been my most memorable birthday yet. Grumps told me that he had made a dinner reservation for the night, but in the days leading up to my birthday, I was so swamped with closing that I wasn't even sure if I could make it to the dinner that Grumps had booked. I had even suggested to him that we postpone the dinner as I didn't mind not having the actual celebration today. While I didn't mind, Grumpy did mind, a lot LOL.

Anyway, thankfully, my accounts managed to tie, so I was able to actually go off on time and meet Grumpy for dinner. Up till now, the dinner venue was still a secret because Grumps refused to tell me anything. When we finally alighted at Orchard, I thought he would be bringing me to Violet Oon, but when he said no, I asked if we were going to Salt Grill & Sky Bar instead (just so happened that while walking, I saw the signboard pointing to Salt Grill LOL), to which he finally said yes. xD

I had wanted to bring Grumpy to Salt Grill for his birthday, but decided on Fat Cow in the end. Who would have thought that Grumpy would bring me here instead? ._.

Anyway, entrance to the restaurant was only by reservation, and a staff had to verify that one had indeed made a reservation before she could use her card to let us board the lift.

Once we were in the lift, we were immediately brought up to the 55th floor. I was swept off my feet by the view. What a sick view this restaurant really had! D;

What a sick view we had! Unfortunately, it was rather cloudy, so we couldn't see the sun set.

As I wasn't really feeling the mood for anything alcoholic, I decided to go for a peach mojito instead, which was really damn refreshing. Super shiok!

Grumps went for the lychee mojito, which was really legit as well.

To start off, we were first served with bread, before the appetisers that we had ordered arrived. The bread was really tasty, and came with organic butter, organic leek butter and sea salt. The leek butter tasted a bit chao ta to us though, but the organic butter was so milky, and paired damn well with the sea salt! We had two rounds of the bread in fact hahaha!

The dark-coloured butter was organic leek butter, which had a kind of burnt taste to it. The sourdough bread though, was really tasty, and went well with the yellow butter and sea salt.

The most expensive oysters I've ever eaten in my life lol!

Close-up of my huge-ass oyster! The oysters were really huge and juicy, and reminded me so much of the oysters I had back in Hokkaido. Except that this time round, these oysters were served ice-cold, and came with garnishings that really complemented the briny taste of the oysters so well. Grumps isn't a fan of fresh oysters, but he found this so good that he ate 3 oysters out of 6.

Our bluefin tuna tartare with shaved egg yolk and truffles tasted really good too. It complemented the cracker we had so well!

After we were done with our appetisers, we were then introduced to the mains, whereby the waitress actually told us about the different cuts of beef that they had for the day. Despite her lengthy introduction, I still did not go for the beef HAHAHA, but Grumps did go with the flat iron wagyu in the end. As for me, I went with the king salmon with scallops as I was really craving for some sort of a seafood dish.

Grumpy's flat iron was really delicious and done medium rare, but I still felt that the beef we had at Fat Cow 2 months back were of a higher quality, which obviously was reflected in its price as well. ;P As you can tell, fine dining is all about small portions and intricate plating lol.

My king salmon was so damn good! It was done medium well, and the insides were so succulent and juicy despite the skin being so crispy. To me, cooking salmon is a test of the chef's skills, because I am damn particular about the way my salmon has to be cooked, and I'm glad to say that this place has got to have one of the best salmon dishes I've ever tasted! The scallops were exceptionally juicy too, with hints of caramelised butter and the taste of the wok. So so so so gooooood!

As night fell, we were feeling rather stuffed already, but one dessert caught our eye, which was the ondeh ondeh lamington pandan chocolate mousse.

Tbh, I was already too full to fully appreciate the intricacies of this dessert. On top of that, as much as I love ondeh ondeh, I don't like gula melaka, so eeps, I didn't really enjoy this dessert much.

Grumpy finally gave me my birthday card, to which I excitedly opened, because well, I was excited to know which country we were going to next! In fact, Grumpy kept harping on the fact that we would be going to a place which I had always wanted to go, so I threw up a few places like Canada, Switzerland and Czech Republic, but well, he was mysterious till the end. As I read through the message in his card, I realised that the message got cut off somewhat, so I looked up from the card to ask him where we were going, but instead, I got presented with a ring box with the diamond ring sitting in it!!!!! @*#&^@(%*&^#(@ I was so shocked that for awhile, I wasn't able to get any words out of my mouth, because while I had expected him to propose within this year, I did not expect it to be on my birthday, more so when I was legit expecting an air ticket from him LOL, as per what he had done last year. Anyway, I was expecting a cheesecake delivery before I could agree to marry him (inside joke), but this joker ended up proposing before his cheesecake delivery. ._.

'Twas a beautiful night, made even more beautiful by the LOML.

I'm finally engaged, but le ring was too loose, so we ended up having to go down to the jeweller the next day to get it resized (4 ring sizes down leh). It'll be another 4-5 weeks without le ring. T_T

So besides the change in status, nothing much has changed between us. Grumps is still as nonsensical as ever, but oh well, I have agreed to live with it, so good luck to me. ;P