Wedding band hunting


Since Grumps proposed, we've been on a hunt for our wedding bands. but it wasn't till the recent weeks that we've finally settled on a pair (I think??), more than half a year after he proposed.

I initially had an ideal wedding band in mind, and it was the wedding band that Kim Nam-joo's character wore in Misty. I remembered liking that drama so much back then, so much so that I even went to hunt down the stuff that she wore and the accessories she had, because who doesn't like a power woman? With that, our first stop for wedding bands was Tiffany & Co.

As I already knew specifically what ring I was looking for, I just told the SA the model and was able to try it on almost immediately. I really liked what I saw, and I thought that the ring did look good on me. Unfortunately, when I tried to stack the ring with my engagement ring, the both didn't match at all. As I wanted a ring that could complement my proposal ring, my dream ring had to go. ;( Moreover, at $7xxx per band, it cost as much as the market price of a Chanel medium classic flap, and unless I do away with the lunch reception altogether, this ring would be way over our budget. ;X Sigh, at least I have pictures to remember this pretty ring by.

A few weeks later, we dropped by Michael Trio at Tanjong Pagar too, where we tried on some rings as well. They did have pretty rings, but as we were also busy finding for rings that would suit us, we didn't place an order with them immediately.

A few days before my final paper, Grumps and I dropped by Rio Diamonds, a vendor which we got to know during our visit to the Singapore Bridal Fair back in March. We had placed a deposit of $200 with them in order to secure the discounted price and since we were around that area, we decided to view their rings collection as well. We spent quite awhile there, and did manage to find a few rings which we really liked. However, as we wanted more time to think it through, we left after getting the SA to note down our desired models.

When my exams ended and Grumpy was more free a few weeks back, we decided to drop by Jann Paul again, as that was where my proposal ring was from. After viewing the rings that they had, I think Grumpy was more set on settling with Jann Paul as he preferred the matte finishing his ring would have. I was also partial towards rings with a matte finishing, bu unfortunately, Jann Paul didn't seem to have any nice female rings with matte finishing, so I went with my initial choice of having an infinity wedding band.

If all goes to plan, Grumps should be making the payment next month. Hopefully no more changes hahaha, unless another ring catches my fancy.

Wedding gown hunting


I really needed to kickstart my wedding planning, so once Grumpy was back from his numerous overseas trips, I scheduled appointments at two bridal boutiques, namely La Belle Couture and Rico-A-Mona. Why these two? For La Belle, I have been following them for a few years already, and had paid them a visit when they held a roadshow during the Singapore Brides event at Suntec City. Back then, while their packages did seem attractive, we didn't sign on with them as I was still preparing for my exam, and besides, Grumps had just proposed, so we were just there to "look see look see" without anything concrete in our minds.

For Rico-A-Mona, I scheduled an appointment as I was intrigued by the $540 off promotion that they were running during National Day. We reached on time, and were attended to by Miky, who was really friendly and did help to put us at ease. I showed her my mood board on Pinterest, and she was able to deduce the kind of gowns which I was partial towards, namely the A line and mermaid gowns. I also did tell her I wanted something which was easy to walk in as I am a total klutz, and the last thing I want is to embarrass myself during my own wedding lol.

I did try on a number of gowns, and Miky was ever so accommodating, from helping me with my gowns to providing her honest comments on which gowns she felt suited me.

First gown - Lacy mermaid
It felt rather big on me, and while I did like it at first, after looking through the photos again, I think I look rather top-heavy in it.

Second gown - Lacy A Line
It did make me feel rather princessy, but I felt that the tulle was getting into my way of walking, especially when I was already walking unsteadily due to the 4-inch heels I had to put on lol. I think it would have made a great dress if my wedding was to be held at a hotel ballroom, but unfortunately, we're not holding a hotel banquet, so I guess this dress is out? I'm also not really a fan of champagne-coloured wedding dresses, so I guess it's a no from both me and Grumps. I liked the reallllllly low cut at the back though.

Third gown - Mermaid
Wow, this gown sure did fit me, and it was one of the gowns I was seriously considering as I really did like how it hugged my body in the right parts. Even Miky and Grumps thought that I looked good in it. I thought that this gown fitted the requirements for me, which were easy to walk in, simple and yet casual, and fitting of our theme. I also really liked the lacy details at the back, which made the gown look more elegant. However, one thing that was holding me back from immediately making a booking was that, I had actually sucked in my tummy to look good in the gown LOL. The material was rather sheer, so I was rather afraid that I would be photographed with my slightly bulging tummy should I forget to suck in LOL, especially if I ever get the time to eat HAHAHA.

Fourth gown - Almost same design as the third, but with a longer lacy train
Miky chose this for me to try on as I conveyed to her that my main gripe with the third gown was due to the fact that I was afraid my tummy could be seen LOL. For this gown that I tried on, the material was thicker, so the colour of my underwear wasn't seen, as well as my tummy. xD I liked the low cut back too, and while I found the lacy train pretty for photo-taking, not sure how I feel about it when it comes to my actual day.

Fifth gown - Off shoulder mermaid
I had requested Miky to give me an off-shoulder gown to try so that I could see how I looked like in it, and since both Grumps and her feel that the mermaid cut suited me, I was given an off-shoulder mermaid gown to try on. Grumps said he liked this gown, and I thought that I did look good in it as well, but think my favourite is still the third gown lol. This comes a close second though.

Sixth gown - Bustier A Line
I had requested to try on a bustier gown, just to see how I would look like in it. Contrary to my fears, the bust area was quite tight and secure, so there wasn't any need for me to worry that le gown would suddenly drop and I would expose leself lol. Le mum had told me not to choose bustier gowns though lol, and I did really like the third and fifth gowns, so I guess this is out?

Next up, after resting at the nearby 100 am, we proceeded to La Belle Couture, which was noticeably more crowded than the previous bridal boutique we had visited. In fact, I dare say that this was the most crowded shop along the whole stretch of bridal boutique shops in Tanjong Pagar. ._.

While we had made an appointment before that, we were still served 15 minutes after our appointment time, due to the sheer number of people in the shop. I didn't mind though, 'cos we were not entirely ignored lol. Jimmy, whom we met at the bridal roadshow back in March, was assigned to us. He was also very mindful of our needs, and provided great insights to how our wedding planning should be done. After introducing all the packages offered, he brought us upstairs, where I could start the gown fitting proper.

First gown - mermaid
This was quite body-hugging, and I loved how easily I could twirl in this gown. While this wasn't too bad, I still felt more partial towards gown 3 and 5 from Rico.

Second gown - A Line
Hmm, the fitting for this gown was quite off for me, and made my waist look big. Strike off.

Third gown - Bustier mermaid
Surprisingly, I liked the bustier gown I tried here more than the one from Rico. It has this lacy train which has enormous potential to make for pretty photos. It's my favourite gown from La Belle thus far. Even Grumps agreed.

Fourth gown - Lacy mermaid
Wow the lacy train for this gown is totally #weddingphotogoals sia, and the gown did accentuate my silhouette really well. But hmm, can I really go with such a long train for my actual day, considering the fact of my AD location?

All in all, I did gain a few insights on which types of gowns suit my body shape, and I was glad to be able to find favourites from both boutiques. The tough question now would be who we should go with... Gown rentals from these two boutiques are definitely not the cheapest, especially when it comes to ala carte. I all along thought that I would be an ala carte bride and not take any package since I do have in mind a few photographers whom I want to engage, but honestly, going with a package just makes more financial sense, especially when I am so adamant on keeping within our set budget (Grumpy is a lot more chill in this aspect lol I dunno why... eh your money leh).

Decisions decisions decisions...

No more studying! =D


Omg, I managed to pass my last paper!! So fitting that I first started my ACCA journey with the foundation level tax paper, and I ended my 2-year journey with the professional tax paper.

These 2 years have honestly not been very easy, especially when I was still back in le ex-company, where I was having much difficulty juggling both work and studies at the same time. As a result of me wanting to get out of the company sooner and also wanting to complete the compulsory modules before the new syllabus came out, I took it upon myself to load myself with a paper every quarter, and boy, that nearly killed me.

This is not to say that the situation was much better in le current company though. While I did get to go home on time on most days, the modules I took also got increasingly more complex and harder for me to understand. In order to make sure I pass these modules, I had to dedicate practically the whole nights when I didn't have classes just to mugging and practising papers after papers.

In fact, I completed the last module within 3 months, but oh gosh, it was probably one of the hardest modules for me, besides financial reporting. I am currently not in the line of tax, though I do have the wish to enter it some day, and it was really difficult for me to understand why some steps were performed since I cannot see the rationale behind it.

For now, I'm just so darn glad that I have gotten studying out of my way for now, and that I can wholeheartedly concentrate on planning for le wedding. Thank you God for this, really!!! I'm really beyond grateful! ;_;

3rd anniversary at Tatsu


The whole of June has really been a very busy month for me, but before I forget, I want to note down how Grumpy Cat and I spent our dating anniversary, as this will probably be the last time we'll be commemorating it. Next time we'll be commemorating our wedding anniversary instead. Once married, people don't usually commemorate their dating anniversary liao hor?

Anyway, our dating anniversary fell on Hari Raya Puasa this year, and I had to head back to work due to month-end closing after taking the first two work days off due to exam. Grumps told me that he had reserved a restaurant for our anniversary, but was mysterious till the end lol. Sneaky boi.

Where did Grumpy bring me to in the end? Tatsu Teppanyaki. Actually I had guessed that it would be at Chijmes lah, and that it would be Japanese, but I had guessed that we would be having ramen instead. xD Grumps said that he brought me here because I had told him that I had never been to a real teppanyai restaurant before, but honestly, I had just said it in passing leh, so I honestly didn't expect Grumps to remember. Bb touched. T_T

We were shown to our seats, which were right in front of where the chefs would be cooking. I was thrilled, because that meant that I could see up-close how the chef would be cooking our food.

Dining here wasn't cheap at all though, but Grumps never fails to spend on me so long as it makes me happy. ;_; I went with the seafood dinner course, while Grumps went with the Tatsu dinner course.

Front row seat yasssss. Grumps said he had to book this one month in advance. ._.

First up, our salad appetiser. I loved the sesame dressing used. Yums!

The cod fish from my dinner course, wrapped in eggy goodness. This was damn shiok!! *slurps in contentment*

Grumpy's king prawn, which tasted really fresh and succulent as well.

Sotong with garlic chips.

Grumps added on scallops after seeing how delicious they looked from another diner. They were really fat and plump, and were seared with butter. These scallops were really done perfectly well, and left both le Grumps and I feeling really satisfied!

The chef frying our garlic fried rice. Just look at that heap of garlic. *heart eyes*

Our super garlicky fried rice, which we LOVED. Mine was the seafood garlic fried rice, while Grumps had the normal garlic fried rice. Both le Grumps and I preferred the normal garlic fried rice, as we could taste very distinctly the butter and fresh garlic that went into it. And of course, not forgetting the eggs that went in as well. ;D

The lobster was shiok af! It was super succulent and plump, the kind that went "doink-doink" in my mouth. *salivates* While this was good, I would have loved it more had the chef kept out the mayonnaise, which I really don't fancy.

Le chef preparing Grumpy's steak, which tasted as good as a wagyu cut. It was damn tender and was done medium-rare, with only salt, pepper and herbs to taste.

I didn't manage to catch our chef doing the fire act as it happened too fast, so here's one from the other chef who was cooking for the diners sitting opposite us.

Our cute desserts for the last course. They tasted really cold and was slightly sweet, a perfect end to all the grilled food we had.

It was a really memorable anniversary dinner for us, and many thanks to Grumps for going all out to make me fulfill all my foodie cravings. I was swarmed with exam preparation and work, so I didn't manage to prepare anything for him this anniversary, but Grumps said that so long as I'm happy, that's the best present I could ever give him. What have I done to deserve this guy? ;_;

May we continue to be this loving, my dear Grumpy Cat.

Seoul Trippin'


Le original plan was to bring le family to Japan (specifically the Kansai area), but as our luck would have it, one ticket on SQ to Osaka already cost nearly $1400 even though we had searched for tickets way in advance (almost 6 months leh). There's no way le sis and I will be willing to splurge on such exorbitant tickets. In fact, $1400 is even more expensive than an economy class ticket to Europe, and almost on par to tickets to USA. D; Le parents then suggested Korea instead, which we then agreed to, although I wasn't sure if 8 days (6 days for Grumps and I) would be enough to tour Seoul in its entirety. Hmm well, it did turn out that 8 days weren't enough for the shopaholics in us boohoohoo. I ended up not eating some stuff which I had listed out to try, and didn't get to buy some items which I had wanted to as well, but there's always next time right?

Anyway, my original plan was to head to Korea in autumn this year as I really loved autumn in Korea, and thought that I would finally get a chance to visit one of the most romantic countries in the world with my SO during such a romantic season. My trip to Korea ended up being brought forward by 4 months due to our Japan trip not working out. ;(

The days leading up to this trip went by in such a whirl for me. I was away from work for the first two work days of the month because of exam, and following that, I had to rush through my closing in 2 working days in order to make it for my trip. This must really be a record for me, but thankfully this month isn't a quarter month. D; I left work at 5 pm on Friday, and rushed home to do some housework and some packing before leaving straight for the airport.

I met Grumpy and auntie at Terminal 3 at 9 pm, and we headed over to Jewel for dinner. Totally hungry die us sia lol. It turned out that all the restaurants had their water supply cut so there were very limited items which they could serve us. You can probably guess where all the water went to huh. We settled for some maki rolls and tempura at Sushi Tei. Jewel was still as crowded as I had anticipated it to be, even though it was already close to 10 pm. The queue for Burgers and Lobsters was still cray?

A skytrain in amidst all the "jungle"? Futuristic much? This is why Changi Airport is the undisputed number 1 in the world!

Close-up of the waterfall.

Grumps and auntie ended up getting some ice-cream from Birds of Paradise (BOP), while I didn't, because their famous thyme cones were already sold out for the day boo. I don't deny that their ice-cream tasted good though, but I'll probably only get it when I manage to get the thyme cone the next time.

No winner for guessing who got this? -.-'''

As it was getting late and we had to check-in soon, we bade farewell to Grumpy's mum and proceeded to the transit area.

At the point of changing money, SGD$1 was around 865 won.

Saturday 08/06/2019 (Day 1)
As expected of trips to Korea, announcements were made in both English and Korean. Le Korean seemed really rusty though; I used to be able to understand most parts of the announcements made but now like cmi le. Damn sad. I need to dedicate some time to picking up my languages again, but I have so many things to do too. ;(

We made it to the plane uneventfully, but some Korean passengers were being anti-social by standing up in the plane when one was supposed to have their seat belt fastened. Both the local and Korean stewardesses had to shout at them from their safety chairs zZz. Why can't these passengers be more aware of their surroundings? Like seriously, standing up when the plane is just about to take-off?! D; Anyway, both le Grumps and I got the seats in front of the baby bassinet LOL, and I was bitching to le sis about crying babies, but thank God I didn't encounter any crying baby though, probably because it's a red-eye flight. The flight was rather full though. T_T

Because of my exam, I stopped watching Yanxi Palace for awhile, so I took this chance to finish watching it on the plane. I managed to finish watching 2 episodes before I finally felt too tired to continue, and KO-ed promptly on the flight. I fell into quite a deep sleep, but was awaken by the numerous passenger announcements being made. I checked the time, and found out that I had only slept for about 2 hours. Breakfast was soon served. I love my eggs, so I got the egg fritata, but I conveniently forgot that SQ's fritatas contain peas in them. However, while I did "donate" some peas to Grumps, the peas which I had did not taste as repulsive as I had expected it to be, so I did manage to finish up the rest of my brekkie. Grumps had the Korean fish meal, which tasted quite nice.

Le egg fritata.

Grumpy's Korean fish dish was quite good leh.

We finally landed in Seoul, but the queue for immigration was long, and the wait for our luggages was even longer. -.-''' After washing up in the toilet, we finally felt fresh-faced enough to face the world. I finally felt at home when I boarded the AREX. It's been nearly 5 years since I first stepped foot here, my dear Korea. T_T We were both dead beat, so after managing to find seats on the AREX, both of us fell asleep, waking up exactly at our stop, Hongdae.

Thanks to the clear instruction of the host, we managed to locate our AirBnB quite easily as it was just a 3-minute walk away from the station. It reminded me of those low-rise brown/red houses that I always see in Korean dramas, which meant that there was no lift LOL. I got Grumps to carry up my luggage for me heehee.

Although rather tired, after unpacking some stuff, we left for late breakfast, and the first order of business would definitely have to be Issac Toast. Thankfully, there was one store located right in Hongdae itself, but the queue was already so long! Le fam ordered Bacon Best, Steak and Ham and the Bulgogi toasts, which omgwtfbbq were damn dope, especially when they were made fresh on the spot! While the buttered toasts and patties were superb, I felt that what made the toast really shiok was actually the picked radish and vegetables that they put in the toast. Those veggies tasted really special, and helped to cut through the greasiness of the toasts and patties.

First order of business after touching down heehee.

Shook af!

We headed over to Ediya Coffee, which was just next to Isaac Toast to chill. I finally got to drink my goguma latte after nearly 5 years omg and the best thing was it tasted EXACTLY the same as what I had on a cold autumn night nearly 5 years back. It was just so comforting that it nearly brought tears to me. ;_; Even le parents agreed that the sweet potato latte was damn good.

I've missed you so much, goguma latte!

After that, we decided to go for lunch, and I suggested going to Noryangjin. Thankfully most of the hawkers there could speak Chinese (they must have been forced to pick it up, or were just native Chinese who picked up Korean really well LOL), so le mum was able to communicate with them and did most of the ordering. My Korean is really down the dumps sia. We ended up ordering quite a lot imo though. Scallops (15k won), sashimi (40k won), 2 sea urchins (5k won), 3 live octopus (10k won) and 500g of cockles for 5k won. For the amount of seafood that we ordered, I thought it was quite reasonable and we happily went up to the restaurant that the hawkers had tied up with.

Noryangjin did look much bigger and cleaner than the last time I was here. I think this place did undergo a revamp, just like the Tsukiji Market of Tokyo.

While we did enjoy the raw food a lot, I did not really enjoy the cooked food as much.

Super worth it for 40k won! The sashimi was damn fresh and had no fishy taste to it. Pairing it with soya sauce and wasabi was just heaven on earth.

I had le parents try this sannakji, in which the tentacles were still moving despite the octopus already being dead. While it was kinda off-putting to see it squirm in front of our eyes, all of us (except me lah, 'cos I've eaten this before) were so shocked that this dish actually tasted so good just with sesame oil and dou miao by itself. It was such a play of sensation in the mouth!

Le sis ordered sea urchin here, 'cos sea urchin in Japan is effing expensive I also dunno why. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The cooked cockles were rather spicy, and I think I'm just too used to the half-cooked cockles back in Singapore. While the cockles were huge, I found them rather rubbery after being cooked in this manner, hence this was not really to my taste.

WHO THE HELL COOKS SCALLOPS THIS WAY SIA?!?! When I said I wanted grilled scallops, never in my wildest imagination did I ever think that they would slice the scallops so thinly and just grill them like that! This honestly looked like dried banana chips lah, and was this good? Shit tasted damn rubbery as well argh!

When it was time to pay up, we were really shocked to find out that we had to top up an extra 69k won for just dining here. I all along knew that we had to pay some sort of a service charge to the restaurant, which I was fine with honestly. So on their menu, it was stated that service charge per pax would be 4k won, but we were charged 6k won because we didn't order any soup. Fine. But the cooking fee for the rubbery cockles and scallops ended up being 33k won?! Fark this is daylight robbery please! Cooked food in restaurants outside don't even cost this much leh. The cooked food wasn't even good in the first place. All in all, we were just left shell-shocked that us dining in the restaurant itself cost nearly as much as the seafood we bought downstairs. Moral of the story? Just go for the raw food. -.-'''

We headed over to Mangwon Market after that as le dad was interested in seeing how Korean markets were like. This market brought back memories for me too as I used to come here to do grocery shopping when I was a broke af student. Oh, and those cold days when I was doing grocery shopping... After touring the market for awhile, he decided to buy bananas and the Korean melons. ._.

All of us headed back to Hongdae via the Mapo 09 bus as Clinty wanted to visit the free market (I think it's another term for flea market?), which I had been before. I finally visited the Kakao Friends store, and it took me so much willpower not to walk out with a Apeach merchadise even though Grumps had nearly bought one for me. Where to put sia? I don't even have space on my own bed to sleep. ;_; Le sis keeps calling Apeach the butt toy - so irritating please go away!

Fark this is so kewt please?! T_T Bo geh Apeach! ;D

Derpy Apeach, me also likey!

Onwards to the free market... Legs were dying at this point though lol, so eating the street food did help to power me on.

Odeng! Me love, and le sis loves them too! It'll be even more shiok to eat this during winter!

Ahhhhhhh egg bread and bungeoppang! Me loves!

Derpy Grumps showing off his bungeoppang!

Egg bread is love, but le sis rightly pointed out that the egg breads we used to eat nearly 5 years back had ham/bacon in them. This was just purely egg on top of the bread, so it sadly didn't taste as sinful as we both remember it to be lol.

Le vanilla milk from Binggrae was actually goooooood? I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did for the banana milk, but if you're a milk purist, this is rather sweet lah, so probably not for you. I loved this so much that I bought 10 of such bottles at Lotte on our second last day. 🙃🙃🙃

We were all too tired to continue, so we decided to head back to the AirBnB where almost all of us fell asleep promptly. After which, we headed over to Yoogane for dinner. It was totally spice and veggie overload for me but I still couldn't poop leh. ;(

Anyway, apparently Yoogane now had this new policy in which every diner had to order at least one portion of food, which really sucked, because a portion of food here was already very big, and we were still being forced to order 6 portions of dakgalbi? -.-'''

Got the chargrilled chicken set for le Grumps and I, but kinda regretted 'cos the chargrilled chicken was quite dry and we waited so long for it.

This was the normal dakgalbi set, and I found the chicken here more tender and juicier. The sweet potato ddeok was so good too!

After dinner, we split up and walked around Hongdae. It reminded me of why I love Korea so much. Quality and pretty clothings at affordable prices, pretty accessories (Grumps got me a really pretty pair of earrings) and cheap and good cosmetics/skincare to boot. I managed to score my Nature Republic bamboo masks (can't be found anywhere in Singapore anymore, and this was the very first Korean mask I used which I bought off G Market years back) at 10+10 for only 10k won? I LOVE KOREA. T_T

Grumps was craving for a hoddeok. I then suddenly remembered that I had a shiok hoddeok years back in Hongdae as well. I was afraid that the shop wouldn't be there anymore since such shops do come and go and I couldn't remember the name anymore, but as our luck would have it, the hoddeok shop was still there! We quickly placed our order before the line after us got really long!

Grumpy would like to thank me very much for introducing this to him. ;D

We headed back to the AirBnB after le mum managed to satisfy her craving for the 32 cm ice-cream. Jiggly Grumps didn't get any 'cos he no gym.

Happy that le mum got her ice-cream.

Fat beech also got hers, but she guai lan people take le ice-cream in cones she go take cup. -.-'''

It was really such a long day for us, especially Grumps and I. As such, we very kindly got to shower first lol. After coming out of the shower, I could really feel how damn tired I was, as I was almost running on pure adrenaline today. It wasn't long before I fell asleep.

Sunday 09/06/2019 (Day 2)
Le sis booked us a hanbok experience for today at 9 am, so we left the house at around 7.30 am in order to reach there on time, as according to Google Maps, going to Gyeongbukgung would take around 1 hour by subway.

We ended up reaching way too early lol, and since we hadn't had breakfast and the surrounding area was awfully quiet, we ended up walking around aimlessly before Grumps found a cafe that was opened this early. We decided to chill at Wood & Brick, as that was the only cafe in the area that was opened. The breads sold were really very expensive (in the range of 3k to 6k won per piece), but they were no doubt really delicious! I got myself the olive oil bacon ciabatta, which was so delightfully soft and fragrant. I found the chocolate danish pastry really good too even when I don't usually fancy anything flaky.

Our coffees took a really long time to be served though, so by the time we got our coffee, it was already past 9 am. We decided to takeaway our coffee while le parents continued chilling in the cafe. When we reached Oneday Hanbok at around 9.10 am, it was already damn crowded, which was quite shocking! D; I guess it just shows that many people do use Klook LOL.

Two cups of cappuccino for le parents and two cups of caramel macchiato for us. The caramel macchiato was unbelievably shiok please. I'm not really a coffee person, and I usually prefer the smell of coffee more than I like drinking it, but oh my, the coffee taste and smell for this was really damn strong, and the light drizzle of caramel helped to complement those bitter coffee tones really well! I do believe that the cappuccino should be really good as well.

The process to choose our hanbok was rather fuss-free though. One staff came up to me and measured my shoulders before telling me to choose the hanboks from a certain rack with my size. Both le sis and I were size 66, so we had to choose the hanboks from rack 66. We really had fun choosing our hanboks, as there were just so many pretty designs to choose from! It was really such a far cry from my last hanbok experience. The guys chose hanboks that complemented our dresses, and we spent around 1.5 hours in this shop, with the bulk of the queue being the queue to tie and accessorise our hair.

We finally met our parents and began our walk to the National Folk Museum. At first, we were so worried about looking out of place, because besides for special occasions, Koreans do not usually wear hanboks for daily wear now. Our fears were unfounded though, because many people were also wearing the hanboks in the area, so we did not end up feeling awkward at all. The weather had started getting hotter too, so I started sweating even though besides my costume, I only wore my underwear. The guys had it tougher though, because they were wearing their normal clothes beneath the hanbok, so really hot die them sia! o.O'''

The last time le sis and I were here, this very pond was frozen over.

In all, we spent about 2 hours touring the folk museum and Gyeongbokgung before we decided to head back to return the hanbok even though 4 hours wasn't up yet. The weather was just too hot for us to feel comfortable in the hanbok hahaha, more so for the boys. I think wearing the hanbok in winter would be too cold though, as Seoul's winters are known to be harsh, so I conclude that the best seasons to wear them would be during spring and autumn.

Gyeongbokgung, the main palace of Korea. Touristy af too 'cos there were just so many people swarming the place!

The royal palace guards of Joseon hahaha. We could tell they were trying very hard to keep a poker face. Poor them though, because it was really hot. And poor them too, because winters are cold and harsh as well.

Let me spam some pictures of our pretty hanboks!

With le jiggly Indian boi. Korean princess with New Balance sneakers. 🙃🙃🙃

Ohana means family! Yay to sneakers and our Mary Poppins skirts.

Look like wedding photo no? I think just need to do a bit of colour correcting can liao LOL.

Derpy jiggly bois.

Sissy and I acting demure.

Tired liao.

Fake Koreans.

Korean princesses turning their backs on their princes lol.

After returning our hanboks, we walked around the area, where we passed by Radio M bakery. We had a few samples of their bread, which were omg so damn soft, fluffy and fragrant?! Their breads did not come cheap though, so we could only afford to buy two pieces lol. Guess how much each piece cost? 6000 won, which is almost $7?! The bread was just slightly bigger than those buns you see in shops like Bread Talk. ._.

Le parents went ahead to chill at Baekmidang first, where they bought their own ice-cream and ate without us while we were changing out of our hanboks lol. So smart ah now no need me to help them order food liao hor?

Such a grand-looking Baekmidang. Grumps and I had our first taste of Baekmidang when we were in Hong Kong. We were so in love with the milky ice-cream then, that we swore to come here again if we were in Korea. Here we are.

I got myself the original milk ice-cream cone. This has yet to fail me. So deliciously creamy and milky that I can care less about the amount of sugar in it for once. ;P

The two jiggly bois and le sis ordered matcha ice-cream, banana milkshake and chocolate milkshake. I still found my original ice-cream the best as it was light and milky. I found the milkshakes very heavy for my liking.

We then walked around Samcheongdong as we were feeling too full for lunch (it was lunchtime already) and then to Bukchon. If the weather was much cooler, I would have totally worn my hanbok all the way to Bukchon, but unfortunately, it was just not meant to be hahaha. Le legs were really going to give way by then. After exhausting much of our energy on the extremely uphill walk to Bukchon, we finally took a bus to Tosokchon for ginseng chicken.

Such a scenic spot, but unfortunately, like the rest of Seoul, there were way too many people. I blame K-dramas for this occurrence.

We ordered 3 sets of ginseng chicken for the 6 of us as from experience, le sis and I knew that there would be glutinous rice stuffed inside the chicken. Their ginseng wine was still as potent as I remember it to be, so much so that one small cup left le mum looking flushed for at least the next one hour. ._. Le parents thought that the ginseng chicken did give off a very strong ginseng smell, but the ginseng taste was not as strong as they had expected it to be. Nonetheless, they did enjoy this a lot.

The OG ginseng chicken. We slurped up every drop of the soup.

Black ginseng chicken. No soup was left too!

Can't do without Korean seafood pancake, and wah, this was really hugeeeee!

After that, we headed over to Insadong to walk around, but I think our legs were almost giving way lol. Le sis and Clinty decided to do some caricature while the rest of us just took the opportunity to sit down and rest. Grumps was almost psycho-ed by Clinty to do a caricature too, but when I saw how their caricature was going to turn out, I decided to talk Grumps out of it lol, and heng we didn't do it sia. Le sis' drawing honestly did not turn out very nice. 🙃🙃🙃

We headed over to Myeongdong after that because we wanted to eat at Myeongdong Kyoja for dinner. We had to wait to be seated, but thankfully the queue was fast. The restaurant ended up being much bigger than I had expected. In fact, there were 3 floors, and we ended up being seated at the top floor. RIP us. Too many stairs to climb for the day liao.

The reason why I love North-east Asia. So full of life and energy!

The menu was quite limited, but when you're good in certain dishes, it only makes sense to sell those you're good at right? In fact, due to the limited dishes available, we ended up ordering everything except one dish on the menu. We had 2 baskets of their famous Myeongdong dumplings, 2 bowls of normal dumpling noodles and 1 bowl of soybean milk noodles. The dumplings, as everybody has raved about, was really super good. I couldn't really decipher what made these dumplings tick, but there was something super comforting about the taste that made us keep reaching out for more. In fact, we were this close to ordering another basket of dumplings before my common sense prevailed LOL. The dumpling noodles we had were really good too. While the noodles reminded me a lot of those handmade noodles back in Singapore, the soup broth here was exceptionally sweet and tasty. Lastly, I felt that the soybean milk noodles was something which I enjoyed, but not something that I would finish eating. The whole texture reminded me of eating cold oats, which understandably, not everybody can appreciate.

One basket of le iconic Myeongdong gyojas. So goooooood! Must-order.

Looks like the ban mian in Singapore hor? I found the texture of the handmade noodles in Korea to be more stringy and chewy though. The broth was exceptional, so much so that we slurped down every drop.

The cold soybean milk noodles was quite novel for our tastebuds. Luckily we had the good sense to order only one portion though, as it may not be to everybody's liking.

The unexpected bomb was this very kimchi though. It was so damn garlicky and spicy; no wonder they gave us each a mint chewing gum. It was so potent and yet strangely addictive, so much so that we even asked for thirds!

We were greeted with cold air and strong winds once we left the restaurant. As it was rather windy, we took refuge in a nearby Artbox, where we ended up spending quite a bit of time there, le parents included lol. They were looking for an alarm clock, while the rest of us were going gaga over the extremely cute items that they sold here!

I've been using these Telegram stickers for quite a while, but I never knew that these were actually from Artbox until I stepped foot in Korea. And haha, I finally know their names: Galapagos Friends! Specifically, this extremely cute shark is called Boss HAHAHA!

We had some stick octopus that was sold right outside the big Tom's store, which is famous for selling those honey butter nuts. Everybody went nuts there and we did spend quite a bit of time over there. When it was time to head back, it was a really long way back to Hongdae from Myeongdong. The interchange stations in Seoul were extremely huge to say the very least, and we walked till we nearly lost our minds lol.

When we finally reached Hongdae, I felt a blast of COLD air as we were nearing the exit, and was literally shivering in the station as the wind from outside felt really chilly. We then learned that it had rained, so we nearly ran all the way back from the station as the cold was too much for us to bear, even though I was, by then, covered up.

Though it is summer and the days are warm and humid, I have totally forgotten how cold this place can really get when the sun sets. Argh!!

Monday 10/06/2019 (Day 3)
It was an extremely early day for us as we were required to actually reach the meeting point at 7.20 am, so we had to get up at around 6 am plus. We had some kimbap that we bought last night from the train station.

The weather was quite chilly as it was still raining in the morning, so I was shivering throughout even though I was in jeans and a long shirt. When we finally got onto the bus, I was so tired that I just continued sleeping throughout the bus journey to the countryside, until we finally reached our first destination, Petite France.

Quite a pretty place leh. But it was really cold and as you could tell, the skies were gloomy.

I noticed that Korea had this weird obsession with the Little Prince. When I was in Busan a few years back, I remembered that there were many Little Prince wall murals, and one of the most recognisable tourist hot spot in Gamcheon Village was the Little Prince statue?! ._.

Little Prince again meow.

The corn dogs were rather meh, but the churros and ddeokbokki were so good in this chilly weather. And of course, nothing beats a cup of warm goguma latte in such a cold weather.

Why do churros just taste so good in Korea? I've never been to Spain before, but the churros in Singapore just don't taste as good, no matter how "famous" they are touted to be.

Honestly, while Petite France was a rather pretty place, I felt that there wasn't much to do as it was a rather small place, so if given a choice, I wouldn't come here again. Thankfully, we were just given around 2 hours to chill around the area before we headed back to the tour bus for our journey towards Nami Island.

Our tour bus stopped right outside Kko Kko Dakgalbi, which was the #1 restaurant on TripAdvisor for the Chuncheon area. In fact, Chuncheon is well-known for their dakgalbi, and as we took in our surroundings, nearly every restaurant in our sight was a dakgalbi restaurant. -.-''' It seems that Koreans do love eating chickens a hell lot?! We've been having at least a chicken dish everyday during our stay in Korea leh! ._.

Anyway, I found the dakgalbi here at Kko Kko to be much better than Yoogane, mainly because the chicken we had here tasted much juicier and more tender. Of course, Grumps and I also did not repeat the mistake of ordering chargrilled chicken - we just went ahead with the normal chicken, which was good enough for us. They also did allow us to order only 4 portions for 6 of us, instead of forcing each of us to order a portion of food each. I really appreciated this a lot, because a portion of food is really big in Korea, and I honestly hate wasting food lah.

Chickens for life! *throws confetti*

What is dakgalbi without fried rice right?

After our satisfying lunch, we headed over to the jetty where we boarded the ferry to go to Nami Island. The winds were really strong so it was quite chilly. As it had just rained, the grounds were extremely muddy as well, resulting in our shoe soles being so dirty. Yucks!

Book sculpture??

Looks familiar right? Winter Sonata was filmed on this very island.

You can see references to Winter Sonata almost everywhere you go in Nami Island.

Having our own Winter Sonata moment here, except that the trees ain't white with snow.

Me exclaiming in shock and Grumps threatened to drop me zZz. He better not do this during our real PWS ah. *side eye*

On the whole, Nami Island was a really scenic place and we did take many pictures here. However, I still stand by my opinion that Korea looks the best in autumn, and I'm pretty darn sure that this place will be many times more vibrant during autumn. I'm so determined to make my next Korea trip during the autumn season!

Our last stop for the tour today was Gangchon Rail Park, which I truly enjoyed the most! It was a very interesting experience and we had to cycle to power our rail carts. As we cycled on, we passed by many beautiful views of the countryside, and the weather was extremely pleasant, though it still felt rather chilly as the wind blew. I'd definitely do this again during autumn too. However, I had read online that some people did not have a good experience as it was raining/snowing when they were undertaking this activity. As this activity took place mainly outdoors, I guess I was really glad that by the late afternoon, the weather did clear up and thus, I got to enjoy this activity a lot, along with basking under the warm sun as the wind blew.

My rail ticket.

Such a beautiful view.

We went through many tunnels, and the view outside each tunnel was just as stunning.

This is so damn chio!

Weather was just damn great.

Such a pretty waterfall!

We got back on to the tour bus after this activity ended, and headed back to Seoul. After researching, we decided to head back to Hongdae for KBBQ. Omg, it's been damn long as I've last had KBBQ, because I don't eat buffets anymore, and most KBBQs only have the buffet options unless you're willing to splurge more for those more premium restaurants which offer meat by weight, which I'm unwilling to lah lol. We ended up at Meat-ing after reading rave reviews online, but oh my, as we neared the restaurant, I could already foretell that we would end up smelling like smoked meat thereafter. I was right.

We came here as it was near our AirBnB and because it offered good quality meat for its price.

The meats we had here were honestly really of good quality. The marinades were really tasty, and the meat cuts were really tender and juicy! I enjoyed the frozen beef shabu shabu slices the most. They were really melt-in-your-mouth good, especially after being barbecued.

I spammed the Xiong Bao Bei spray on all of us, but we still ended up smelling like shit LOL. Anyway, the weather got really cold, so we hobo-ed inside Daiso for awhile.

While walking back to the AirBnB, we dropped by a snacks discount store (love this kind of stores) and bought le fancy snacks like Market O brownies. Even chocopie has leveled up to become Hershey's edition liao wtf.

We even saw drama filming right outside the store, and le clever Grumps identified the actor as Park Sung-woong.

It was really quite an eye-opener to view a drama/movie filming right under my eyes. Although the minders did try to prevent people from taking photos, but there were just too many people doing the same thing lol, so what can you do about it? *shrugs*

The whole house reeked of BBQ so badly lol. I had to make sure I scrubbed and washed my hair really thoroughly after that before I even dared to step out of the bathroom.

As it was a rather long day for us, I promptly KO-ed after touching the bed. *snores*

Tuesday 11/06/2019 (Day 4)
As we had dedicated one whole day to Everland, we woke up at around 8 am, which was much later than yesterday, while le parents continued to sleep. We managed to eat the delicious bread from Radio M which we had forgotten to bring along for yesterday's road trip.

I KO-ed on the bus shuttle which would bring us to Everland. When we finally reached more than 1 hour later, I was expecting Everland to be crowded, but surprisingly, it wasn't. Most of the queues for rides were less than 60 minutes. Dunno whether is it I low expectations or what, because during my last visit to a theme park (which was DisneySea last July lol), I think I spent at least half my visit there queuing for those rides, with the first ride that I went on being nearly a 3-hour wait wtfffffff?!

Anyway, first order of business would definitely have to be the T-Express! Le sis had wanted to come to Everland during her last visit to Korea, but as she had come during winter, some of the attractions were closed, T-Express included, so I had advised her to keep the theme park visits to warmer seasons. Anyway, the queue for T-Express was much shorter than I had anticipated, at only a 20-minute wait. The last time I was here, I remembered the wait to be much longer, and by the time I was done with the ride, the queuing time had increased to more than 1 hour.

On the ski lift to the bottom of le park.

After our first ride was done, I remembered why T-Express was just so thrilling, so much so that le sis even suggested for a second round. We decided to rest for awhile by going to other less strenuous attractions, before heading back to the T-Express. For our second time, we were surprised to see that the waiting time was cut to just 10 minutes, so of course we immediately headed back to the queue. This time round, we went for the back seats, and holy shit, sitting at the back was really more thrilling?! T-Express is known for its steep vertical drop, and sitting towards the back really made me feel the force and extent of the G-force. If not for the harness strapping me down securely, I would have been thrown off the roller-coaster, because I could feel myself being lifted off le seat. ._.

At the entrance of this beast, T-Express!

Real life examples of smashed items that got thrown/flown out of the ride. Please heed all these warning signs carefully. Such flying items can really fatally injure a person, especially when the roller-coaster is running at such a high speed!!!

I very nearly brought this kewt red panda home. Why? Because not only was this red panda adorable, it was decked out in my favourite Ebi suit too. T_T

As it was around 12 pm already, we decided to head for lunch, where we had traditional Korean meals. Grumps ended up ordering the kimchi stew with beef ddeokgalbi, while I got the egg rolls. We both shared this. Le sis and Clinty also got the kimchi stew as well as a kimchi pancake. The whole meal was really very good and comforting. Come to think about it, I had good food at DisneySea too, so in conclusion, Singapore's theme park food is just shit lah.

Such a good and hearty meal, though it was a lot more expensive than what was sold outside of the theme park.

The churros here was really shiok too! Remember how I mentioned that all the good churros I've had in my life were from Korea? This was no exception too!

We continued on with the various attractions after that, like Lost Valley, Safari World etc. One particular ride, Thunderfalls, got us terribly drenched, so thank goodness we had stuffed all our belongings into the lockers located outside of the ride, as there were no lockers inside. The weather then was really sunny, and yet pleasant; we experienced no sticky and sweaty feeling as it was perpetually windy then, although with us getting drenched, it felt rather cold lol.

Derpy Grumps.

Beech wanted to show off her tattoo, so this was taken on pretense of shooting le Mini Melts, which can't be found in Singapore anymore boo... Sigh, this was a taste of my childhood. ;_;

Barely summer, but the leaves were already turning autumnish.

Le white tiger looks kinda cute.

A bear has got to do what a bear does. 😏😏😏

Got really close to these wild animals.

Grumps subsequently quite a headache from too riding too many of le spinning rides. As it was nearly 7 pm, we decided to rest and recharge at a nearby fast food restaurant so that Grumps could rest.

These shrimp rings that we got were really tasty. The double beef burger was good too, but it looked too messy to look aesthetically pleasing for le camera lol.

Grumps still did not feel that well, so we went to the first aid room, which was located near to the entrance of the theme park, and asked for a painkiller. After popping le painkiller, Grumps did look much better, and we could proceed. However, both le Grumps and I decided to call it a day, so we just spent the rest of our time touring the merchandise shops, while le sis and Clinty went for more rides. They even went for the T-Express for the third time wtf, when the sun has already set some more. ._.

Sally duck!

Le favourite Line character, Brown, mainly because he is the colour of my HTB. 🙃🙃🙃

This guy getting more and more poser ah...

As the sun had already set, the temperature did drop quite drastically, and unlike the Koreans who were already armed with jackets and sweaters, Grumps and I didn't bring any outerwear wtf. Grumps loves the cold, but even he found the cold too much to bear, so we had to seek refuge in a restaurant, where we ordered a cup of hot caramel macchiato to warm ourselves up.

Cutie! ;D

We subsequently met the rest of them for the Moonlight Parade, but it was really a pity that we had to leave halfway and couldn't stay for the fireworks, as we were booked on a 9.30 pm bus back to Seoul. I did manage to watch the fireworks 5 years back though, so it wasn't so much of a regret for me. Anyway, the weather was really getting too cold for comfort, so I was quite ready to leave hahaha.

Everland did look magical at night... Lights were being turned down in preparation of the Moonlight Parade.

I was so close to getting this perfect picture when these two kids suddenly ran in zZz...

Love how the colours really popped in near pitch darkness.

As mentioned, we had to leave halfway as we still had to catch the Everland shuttle bus out to the bus interchange, where our shuttle bus back to Seoul would be at. As the Moonlight Parade was held at the bottom of the theme park, we had to endure a very steep run up back to the entrance of the theme park. Swore my heart was nearly bursting at that point of time, and the cold sharp air wasn't helping at all. Remember the ski lift which we took at the beginning of the day? That was the slope we had to run up at the end of the day. ._.

We managed to reach the bus interchange slightly earlier than expected and as a result, we also managed to board the earlier bus back to Seoul. As we did not have dinner yet, we decided to fulfill Grump's wish of eating fried chicken with beer at Hongdae. After alighting from the bus, we headed to Norang Tongdak (노랑통닭) Fried Chicken to satisfy our sinful cravings. It was way past 10 pm on a weekday, so I was surprised to see Hongdae still so bustling and filled with activity. People next day don't need to work or study meh? ._.

The quintessential Korean restaurant, with ugly metal pipings running all over lol.

I swear we really day in day out eating chicken sia. But anyway, I love how chickens in Korea taste so tender and fresh. Must be their 국내산 hahaha. We bought 2 pints of beer to be shared between the 4 of us as we do not drink much. The waitress asked for our proof of identification lol... Do we look that young? *sniggers*

Since le parents didn't join us for fried chicken, we decided to head over to Paris Baguette to buy a loaf of honey bread (this thing cost 4800 won leh) plus a cup of cappuccino for le parents, in case they got hungry.

Wednesday 12/06/2019 (Day 5)
We woke up at 7.30 am today despite spending the whole day at Everland yesterday, as today would be our last full day in Korea.

I had always been wanting to try Egg Drop, and luckily living in Hongdae meant that almost everything hippy and Instagrammable was within reach. Le mum actually knew of Egg Drop and had it yesterday? #whut Anyway, I got the garlic cheese bacon sandwich from there, and although the shop's ventilation really cmi, le sandwich was really super yummy!

Proof that I've been here lol.

Brekkie for the 6 of us.

Mandatory picture of the eggy sandwich!

As it was still really early, we decided to head to Gwangjang Market, as it's one of the most iconic markets in Seoul, bustling with activities and of course, delicious food. However, I must say that I was rather disappointed with this visit. I think we came too early, so most of the shops were still in the midst of preparing for opening. Moreover, the food, though I didn't have much, really disappointed. Le mum ordered japchae, but the moment le ahjumma blanched the noodles in soup, I knew that the japchae was going to be a gone case. True enough, when I had a bit of the japchae, it was so bland beyond words! Le sis ordered odeng from the same ahjumma, and she said that the soup had dead houseflies in them wtf! That's damn gross lah. Thank goodness I didn't have any of it.

After the disappointing food hunt, we headed over to the dried goods section of the market, where le mum did buy quite a number of stuff from the storekeeper, who, as a result, treated our family so nicely LOL, by giving us each a yoghurt drink and some free packets of seaweed and nuts.

Cheap thrills lol.

We finally tried Maxim coffee from the convenience stores, and now I know why Koreans love this brand of coffee. It was sweet lah, but it did hit the right spots for me. I still am not a coffee drinker, but I do not mind having a bit now and then.

Since we were still feeling quite full from Egg Drop, and it was still quite early for lunch, we decided to bring forward our plan of going to Lotte mart to the late morning. We were supposed to meet the rest of the family at 12 pm after browsing through the Lotte outlet mall lol, but Grumps and I ended up having the runs so we just spent the whole one hour in the toilet oops. I blame the coffee hahaha 'cos I always get the runs whenever I drink coffee.

After we were sure that our bowels were cleared, we headed over to Lotte mart. I have always loved shopping here, and today was no exception. We went gaga over the huge selection of food and snacks they had. One tip from us is that the Market O brownies are cheaper in Lotte than even those discount shops in Myeongdong and Hongdae. As for the rest of the snacks, they were of the same price. We ended up spending so much time there that by the time we were done with packing our items into cartons and cartons of goods, it was nearly 3 pm. There was no time for le sis and I to eat lunch as our hair appointment was scheduled to be at 3 pm. We hurried back to Hongdae, lugging along our heavy loots from Lotte, putting them back at the AirBnB before rushing to figure out where Soonsiki Hair Salon was located at.

I had suggested going to Soonsiki as I had come across them while reading through blogs. Despite the blogs saying which promotions were available and whatnot (like 20% off for foreigners, 5% if you make reservation earlier and another 5% off if you pay in cash), I only ended up getting a measly 5% discount for the hair cut as the root perm and treatment that I had intended to do did not qualify for the discounts at all. I had earlier asked in the reservation form if the discounts were available for the stuff I was doing, but the reply I got was very vague and just mentioned that the consultant will let you know more about the pricing upon arrival. When I was finally quoted the prices after discount, I felt quite scammed lah tbh but what to do? Both le sis and I were already here, and I think it would just make us look stupid if we had just walked out like that. The salon itself did look very clean and well-maintained though, so I just decided to fark it and proceed on with whatever I had wanted to do, even if I already did not feel very happy. The fact that Grumps did sponsor me 200k won for my hair made the heartache lesser lol.

Service-wise, I couldn't really fault them though, because they were really meticulous, and we had some small talks here and there with whatever Korean was left in me lol. Seung-il did explain that my hair was really very thin, so it always appears flat, which was also the reason why I wanted to just do a root perm, even if the results won't be as noticeable as a normal hair perm.

I resisted doing my hair for almost one year just so that I could finally get to experience the Korean hair salon experience hahaha.

I got the hazelnut macchiato and some snacks while they were curling my hair.

Bbs came up with some snacks for us and left it at the reception. Aww...

Overall, I was rather pleased with my experience at Soonsiki. I was told not to wash my hair for 2 days, but I guess chio hair does need maintenance and professional hairstylists. I wasn't able to replicate my just-out-of-salon hair back at the AirBnB and more so, back in Singapore. The Keratase treatment that I did though, seemed to last, because while my hair wasn't entirely frizz-free, it did become a lot more smoother and easier to manage. I could really see the results for myself on this. On hindsight, the 261k won (translates to about SGD$300) spent was rather worth it, considering the fact that I haven't done up my hair in nearly a year. I just felt that the lack of discounts despite being touted as one of the main points of Soonsiki was a sore point for me. Grumps felt that I did look a lot more lively and prettier with the new haircut and style, so he happy I can le hahaha.

Fresh out of le salaon. Pardon le grumpy face. How to achieve this kind of look by myself ah? ;/

Half an hour later at Mashi China. Le hair has gone down quite a bit though.

Since we were not allowed to wash our hair, le sis and I took great care in avoiding "smelly" places, so that was why we went to eat all the sinful food in the previous days. For dinner, we decided to eat at Mashi China, which was highly recommended by DanielFoodDiary. I think le parents were quite afraid of eating chickens again, so I guess they were glad that we were finally not having chickens HAHAHA. The entire meal was also one of the cheapest in our days here, at only 47k won in total.

The tangsuyuk we had was the medium portion, and was also the most expensive dish we had, at 19k won. The pork was fried well, and the plum sauce (aka the sweet & sour sauce) went well with the pork. While I found it good, this was not the best tangsuyuk that I have had in Seoul.

The jajangmyeon was really good too. I love how chewy and al dente the handmade noodles here are in Seoul, and this place was no exception. The black sauce and pork went really well with the noodles. All of us enjoyed this a lot! My initial plan was to bring le parents to Incheon to have a taste of jajangmyeon in Chinatown, but I guess this comes close! Both parents like the jajangmyeon so much that I had suggested dibby to follow Seonkyoung Longest's recipe and cook this for the whole family hahaha.

Sorry for the sloppy picture of the jjampong. Grumps had already tucked into it before I could take a picture zZz... I think they used the same noodles as the jajangmyeon, but wow, the spice for this dish was really on another whole new level. It left a lingering spicy aftertaste in my throat, but it was the shiok type of spiciness. The broth, though spicy, was really flavourful though!

After dinner, we decided to head over to Ewha for some last-minute girly shopping.

My most favourite subway snack everrrrrrr! This not only smells good, but tastes damn good too!

Le sis and I went crazy on Dr Jart skincare masks here, because while these masks are sold for exorbitant prices in Sephora, they're almost only 1/2 the price here in Korea. Of course we need to spam buy lah! Le mum went cray on character socks though lol. Le sis and I walked through alleys and alleys of shops and bought ourselves some new clothes as well. Seoul is really a shopper's paradise I kid you not, and I actually feel more willing to spend money in Korea than in Japan lol.

As we walked down, we eventually arrived at Sinchon, where we stopped by Homilpat for some bingsu. The bingsu here still tasted the same after all these years. ;_; The ice was just so fine and fluffy, and when mixed with the milk, was just so damn delicious!

Featuring the matcha and coffee bingsu, which tasted really nice!

Grumps and I got the original patbingsu.

As we were full, we decided to continue walking down Sinchon, where I passed by many of the shops I used to frequent 5 years back, as I used to live there. Many things have not changed though... Around 15 minutes later, we finally arrived back in Hongdae. Not bad ah, we walked from Ewha to Hongdae, which are 2 subway stops apart. Anyway, the walk was pleasant because the winds were strong and humidity was low. I got a bit cold though so I got out my cape, but I'll sorely miss such cooling walks.

We got back and started packing... ;_;

Thursday 13/06/2019 (Day 6)
I woke up at 8.30 am, the latest we woke up for the days we were here. We did some more packing, and had to eat and drink up whatever was left in the fridge lol. Full die bb liao.

Scenery outside our AirBnB. Very pretty hor?

We bought a box of Hershey's ice-cream cones from Lotte mart yesterday, and we had no choice but to finish it lol, so jiggly boi finally got his wish.

Korea really simi sai also Hershey's now lol. But this ice-cream was really shiok lah.

Clinty wanted to try Mom's Touch, so it just so happened that Hongdae had a branch too, so we headed over and got ourselves a deluxe bulgogi burger and two flavours of fried chicken, which were soy garlic and masala. Bulgogi burgers are always the bomb in Korea, and this burger from Mom's Touch was no exception as well. The burger patties were extremely succulent and juicy. The fried chicken was also really good too. How come Korea can do such great fried chicken ah?

I had no idea that Mom's Touch was a fast-food restaurant until I arrived at the restaurant itself LOL. I was expecting Korean fare HAHAHA.

Featuring our extremely sinful meal, alongside with an attempt to cut out the grease by ordering salad lol.

I wanted to leave Korea without regrets, so we dropped by Isaac Toast to buy another toast. This time round, Grumps and I shared a shrimp patty toast, which was really delicious as well. The rest of them got their sandwiches from Egg Drop. I'm just so glad to be able to satisfy all my cravings before leaving.

Having Isaac's again 'cos I can. ;P

I'll sorely miss having toast like this... although there are branches in Singapore, but I have heard that they aren't on par with Korea's.

Egg Drop was super yummy too! ;D

We dropped by the Line store as Clinty wanted to get BT21 items for his siblings lol. In fact, nearly everybody in the shop was purchasing BT21 merchandises leh. So siao lol.

My cutie! ;D

After that, we walked back to our AirBnB, where we collected our luggage and headed towards the airport. As we boarded the wrong train (the train we boarded didn't go all the way to the airport), we left the train hurriedly and in our haste, le mum left the kimbap and ddeokbokki behind in the train. Thank goodness it wasn't anything else though, but I didn't get another chance to eat my favourite Korean food. ;(

I found Korea's tax refund process rather troublesome though, and in this aspect, I thought that Japan's tax refund was a lot more seamless. In Korea, not all the shops are able to process tax refunds at the time you make payment, so one has to do the tax refund at the airport. At the airport, the customs are really insistent on seeing the goods before you can claim the tax refund, which really sucks lah, because most of them would have been packed into your check-in luggage right? -.-''' Grumps didn't manage to get his refund as his nuts were already packed into his check-in luggage and we had already finished our check-in process. ;X

We ended up eating lunch at the airport foodcourt though, where we had beef stew and jajangmyeon (again HAHAHA). I guess all of us haven't had enough of jajangmyeon, and will sorely miss jajangmyeon when we get back to Singapore.

The beef stew might not look like the most appetising food on Earth, but it sure tasted really homey!

I managed to complete A Star is Born and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, And Vile on the plane, besides KO-ing for a short period of time as well. Grumps and I had BBQ chicken and beef bulgogi rice, which actually tasted quite decent. We had the milk custard for dessert, which was surprisingly good. The kimchi was really shiok as well. Despite encountering strong turbulence for a period of time, we still managed to land safely.

I had to return to work the next day, so after I reached home (at almost 12 am!!), I didn't bother to unpack my luggage before I headed to bathe and sleep hahaha.


Last year, Grumps and I had the intention to go to Korea, but I had suggested going in autumn instead as the weather would be much cooler and of course, I had envisioned it to be more romantic hahaha, but I guess it was not meant to be for now lol. But still, despite not going to Korea at my desired season, I still enjoyed Korea a whole lot, and it was a really special trip as well, as this marked the first time Grumps was travelling with le family. I hope he did enjoy this trip with us, especially his eating buddy, Clinty.

Shopping in Korea really made me realise how it is like to be able to shop to one's heart content, and this is why I love shopping in Korea overall. The things sold there may not be the cheapest, but they're definitely of good quality and value. I actually parted with my money without much thought HAHAHA. And of course, I LOVE Korean food so much and although it sucks that I wasn't able to eat my Korean porridge and have my memory lunchbox, but hopefully the next time round, I'll get to have a longer stay in Korea so that we will not be rushing from point to point. 6D5N is just too short for a country that is more than 6 hours away from Singapore.

Guess where Grumps and I will be headed to next? ;P