Shopback's 45% cashback


I've been eating rather good food this week, because apparently, Shopback is running a 45% cashback promo on selected restaurants until today.

I knew that Grumps has always been wanting to eat at Chir Chir again, but he's jiggly af and hasn't been keeping up with his gymming sessions, so I found no reason to suggest eating there, not until Shopback had this promo hahaha. As a result, I forced him to go to le gym before he could even dream of eating here yesterday.

He did, and so here we were. But Grumps was still nursing a cough, so we had to avoid fried chicken. He is supposed to avoid chicken at all costs lah, but since this promo would only last till this weekend, we decided to go for the lesser evil of all the sinful dishes that they serve - garlic roasted chicken. I was hoping that the garlic's "heaty" properties would help to neutralise the "cooling" effect of chicken hahaha.

What's better than Korean chicken? I swear all the memorable chicken dishes I have had all originates from Korea. Korea really does their chicken dishes so well. Fight me. Can't wait to stuff my face with chimaek again!

Anyway, I have never been disappointed by Chir Chir ever since I first ate it in Singapore, and this dish was really no exception. The whole chicken that we got was super tender, and oh Lord, the garlicky sauce complemented the juicy chicken bits so damn well! Super yummy! This was the only dish we ordered though, and thankfully so, because we both were so stuffed by then!

Today, we met up for dinner again. I had told Grumps that if he didn't go to the gym, I wouldn't be meeting him. Bitch really didn't go to the gym, but I think he tried to appease my anger by buying me le favourite lemon lavender tiramisu from The Tiramisu Hero lol, so I didn't have the heart to turn my back on him. 🤨🤨🤨 The tiramisu still tasted as shiok as the first time I tried it years back; even le mum loves the tiramisu from this place, although it can be a tad pricey.

Still so yummy and moist!

Anyway, we met at Bendemeer MRT station because Shopback was also running the 45% cashback for this eating place called Enjoy Eating House and Bar. Tbh, both of us haven't heard of this place before, and was only interested because we saw that it was one of the restaurants participating in the cashback promotion. It seemed that many people thought the same, because by the time we reached, the restaurant was extremely crowded, although tbh, the restaurant was really small as well too. We very luckily managed to get seats for 2 diners without any reservation, while the group behind who had 4 people were made to wait outside.

When we saw the menu, almost everything appealed to us, but as Grumps didn't gym today, we had to watch what we were eating. 😒😒😒 After much ding dong from our side, we finally decided on our dishes.

We got this Chef J's signature brandy white fish soup, which was highly recommended, and it's good for two people to share. And yes, please do yourself a favour and get this! The soup was really milky, but surprise surprise! There is actually no milk added in at all! The white actually comes from the broth being simmered over a long period of time. The fish was already damn tender and succulent. Overall, the soup was really damn tasty and had hints of alcohol, which really complemented the fish damn well! MUST-ORDER!

We got Chef J's signature BBQ pork as well, and omg, we just ate and went to food heaven. Each individual pork cheek was grilled so evenly and had such a smoky flavour. The smokiness was further complemented by their in-house sauce which tasted amazeballs lah. This is one dish I'd definitely reorder again if I wasn't preventing Grumpy from eating too much!

Chef J's "Te Kar" bee hoon took the longest to prepare and reach our table, but I swear the wait was DAMN WORTH IT!!!!!! *squeals* Might have been the best thing I've ever eaten in quite a while. Tbh, when the dish first arrived, I didn't expect it to be "drenched" in sauce (OK, my fault that I didn't read the description in the menu properly), so my excitement for it wasn't very high. Moreover, I don't really eat braised pork, so I wasn't expecting to be blown away by this dish. But holy shit this dish really proved me SO WRONG sia! The braised pork was incredibly tender without being over fatty. In fact, I felt that it had the right amount of lean meat and fats, so it didn't get cloying on the palate at all. However, the star of this dish would definitely have to go to the humble bee hoon itself!!! I seriously never expected bee hoon to taste this good wtf?! The wok hei game was damn strong in this one, and wah, the sauce just elevated it to the next level sia. Fugging match made in heaven. My definite must-order when I'm back!

As if things can't get any better here, Enjoy Eating House's rendition of the orh nee is just damn out of this world!!! Grumps and I were left jaw-dropped after taking our first spoon. The orh nee was really well-balanced, and it didn't get jelat for the both of us at all. It was damn silky smooth without the earthy flavours of the yam and pumpkin being compromised in the process. MUST-ORDER again!!! It was so good that Grumps even dabao-ed it back for his mum.

All in all, this was an extremely satisfying meal, and in fact, one of the best meals I have had in recent memory. I'll definitely be back for more, and right now, I'm trying to wrack my brains for a reason to come back here and try more food again. This meal was truly unforgettable, and the prices were quite reasonable imo as well. Maybe time to bring le dibbies here?



I need to learn to stop being so uptight over everything. I think reading such stories online doesn't aid in calming my mind down. I trust Grumpy, but hmm, not sure about the people surrounding him.

For now, I shall try my darnest best to keep an open mind and stop overthinking on my end.

He doesn't deserve this from me, but I've clearly set some rules for him to follow once we're married.

I've told him that I will not tolerate him coming back at 3 am after drinking sessions with his friends, on a weekday moreover, in future.

I have made him promise me that we will install a door latch in our future home, because honestly, I have no qualms about locking him out of the house if he ever crosses my tolerance limit.

As for me, I have to learn to chill...

Birthday treats


And the birthday treats continue...

I met up with Girly yesterday, and since I was still sick the first time I went to Violet Oon, now that I have fully recovered, I decided to go to Violet Oon again for my treat in order to fully appreciate the delicious food this restaurant offers. I was never disappointed by Violet Oon despite me feeling under the weather nearly 2 months back, and this time round, I got to enjoy the food in its full glory!! ;D So happy that I gave this restaurant another go, and I'm glad to have introduced this restaurant to Girly as well!

The kueh pie tee that can do no wrong. I was deciding between this and the ngoh hiang (which I loved too), but since Girly wanted kueh pie tee, we went with this. It was still as good as the first time I had it, and Girly agreed that this kueh pie tee was delicious as well! The shells were still crispy even though we didn't eat them immediately, and we both agreed that there was no rancid oil taste, which is usually apparent on kueh pie tee from elsewhere. Proves that the kueh pie tee was fresh out of the kitchen! Super yums!

I do not really like fried stuff, and initially wasn't that keen on trying the Hainanese pork chop as I haven't had good ones before. We did not regret ordering this though, because omo, the pork chop was so damn succulent and moist, even if it was mainly lean meat and had very little fats! It reminded me so much of the shiok pork that I had in Biei last year. Although both Girly and I hate peas, we did end up finishing the peas here because they weren't the usual frozen peas which we both hate. The peas were really fresh, and I finally know why peas are called "sweet peas", because fresh peas do really taste naturally sweet! o.O''' This portion was huge though, no thanks to the huge pork chop and the abundance of peas and thick cut fries they served.

I felt so tempted to order the dry laksa again, but a part of me also wanted to try something new, so we ordered the black sambal pepper tiger prawn pasta instead. No regrets too, because the prawns were charred so nicely and gave off such a nice-smelling aroma! The pasta was perfectly al dente too, with each strand coated evenly with prawn unami, pepper and garlic. Ultimate combo sia! Grumps would have definitely approved of this pasta! My only gripe was that the prawns did seem quite small and not as big as I had envisioned it to be, because well, they did mention that they used tiger prawns for this dish, and tiger prawns are supposed to be huge.

Girly and I just spent quite awhile catching up with each other, including talking about my own proposal huhuhu. We did a bit of window-shopping too, which was fun, considering the fact that I haven't been window-shopping in town for quite awhile.

We ended up chilling at Muji because Violet Oon wasn't going to serve le Horlicks cake this week, so we decided to leave. Girly got the green tea chocolate pear mousse while I got the Hokkaido citrus panna cotta. I found the green tea mousse very sweet, so I didn't eat much, but the panna cotta, while tangy, did taste really good as the sourish notes of the citrus did help to neutralise the sweetness of the custard.

As I had a dinner appointment with my family, we parted ways after spending some time chilling at Muji.

My actual birthday was spent with Grumpy, so le fam treated me to dinner yesterday. ;P I had always wanted a zi char dinner, and Clinty so happened to suggest going to the zi char restaurant near our house for dinner. Wow, having lived in this area for nearly the whole of my life, while I knew that restaurant was always busy, the thought to dine there had never ever crossed my mind! D;

I was running slightly late as I had to return home first, but by the time I arrived, the food had just come, so just nice! I wasn't really very hungry anyway as I had a really filling lunch at Violet Oon's, on top of the sweet treats that I had.

Eggs with cai po (preserved radish) can honestly do no wrong. The best cai po egg omelette I've ever had still goes to Hong Chang Eating House at Serangoon though, but this cut it close! Yummy!

Hong Kong-style steamed fish head! The light soya sauce went so well with the garlic and the natural sweetness of the garoupa! Shiok ah!

Sweet potato leaves with garlic. I felt that this dish would have been better had we ordered the sambal version instead. The garlic version wasn't as garlicky as I had liked it to be.

Har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken) is a must-order at any zi char restaurant! This was really good too!

Le parents ordered noodles for me, because in Chinese customs, one must always eat noodles for any birthday celebration. I was so stuffed, but le dibby still made me finish up my noodles huhuhu. I finished it in the end, but I haven't felt this stuffed in recent months. ._-

And finally, my last birthday treat of the year (hopefully, because I don't think I can continue eating such good food if I'm trying to keep my weight below 50 kg lol) was from my boss HAHAHA. Grumps had told me that he loved the burgers at Bergs Burger, so I suggested going there for my birthday lunch since it was also located near to le office.

The onion rings were really good!

The calamari rings tasted quite burnt to me though. I ended up tearing off the coating thereafter.

I ordered the large BFB burger, which included two ginormous beef patties. When my burger came, I got quite a rude shock, because I honestly did not expect my burger to be this big! In fact, it was so big that I took only 5 mouthfuls before I decided that I had enough. Thankfully, I was able to tell the waiter to wrap up my 1/4-eaten burger for takeaway. The burger itself was honestly good, but think I shouldn't be over-estimating my appetite again hahaha. My leftover burger ended up being dinner for le sis and I. Can you imagine how big this burger was, given that it was more than enough to feed two adults for dinner? o.O''' I even gave my parents half of the beef patty I had lol, because I really couldn't finish.

OK there, I guess that's all to my foodie adventures for March hahaha. Time to get back into shape! T_T

Most memorable birthday yet


This birthday has been my most memorable birthday yet. Grumps told me that he had made a dinner reservation for the night, but in the days leading up to my birthday, I was so swamped with closing that I wasn't even sure if I could make it to the dinner that Grumps had booked. I had even suggested to him that we postpone the dinner as I didn't mind not having the actual celebration today. While I didn't mind, Grumpy did mind, a lot LOL.

Anyway, thankfully, my accounts managed to tie, so I was able to actually go off on time and meet Grumpy for dinner. Up till now, the dinner venue was still a secret because Grumps refused to tell me anything. When we finally alighted at Orchard, I thought he would be bringing me to Violet Oon, but when he said no, I asked if we were going to Salt Grill & Sky Bar instead (just so happened that while walking, I saw the signboard pointing to Salt Grill LOL), to which he finally said yes. xD

I had wanted to bring Grumpy to Salt Grill for his birthday, but decided on Fat Cow in the end. Who would have thought that Grumpy would bring me here instead? ._.

Anyway, entrance to the restaurant was only by reservation, and a staff had to verify that one had indeed made a reservation before she could use her card to let us board the lift.

Once we were in the lift, we were immediately brought up to the 55th floor. I was swept off my feet by the view. What a sick view this restaurant really had! D;

What a sick view we had! Unfortunately, it was rather cloudy, so we couldn't see the sun set.

As I wasn't really feeling the mood for anything alcoholic, I decided to go for a peach mojito instead, which was really damn refreshing. Super shiok!

Grumps went for the lychee mojito, which was really legit as well.

To start off, we were first served with bread, before the appetisers that we had ordered arrived. The bread was really tasty, and came with organic butter, organic leek butter and sea salt. The leek butter tasted a bit chao ta to us though, but the organic butter was so milky, and paired damn well with the sea salt! We had two rounds of the bread in fact hahaha!

The dark-coloured butter was organic leek butter, which had a kind of burnt taste to it. The sourdough bread though, was really tasty, and went well with the yellow butter and sea salt.

The most expensive oysters I've ever eaten in my life lol!

Close-up of my huge-ass oyster! The oysters were really huge and juicy, and reminded me so much of the oysters I had back in Hokkaido. Except that this time round, these oysters were served ice-cold, and came with garnishings that really complemented the briny taste of the oysters so well. Grumps isn't a fan of fresh oysters, but he found this so good that he ate 3 oysters out of 6.

Our bluefin tuna tartare with shaved egg yolk and truffles tasted really good too. It complemented the cracker we had so well!

After we were done with our appetisers, we were then introduced to the mains, whereby the waitress actually told us about the different cuts of beef that they had for the day. Despite her lengthy introduction, I still did not go for the beef HAHAHA, but Grumps did go with the flat iron wagyu in the end. As for me, I went with the king salmon with scallops as I was really craving for some sort of a seafood dish.

Grumpy's flat iron was really delicious and done medium rare, but I still felt that the beef we had at Fat Cow 2 months back were of a higher quality, which obviously was reflected in its price as well. ;P As you can tell, fine dining is all about small portions and intricate plating lol.

My king salmon was so damn good! It was done medium well, and the insides were so succulent and juicy despite the skin being so crispy. To me, cooking salmon is a test of the chef's skills, because I am damn particular about the way my salmon has to be cooked, and I'm glad to say that this place has got to have one of the best salmon dishes I've ever tasted! The scallops were exceptionally juicy too, with hints of caramelised butter and the taste of the wok. So so so so gooooood!

As night fell, we were feeling rather stuffed already, but one dessert caught our eye, which was the ondeh ondeh lamington pandan chocolate mousse.

Tbh, I was already too full to fully appreciate the intricacies of this dessert. On top of that, as much as I love ondeh ondeh, I don't like gula melaka, so eeps, I didn't really enjoy this dessert much.

Grumpy finally gave me my birthday card, to which I excitedly opened, because well, I was excited to know which country we were going to next! In fact, Grumpy kept harping on the fact that we would be going to a place which I had always wanted to go, so I threw up a few places like Canada, Switzerland and Czech Republic, but well, he was mysterious till the end. As I read through the message in his card, I realised that the message got cut off somewhat, so I looked up from the card to ask him where we were going, but instead, I got presented with a ring box with the diamond ring sitting in it!!!!! @*#&^@(%*&^#(@ I was so shocked that for awhile, I wasn't able to get any words out of my mouth, because while I had expected him to propose within this year, I did not expect it to be on my birthday, more so when I was legit expecting an air ticket from him LOL, as per what he had done last year. Anyway, I was expecting a cheesecake delivery before I could agree to marry him (inside joke), but this joker ended up proposing before his cheesecake delivery. ._.

'Twas a beautiful night, made even more beautiful by the LOML.

I'm finally engaged, but le ring was too loose, so we ended up having to go down to the jeweller the next day to get it resized (4 ring sizes down leh). It'll be another 4-5 weeks without le ring. T_T

So besides the change in status, nothing much has changed between us. Grumps is still as nonsensical as ever, but oh well, I have agreed to live with it, so good luck to me. ;P

Penang 2019


As I had mentioned a few posts back, we were left without any travel plans for the year when we came back from Taiwan, which is really very unlike our style. But truth to be told, we couldn't set another trip because from March onwards, I will be having lessons twice a week and also because HDB hadn't released our appointment dates.

The appointment date came out a few days before Chinese New Year, and I just told Grumpy that I had wanted to go to Penang for a weekend trip. Grumps initially wasn't that keen, and because I couldn't stand not being able to go for another overseas trip until June, I was really this close to booking a solo flight to Penang.

As a result, this trip was really a very impromptu one, and not much planning went into it, though I did dedicate one CNY night to researching what and where we should eat. In fact, it was so impromptu that we both did not even start packing until the night before we were due to fly off. ._.

Saturday 16/02/2019 (Day 1)
Since our flight would take off at 11.45 am, I figured that by waking up at 7.30 am, I would have more-than-enough time to reach the airport at 9.45 am. I ended up reaching slightly later though because my contact lenses were causing my eyes so much discomfort that I was literally tearing whenever I tried to open my eyes. T_T After 15 minutes of extreme discomfort, I decided to take them out and wear my spectacles instead, hence the delay.

Travelling during a weekend on the public transport was a lot less stressful, and the journey was made easier when my luggage was really light. I managed to get seats throughout my 1h 15m ride, which was nice.

Grumpy, for once, arrived really early though. After checking in our luggages, we headed over to McDonald's and shared a Big Breakfast Deluxe meal before clearing immigration.

Brekkie for two, since we both are trying to lose weight.

After boarding the plane, I KO-ed after that, as it was a budget flight and there was nothing much I could do due to the lack of in-flight amenities. The flight was really full though, so Grumps and I couldn't sit together. Thankfully he was in the row behind mine though, so it still wasn't too bad.

We reached Penang slightly after an hour, but were kept in the plane for quite awhile as there was nobody manning the aerobridge LOL.

Grumps got a SIM card from Digi, and I proceeded to leech on his hotspot thereafter. After booking a Grab, we headed to Hotel NEO+, where we would be staying for the next 2 nights. The place was very much bigger than our last hotel stay in Taipei, so thank God!

As we were rather hungry, we headed over to Padang Brown food centre for some lunch. Our Grab driver was also really friendly, and gave us a list of food to try from that food centre as well too, on top of the research I had done.

This yong tau foo was highly recommended on blogs, and I do recommend this too! The ingredients were really fresh and handmade. Of course, I had to get some pig intestines, and the intestines did taste clean! I got this with dong fen, which was recommended by our Grab driver. This cost us RM 17 though, a tad expensive by Malaysia's standard, but the portion was huge and I shared this with Grumps.

The famous popiah which was also highly recommended by food blogs. Grumps ordered 2 and these cost RM 4.80, which I thought was a great deal 'cos the popiahs contained crab meat in them! However, this was a lot "wetter" than the Singapore popiahs I have had, so while they tasted good, I still prefer Singapore's popiah better.

How can we not eat char kway teow (they spell it as "char koay teow" in Penang though) when we're in Penang? While this wasn't "famous", both Grumps and I thought that it was still good!

Our Grab driver recommended that we get this too, and this was really a good recommendation! Grumps got the nutella flavoured one, which I felt was quite overpowering, but the peanut with brown sugar that I had chosen was really good! Regretted sharing it with Grumpy LOL.

We had wanted to walk over to Gemas Road roti canai, but it was a failed trip because while we had known that they would only open from 5.30 pm onwards, we ended up finishing our lunch very much earlier than expected, so we had a lot of time to kill. Moreover, it was quite a nightmare walking to Gemas Road from Padang Brown because of the lack of pedestrian pathways and traffic lights. The roti canai stall was also located in the middle of ulu housing estates and I definitely wouldn't have walked down those stretch of houses if it was nighttime. Creepy af lol.

Feeling pretty drained by the hot and humid weather, we just decided to head back to civilisation and booked another Grab ride to Times Square, only to be sorely disappointed by the state the shopping centre was in. In fact, with the exception of 1st Avenue, the rest of the shopping centres around our hotel (Komtar and Prangin) all looked like ghost towns, with the buildings looking extremely dilapidated-looking and most of the shops were shuttered.

Fat pig bought himself ayam goreng from McDonald's, 'cos he said that this can't be found in SG. This was really spicy though it was quite good. Grumpy called this "life-changing", but fat boi finds anything sinful "life-changing". *rolls eye*

Hot die, so bought bbt, but found this still rather sweet though.

Much hype over this pancake franchise endorsed by Jay Chou, even in Singapore.

So we went for the safe option aka egg and scallion pancake... And oh gosh, I can understand why people like it so much! The pancake was really crispy without being overly dry. The scallion and egg went really well together. I'd totally buy this again.

Damn thirsty, so bbt from Cha Time this time round.

There honestly wasn't much for us to do, so we decided to head over to Presgrave street for dinner, where the night hawkers were. The place was really very crowded, and since we were still rather full from the tea-break we had just now, we didn't order many things, just a bowl of chendol, some friend tau kwa and a plate of oyster omelette, which contained so many small oysters omo! Cholesterol overloading in process. ._.

Only managed to take a picture of the chendol, because I was so tired that I didn't bother taking pictures of the rest of the food.

Night hawkers plying their trades.

We headed back to our hotel after dinner and had a nice good shower after being out in the hot and humid weather.

I KO-ed quite early though, partly due to me waking up early for my flight, and also because I had a slight headache due to me wearing my spectacles for a prolonged period of time.

Sunday 17/02/2019 (Day 2)
I woke up at around 8.45 am, feeling a lot more refreshed and better than last night. Grumps said that he was woken up every now and then by the noises made by drunk people at the street level, but was amazed that I still managed to sleep throughout. ._. I guess I was really tired lol. But honestly, sound-proofing was damn bad at this hotel, because I totally got what Grumpy meant. In my waking hours, I could actually hear people making a ruckus clearly on the ground floor, when our room was on the 17th floor. Damn scary leh.

We both washed up and went down for breakfast, and the best thing was that they had an egg station. I got myself a nice and fluffy omelette, which was really delicious.

I love my eggs so much!

After breakfast, we took a Grab down to Bangkok Lane's mee goreng, which was also highly recommended by many food blogs and an ex-colleague.

We shared this plate of mee goreng. Their mee goreng was more "wet" than I had expected, and it was a mish-mash of fried noodles, potatoes, cuttlefish and vadai. While it was nice, it was really spicy af as well, so for me, I'd probably not come all the way down to eat it again.

We dropped by The Chocolate Boutique as its sign touted it as a museum. We went into the area with anticipation, but left severely disappointed as it wasn't a museum AT ALL. It was just a mere chocolate shop and the so-called guide was just basically telling us how much this and that type of chocolate cost, which we of course could see with our own eyes. Anyway, the chocolates did taste cheap, so after the half-assed "guidance", we left without buying anything.

We then walked to Gurney, where we took respite from the heat at a Coffee Bean before cabbing down to where the street art was located. Contrary to what I had thought, the various street arts were actually scattered across the area and not just located in a single alley. We had to actually use Google Maps in order to suss out where these photogenic spots were.

Grumpy Cat with a cat.

Street hawker, an everlasting sight in the streets of Penang.

Kids playing with basketball.

Hi there!

Ah mah, I want food too!

I thought that this photo turned out really nice though.

We dropped by China House for some afternoon tea. This place apparently was really crowded, and many of the customers were actually tourists. This cafe is famous for being the longest cafe in Penang, but as it was really crowded, I couldn't really appreciate it much, but one thing for sure that stood out was that they had an insane selection of cakes! ._.

Grumpy's longan and cucumber drink was weird af, but my pink lemonade was really refreshing! Perfect for the hot weather!

This was just only part of the cakes they had on sale that day. The cafe was too crowded for Grumps to take a proper picture of it.

We got this early grey chocolate cake to share. I had read several reviews on TripAdvisor saying that this cafe was overrated, so I had kept my expectations low, but this cake was really good though. The early grey cream tasted clearly of early grey and didn't taste too cloying, while the chocolate cake itself was really moist and fragrant. Yummy!

After that, we walked over to the Clan Jetties of Penang, which was a few minutes walk from where we were. The whole place, while swarmed with tourists, did look really serene though.

Ferries by the jetty.

Vast expanse of the sea.

Since we had nothing much left to do, Grumps decided that we both should get ourselves a massage, and after much researching, he decided on Imperial Thai Massage Centre. We took a Grab there as usual, and got ourselves the 60-minute foot massage alongside with a 30-minute head and shoulder massage. This cost us only RM 138 each.

Our foot bath, where they had rubbed some foot salt in order to exfoliate our feet. So ticklish, but so shiok!

The massage was really shiok, especially for the foot massage, which felt very much-needed as we had wlked so much during this trip. As I did not have a foot massage in such a long while, the massage felt really ticklish to me, and was bordering on being slightly painful. However, my 30-minute head and shoulder massage felt really painful to me. At times, I had felt like telling my masseur to be less forceful, but was so afraid that she would "slacken" off, so I decided not to mention my discomfort to her.

I ended up with a rather sore neck thereafter, and Grumps could see red marks on my neck. x_X

It was past 6 pm once we were done with our massages, so we decided that it was time for dinner. We took a Grab back to Chulia Street (where the street art is).

Not my first time eating by the streets, but this was still a novelty for me. The whole experience was really very authentic, though the hawkers were quarreling and scolding each other in Cantonese. Hahaha, what an experience.

Assam laksa was delicious too, although this place wasn't recommended anywhere for assam laksa.

I don't usually fancy this style of wanton mee, and very much prefer the HK-style, but surprisingly, this was quite delicious! The seasoning was tasty and not as "jelat" as the other renditions that I have tasted in Singapore.

Chee cheong fun... Tasted quite normal, but then again, this isn't my favourite style. I prefer the Cantonese style whereby chee cheong fun is drenched in light soy sauce instead. Canto here hello!

The muah chee was really delicious though. It was so smooth and velvety, and though there was a slight salty aftertaste, Grumps and I agreed that this was one of the best muah chee we have eaten!

We went to find the famous chendol stall, but it was closed by the time we reached.

One last sweet picture before we left. Not Grumpy and I though lol.

As it was still rather early, we just whiled away our time exploring the area near our hotel and the Goma departmental store located just opposite our hotel, before finally retiring for the night.

We just missed the Sunday market by 2 hours! D; But this place did indeed look very chill.

Monday 18/02/2019 (Day 3)
We both woke up quite late, so by the time we were ready to leave, the hotel breakfast was already over. Too bad I didn't get to eat the last of my omelette boohoohoo. Grumps was adamant about eating nasi lemak before leaving Malaysia, so he decided that we should go to Ali Nasi Lemak for breakfast.

Wah so much sambal slathered on it, but this was quite shiok! Grumps got the cuttlefish and sotong nasi lemak, and added in ikan bilis, so this whole thing came up to RM 2.20. It was really cheap though, but the portion was small lah.

Grumps had this 3-layer tea too, which comprised of gula melaka, milk and tea. A rather unique combination I would say.

Of course, I couldn't leave Penang without trying their best-selling Penang char koay teow (CKT), so I had purposely slotted in a trip to Tiger CKT. And oh gosh, this was really one of the best plates of CKT I have ever had.

Since we cannot get to eat duck eggs in Singapore, I paid RM 8 for this plate of CKT with duck egg in it. The plate of CKT was really very delicious, with strong wok hei and the creamy duck egg making this plate really so shiok! Grumps was tempted to order one more plate, but since we both are watching our weight, we reluctantly decided against it LOL.

We then walked over to Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul since it was closed when we were there yesterday, However, due to the hot weather, our chendol melted really quickly, so perhaps that was why I felt that it wasn't as shiok as I had anticipated it to be.

Our sorry bowl of melted chendol lol. Perhaps because it melted too fast, I did not really taste the richness of the coconut milk and everything tasted quite diluted to me. The red beans though, were really good! I don't like red beans (with the exception of azuki red beans), but I surprisingly enjoyed the red beans here a lot!

Rojak which we didn't finish in the end, because we were just too stuffed and this was literally drenched in sauce. Too jelat for us.

Since Grumps wanted to buy his Famous Amos cookies (they're a lot cheaper in Malaysia as compared to Singapore), we took another Grab ride to Gurney, and wow, now I regret staying in Georgetown LOL. The shopping centres in Gurney (namely Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon) were so much newer and looked a lot cleaner than those in Georgetown! Ah, we were just so pleased not to be walking in run-down malls anymore! Besides his Famous Amos cookies, we bought some packets of Eureka popcorn as well. ;)

A must-eat whenever I'm in Malaysia, because it's just so expensive back in Singapore!

A damn chio and open-concept bookstore in Paragon! Reminds me a lot of the COEX library in Seoul too.

Grumps and I decided to have a late lunch at around 2 pm, and after much deliberation, we decided on Canton-i. Fatty Grumps wanted to eat 4 Fingers and Kyochon Chicken at first. =X

I never had any luck with Canton-i's egg tarts whenever I'm in JB, so I finally got my first taste of Canton-i's egg tarts here in Penang!! The egg tarts did taste good, but I guess I'm just forever biased towards Tai Cheong's lol. My next favourite egg tart is from Tong Heng. ;P

Grumpy with my barley date drink and his wintermelon tea. My barley date drink tasted weird though; it was kinda sourish. ;(

This XO fried carrot cake was dope omg?! Both Grumps and I have eaten this numerous times whenever we are in JB, but omg, somehow, the rendition here in Penang tasted so much better?! We honestly thought that the JB one was already quite good, but this one takes the cake lol (pardon the pun). The carrot cake here tasted really more "radish-y"?? Anyway, this was just so good that I felt tempted to order one more, but I need to cut down on my food portions. T_T

Grumpy's wanton mein. The char siu was so succulent and the wantons were yums!

Grumpy's favourite prawn beancurd was super yummy too. I took only one though 'cos fatty is fatty.

Since we still had time, we headed over to this "Star Coffee" at Lebuh Noordin, which so happened to be located near our hotel. Grumps drinks quite a bit of coffee, and so far, the coffee he has had (and I have sampled) all tasted rather sourish. Fortunately, this coffee didn't taste sour at all, and was probably the best cup of coffee Grumps and I had tasted in Penang.

Very unassuming, as with all other hawkers plying their trade along the streets.

Can you spot the star on top of the foam?

With this, we headed back to our hotel, collected our luggage and proceeded to the airport. We reached the airport rather early as we were afraid of the long queues at the immigration counter, but guess what? It was the emptiest immigration I have ever seen LOL. Think next time I don't want go JB liao, just go Penang sua. The immigration queues at JB are usually so horrendous that it makes me think twice about going to JB for a day trip lol, 'cos one can spend at least 1.5 hours just standing in the queue zZz...

We landed back in Singapore at around 8.20 pm, where I shared an Aston dinner with Grumps, before we headed back home.


Thanks for always accommodating to my whims Grumpy Cat. This Penang trip was really an impromptu one because I felt that I wouldn't be able to survive 5 months without going anywhere new, but still, Grumps tagged along 'cos I really wanted to visit Penang for the longest time ever.

Really looking forward to our next trip in June heehee, although we had plans to go there in autumn instead, but oh well.

Until then, it's mugging time for me. *sobs*