Foodie memories


The following entry will be a mish-mash of dining establishments that Grumps and I visited over November and December.

Ô Comptoir
When Grumps got news that he would be having another pay raise and be promoted again back in October, he decided to treat me to a nice meal (again). He had sent me pictures of crepes his colleague had eaten back in France. I then remembered that ex-lunch kaki and I had been to a restaurant that specialised in French crepes and galettes. While rather pricey, we both found the food to be really good. On top of that, my French MD had dined there while I was going through his expense claims, so it's definitely approved by a bona fide Frenchman hor. Since Grumps wanted to eat crepes and he hadn't been there before, I suggested going to Ô Comptoir for our weekly lunch meet-up.

We got this Crab Me galette, which was really so flavourful and full of crab meat! Damn yums, though the portion was quite big!

We had the sweet potatoes as well, which was sprinkled with premium sea salt. Grumps got this thinking that it was sweet potato fries, so we weren't expecting literal slices of sweet potatoes HAHAHA! I would have never thought of eating sweet potato with salt, but this combination was strangely addictive!

Grumps was afraid of going hungry, so he ordered a plate of chicken wings! While the chicken wings were good as well, I was feeling really stuffed, hence I only managed to eat only a wing.

I had been wanting to try their crepe ever since I first came here with le ex-lunch kaki, but I didn't get it that time because the galette set was already rather expensive for me. Since Grumps was treating me this time round, I just whacked all my want-to-eats! ;P I ordered the PS. I Love You, which comprised of a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with homemade sea salt caramel with grilled almonds. No regrets ordering this, as this crepe really hit all the right notes. It wasn't overly sweet as what caramel would normally be like, and I felt that crepe overall went really well with the sea salt caramel. Super yums!

Sunday Folks
When news broke out that Sunday Folks would be releasing a limited edition White Rabbit-flavoured candy ice-cream, I knew that I had to make my way to Holland Village (HV). It so turned out that on that day, Grumps had suggested to go over to New Lucky Claypot for their claypot rice, which he swears by since he had lived in HV before. All the other stalls in the hawker centre were closed, saved for the said claypot rice stall and Rojak Line. As the wait for the claypot rice was rather long, we decided to appease our hunger by ordering from Rojak Line, which claims to be vegetarian. Grumps ordered their Golden Set, which comprised of just you tiao and tau pok tossed in their special rojak sauce. It tasted really good! My only gripe was that it wasn't enough for the both of us. ;P

The claypot rice soon arrived, and the aroma from the charcoal really caught my attention. The rice overall was really flavourful, but alas, the portion was just too big for the both of us to finish. It would have been just nice if one more person had shared this.

No pictures of the above two, because I couldn't find any in my phone gallery. I must have uploaded them to Instastories though...

After finishing our dinner, we headed over to Sunday Folks, where Grumps had the foresight to make a reservation before heading over, as it was mad crowded. Besides having the earl grey lavender ice-cream with waffles, I managed to get my White Rabbit candy-flavoured ice-cream cone!! At $9 per cone, this was really one heck of an expensive ice-cream, but since I would only be eating it once, might as well. ;X

This is a super bad picture of my limited edition ice-cream cone, as it was nightfall and lighting in the cafe was really poor. At $9, this was really expensive, but Sunday Folks got the flavour so right in this one. The familiar milk candy flavour brought back memories of my childhood. I LOVED eating the sweets and got quite a scare when the sweets were found to contain melamine in it. From then on, I consciously avoided eating it, which was really quite a pity. To date, I still do not eat the sweet anymore as I am trying damn hard to cut out sugar from my life. This ice-cream came with milk mochis which were really delicious and gummy, and wow, A+ for effort in replicating the rice paper that the White Rabbit candy is famous for!

Tiger Sugar
Grumps had to OT, while I was having my year-end party near Chinatown. Since Grumps had to eat dinner, I decided to leave the party earlier and accompanied Grumps to Chinatown for his dinner. Sweet-tooth Grumps wanted to try the famous black sugar milk from Tiger Sugar. I was mildly intrigued by it as well, given that people were willing to queue over an hour when it first opened in SG. The queue for its second outlet at Chinatown was long, but it moved fast, probably because it was closing soon, and some of the drinks were already sold out.

We got our drink within 10 minutes. This was Brown Sugar Boba with Pearls with Cream Mousse ($5.30). Grumps loved this a lot and found that it was good. However, I found this quite sweet for my liking, and there were hints of caramel in it. I hate caramel (don't ask me why I can take sea salt caramel though LOL), so after 2 mouthfuls, I decided that I had enough of it and Grumps was more than happy to finish up whatever was left in the cup. ಠ_ಠ

I have shortlisted a number of bubble tea shops for us to visit when we're in Taiwan, and a good number of them are related to the black sugar milk tea, which seems to be in the rage right now. After my first try at Tiger Sugar, I can't say that I'm impressed lol, but Grumps is very happy with the itinerary schedule that I've planned out so far hmm... ◔_◔

Another bubble tea shop has hit the lovely shores of SG again. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I was indeed more interested in HeyTea than Tiger Sugar, because I guess I'm more into cheese than I am for sugar. I had wanted to drop by when HeyTea first opened at Ion Ochard, but le exam was coming up, and I can't be wasting my time to queue (heard the queue was about 2 hours) when I should be studying my ass off. So poor bb aka me had to hobo at home and a few antagonising weeks later, I finally had the freedom to while my time away in town.

Argh ice-cream again, no thanks to Grumps. However, since this salted egg ice-cream is only available specially in SG, I just decided to close one eye to Grumpy's insatiable appetite for anything sweet. Turned out that this was quite a good choice though! The salted egg really had the "grainy" texture (if you know what I mean; it felt and tasted so much like the molten lava buns which I love eating for dim sum) and the flavour was quite legit! However, if Grumps wants to eat this again, he'll get it from me.

We ordered the Very Strawberry Cheezo and the King Fone Cheezo Tea. Both Grumps and I felt that the Very Strawberry Cheezo was rather sour and too icy for our liking. Not sure why this was so highly recommended though... However, the King Fone Cheezo Tea was REALLY GOOD. I ordered 0% sugar for my tea, but still, the natural sweetness of the oolong tea complemented the cheese (which also tasted special) DAMN WELL and gosh, the drink was really very refreshing as well! Grumps and I were totally shook after drinking it! In fact, I will not mind queuing up and paying $5.50 again (considered very ex for bbt OK) just so that I can drink it again.

Tanuki Raw
Grumps and I came to Tanuki Raw with the intention of eating their $10 rice bowls, but guess things don't always go to plan HAHAHA. We totally forgot about the $10 rice bowls that they had when we saw the menu. ;P I suggested coming to this place as Grumps hadn't been here before, while the last time I was here, it was more than 2 years back.

Foie gras with truffle beef yakiniku rice bowl. I've been craving for this for the longest time ever! Still so damn yummy after all these years, and the foie gras was really HUGE! In fact, Grumps and I shared this and we both felt quite full from it.

Grumps ordered the salmon skin, which actually was coated with a layer of seaweed. I found this pretty good on the first try, but soon got tired of this dish. I probably won't order this again.

The Superstar roll was pretty good too! There was actually fried mozzarella cheese in the maki rolls!

OK folks, that's it for now! Time to sleep now!