My capable cat


Grumpy Cat is really super capable that I'm just really in awe of him (not just me hor I'm pretty sure many of his colleagues are too). How the heck does one manage to get a pay increase THREE TIMES in one calendar year (actually only 10 months), and get promoted THREE TIMES within 10 months too?!

His pay increase since the start of the year was so phenomenal that even he himself was shocked by the generosity of his company. Of course, said company is loaded, and the money that they are paying extra to Grumps annually is honestly peanuts to keep a star employee happy and not make him contemplate jumping over to another competitor in the meantime. Even more impressive is the fact that he achieved all these just by staying in the same company, and yet the increase he got by choosing to stay on was more than double the increase I got by quitting my ex-company and joining another one. Like wtf how is that even humanely possible? ;O We were discussing his options prior to the final decision made by his company, and we came to the conclusion that even if the big bosses threw their weight behind him, he would at most get an increase of 1X%, due to the fact that he had gotten his pay raise twice this year before that. Erm well, with Grumpy, all things are possible, even if it does sound super crazy to everybody.

Of course, all these do come with a price. Grumps and I flared up at each other more often in these past few months because of our conflicting work and study schedules. Grumps is a workaholic (and a damn serious one too) so I do feel neglected by him at times. We've since thrashed things out with each other and promised to be more aware of each other's feelings.

Being much better paid than before also means that Grumps has a lot of presentations to prepare (he is already in-charge of doing all the slides for his EXCO to present), a lot more business trips to go for, and a lot more projects to be involved in, so on my end, I do need to be more understanding towards him, because I know that he is working damn hard for our future.

Glad that despite the heat of our arguments, we do make it a point to always communicate with each other despite our unhappiness, and I do hope that we will never ever stop communicating, because once all communications stop, that is when the relationship will deteriorate.

I'm glad that he has never stopped fighting for us, and I will continue to fight for us as well, even if it gets tiring at times. ;)