Wisdom tooth removal


I was always bothered by the wisdom tooth I had at the top right side of my mouth, more so especially when I kept getting food stuck there, making me feel extremely uncomfortable and edgy. However, I wasn't that willing to part with my money just to pull out a wisdom tooth, which did cause a bit a problem for me when it first appeared years back, but thankfully, as time passed, erupted fully and wasn't impacted at all.

It took me a very expensive visit to the dentist last year (I spent $300 one shot on my gum treatment lol; there went my dental allowance for the year) and a very naggy dentist from Hong Kong to finally convince me that this tooth had to go. However, I am dead terrified of extractions (although I had 4 of my teeth extracted when I had to put on braces), especially when my last extraction was done more than 10 years ago. I have heard how wisdom teeth extractions are more major than normal teeth extractions, with MCs being granted for at least a week. My lunch kaki's horror story of her first wisdom tooth extraction also made me extremely jittery.

As my mind to leave is already made up, I decided to bite the bullet and finish spending my dental allowance, for the very last time. I decided to get an x-ray of my teeth done, to see if there were any other wisdom teeth besides the one I knew I already had. It turned out that I only had that one, which did shock me and my naggy HK dentist, as people tend to usually have either 2 or 4 of such teeth. Of course, I was more glad that I only had one of such tooth, which meant that once I manage to get rid of that, I wouldn't have to go through extractions anymore (hopefully please).

With my extraction being set for today, I decided to eat McGriddles for breakfast before my impending agony. I went to the clinic earlier than my 11 am appointment, and the clinic assistant told me that my dentist was ready for me. ._. Anyway, the extraction itself went quite well. Besides my head violently shaking when the dentist was attempting to pull my wisdom tooth out, other than that, I did not feel much discomfort, which was really great for me. My naggy dentist was really reassuring during the extraction, and I think that was what made me feel more at ease. However, my extraction was rather expensive though, at $220, when my lunch kaki's extraction was nearly $100 cheaper (at another clinic though). ._. Alright, but I'd rather pay more for a relatively less painful extraction. As of now, I still do not feel much discomfort, and my wound has stopped bleeding already.

Grumpy Cat came down after work to find me, and aww, he gave me a sunflower. I need to blog about this because this is the very first time he has given me a flower, on the 737th day we got together. Kewt boi said that he wanted to buy me lavenders (le favourite flower HAHAHA) but couldn't find any lol. Silly boi - lavenders don't grow anywhere bb. They'd probably die in SG's heat and humidity lol. But I still appreciated his thoughts very much. Don't worry bb, we'll be seeing the real lavenders soon! ;D

My very first flower from Grumpy Cat.

I watched Grumpy eat his dinner, and we discussed about how our day went. I'm so glad to know that Grumpy is going places. Faster get promoted (again) please, then I can rely on you if I'm still jobless. ;P


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