Brownie making


I came back from Australia, with a box of Zumbo's brownie mix for Grumpy's mum.

We decided to open it yesterday after Grumpy got back from his business trip to Hong Kong.

The instructions were really easy and straightforward, perfect for Grumpy to follow.

They turned out to be pretty good, though a bit on the sweet side, probably due to the white chocolate that came with the brownie mix.

Grumpy in action.

Our finished product.

Looks good right?

While waiting for the brownies to bake, we settled our teabreak with some snacks le sis got from Amsterdam.

Teatime with some dope cookies from Amsterdam that le sis gave to Grumpy, together with a cup of hot mango peach tea and stroopwafel. The stroopwafel did taste a lot better when it was dipped in hot tea.

So not looking forward to my dental extraction this coming Tuesday huhuhu. ;(


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