May eats


Welcome to May's edition of foodie entries. ;P

4th May 2018
There was a company event, so I had half a day off, while Grumpy took leave for that day. Since he would be attending an event near le workplace, we decided to meet nearby for lunch.

I had seen Instagram posts about Chunky Lobsters going around back in April. What attracted me to try it was due to its cheap price (at $16 nett), which was really a good deal for a lobster roll, which can easily cost at least $30.

Grumpy and I decided to meet at Oxley Tower (where Chunky Lobsters was) at around 12.30 pm. We had to wait for quite a while before we could finally place our orders, and it so happened that we were lucky, because ours was one of the last orders the cashier took before they hung up the "sold out" sign. That was pretty quick. ._.

Anyway, it wasn't surprising to see so many people hanging around for their orders though - the premise of having lobster rolls for just $16 was indeed very tempting.

As the shop itself was really small, Grumpy and I decided to get the takeaways so that we could find a place with air-conditioning (the weather was sibeh hot) to enjoy our lobster rolls.

After making ourselves comfortable at Downtown Gallery, we proceeded to savour our lobster rolls.

We both found the lobster rolls pretty legit, especially for its price. The meat was really fleshy and juicy, and they were really generous with it as well, despite the relatively cheaper price tag. I found the bread slightly soggy. It wasn't as toasty as I had liked it to be, but Grumpy loved the bread a lot though. I think the sogginess might be due to me ordering the buttery lobster roll, and due to us ordering takeaway instead of eating it right away instead.

I got myself the Chunky's Connecticut, which basically was a lobster roll coated with melted butter.

Grumpy got himself the Chunky's Original, whereby the lobster meat was marinated with lemon and the shop's secret herbs and spices.

After our lunch, I ended up accompanying Grumpy to Starbucks and watch him do his work, while waiting for his event to start.


5th May 2018
We decided to dine at Putien again, to celebrate an early Mother's Day with Grumpy's mum. Grumpy managed to make a reservation, which thankfully he did, because the restaurant was extremely packed by the time we arrived at 6 pm. Had he not made any reservation, we would have to join the snaking queue outside. ._.

Corn juice and veggie juice. The corn juice came warm, which was quite a surprise for me, but it tasted really good. I find it pricey at $5.90 per cup though. The veggie juice that Grumpy got tasted quite sour at first, but after I got used to the taste, I found this pretty legit as well.

Salted egg and century egg spinach, which tasted very good as well.

Omg this egg tofu was damn dope? It reminded me so much of Soup Restaurant's rendition of fried egg tofu, which is one of my favourite dishes from Soup Restaurant.

Grumpy and I loved Putien's rendition of sweet and sour century eggs, so we ordered this again. xD

Grumpy's mum ordered the claypot fish, which cost $13.90. At first, I thought that this was pretty cheap for a fish, but this fish ended up being super small. -.-''' However, the flesh was really smooth and sweet, albeit with many small bones hidden.

We ordered the dumplings as it was one of Putien's signature dishes. The wrappings of the dumplings are actually made from finely-grounded meat. o.O'''

One of the best renditions of sweet and sour pork I've ever tasted!

When you come to Putien, please do yourself a favour and order this bee hoon. Damn shiok when eaten with Putien's chilli.

By then I was already damn bloated, so I didn't enjoy this mee sua as much. Grumpy's mum and Grumpy enjoyed this a lot though.

Grumps had his sweet potato dessert again.

Grumpy's mum had the ice jelly.

The whole meal came up to about $141, but glad to know that Grump's mum did enjoy her dinner. ;)


8th May 2018
As Grumpy was pressed for time, we both decided to go for lunch at a place nearer to both our workplaces. He suggested Waa Cow, as he hadn't tried it before and I had liked it the first time when I was there.

I decided to get the Iberico pork don as it was cheaper than the wagyu beef don. The pork don was really good, but overall, I still prefer the wagyu beef better.

Salmon belly maki, which was really good!

Grumpy's wagyu beef mini don. Omg this was still as good as I remember it to be. Dopeeeee.

I should remind Grumpy to not order more than 1 portion of food for each person the next time. I was soooo stuffed... ;/


9th May 2018
Lunch kaki really has a knack for finding out-of-the-radar cafes, so we decided to dine at News & Gossips for lunch.

I got myself the smoked salmon wrap, which was really good! At $8.80, it did make me very full. As I am now currently watching my weight, I reckon that this could be shared, as one half was more than enough for me.

After that, we went over to Springleaf Tower to make payment for my class fees. Second last paper before becoming an affiliate, please kill it, Missy Au!


11th May 2018
Healthy-eating for me again, so I decided to get the Aloha Poke from Rollie Ollie. It was my first time having a poke, so I did not know that poke bowls do come with rice. I'm trying to avoid carbs as much as possible, but thankfully, they did have the option of brown rice, so I went with the brown rice instead.

This was really delicious! I should have shared this though, because eating half of the portion already made me very full. Sashimi and tamago ftw though!

OK folks, that's it for now.