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Grumpy Cat has always been a huge Marvel fan, and thanks to him, I've come to know my fair share about the various superheroes (though not on his level) and what their storylines were, mainly 'cos I had to fulfill girlfriend duties by accompanying him to the cinemas to catch the latest Marvel films.

However, I found myself really enjoying the movies as well, even to the extent of going to Google to find out the plots from the previous movies so that I would not be caught unaware by the plot in the latest movies, since Marvel storylines do tend to continue from the ending of another Marvel movie.

I knew that Grumpy Cat had been waiting for Infinity War for the longest time ever, with him even suggesting that he would go and book the tickets immediately when the ticket sale was launched, when he usually wouldn't do this for the other Marvel movies which have come out (like Thor: Ragnorok and Black Panther). For him, Infinity War was the grand culmination of seeing all his childhood superheroes gather together to fight the one big bad guy (as I later found out in the movie, literally LOL).

I had to restrain him from impulsively booking the tickets, because I had actually won a pair of Golden Village Gold Class tickets last year at my department's thank-you lunch at Westin, for which I didn't even get to attend as I was in Europe at that point of time.

I had never experienced watching movie in Gold Class before, as I wasn't willing to shell out just $39 for a single ticket alone. I found that just too excessive for that 2 hours plus of comfort, and I just couldn't find the heart to part ways with my money like that.

Watching Infinity Wars deserves the Gold Class experience, I thought, so I decided to go ahead and book seats for it.

Almost all the Gold Class seats were sold out when I first tried booking it two weeks back (wow at the amount of money people would pay to watch a Marvel film) - as such, I was only left with a choice of side seats, second from the front. Not exactly very ideal, but since Grumpy wanted to watch it very badly, and since a Gold Class theatre would have less seats, I figured that it shouldn't be that bad.

Grumpy and I decided to have our lunch in the Gold Class lounge, so we met around 1.5 hours before the start of our movie screening to enjoy some lunch. I think we made the right choice to come earlier, because the food we ordered took quite awhile to be served to us. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our food really very much, although it was quite pricey for a non-restaurant setting.

A photo to commemorate my virgin experience with Gold Class, since I wouldn't be sure when I'd come back for this again.

Presentation is everything lol.

Mushroom truffle aglio olio for me, which was damn good.

Grumpy's chargrilled chicken burger. The whole thing was quite good, with the truffle fries being an absolute stand-out in its own right. The fries were fried perfectly and reminded me a lot of the potato crisps I had back at Pancakes on the Rocks in Aussie. ;D

We had a large table to put our food. Grumpy also ordered a box of sweet popcorn and nacho chips with beef dipping for our consumption.

Infinity War just left me speechless... In fact, I daresay that in terms of intensity, the emotional heft and action, this film just blows everything out of the water. If I, as a non-Marvel fan, felt so blown away by this film, imagine reactions from people like Grumpy Cat, who has grown up reading Marvel comics and watching Marvel films over the span of his childhood. You could literally feel the silence from the audience as the movie came to an end, and mind you, it was in a sold-out movie screening, with seats all filled from the very front row to the back.

I will not spoil Infinity War for you guys out there who still haven't watched it, but this film is probably one you'd never regret watching. #ThanosDemandsYourSilence

Back to my virgin Gold Class experience. Although mains like the pasta and burger could be brought to you at the cinema seats, I felt that we had made the right choice to dine in the lounge instead, as the cinema was very dark and the table wasn't that big enough to hold 2 main dishes. That was the case for my nacho chips. I could barely make out the outline of my nacho chips in the dark cinema setting, therefore, I didn't really know how my nacho chips looked like.

The Gold Class seats were really comfortable though. It was fully reclinable and for the rest of the movie, everybody was just lying down and watching while snacking on their eats. Grumpy said that he heard someone snoring lol; that was how comfortable it could get. For me, I did not sleep as the movie was so action-packed that it got my adrenaline pumping.

Food-wise, Grumpy said that the bill came up to more than $60 (pasta was $13, burger was $17, nacho chips were $16, popcorn was $7) after the inclusion of taxes and service charge, but that was before utilising the $20 F&B voucher that I also got from the lucky draw. Plain water was also charged to our tab. I must say that this Gold Class experience was still a very expensive one, even with the free tickets.

Would I pay to experience Gold Class again? Most likely no, for I feel that the price doesn't really justify the 2 hours of relative comfort that I get. Moreover, the movie was in the normal 2D format, not even in 3D or 4D. The only thing different from a normal typical movie experience was that there were reclinable seats, a blanket to keep you warm, and a butler who'd tend to your needs if you call for them. All these for $39? Nah, my money is better spent elsewhere.

So this blog post serves to remind me of how luxurious being in the Gold Class cinema was, but also how atrociously expensive it was.

May I be lucky enough to win another pair of Gold Class tickets again. ;P


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