2 more to go!


The days leading up to 16th April 2018 were one of the most stressful stretches of my life. I couldn't even sleep properly the night before, for I kept waking up every 20 minutes until the results would be released.

Thankfully, my restlessness was not in vain, because I had passed those papers I had taken back in March, which really came as a relief to me, because I was so afraid that I would have to retake them again in June, which will be the last time these papers could be sat for before the change in syllabus and format. I was really under a lot of stress, and thought that I would break down again, like last year end. I had taken a gamble with one of my papers, but thank God that everything had turned out what I exactly had hoped for.

Studying and working full-time is really no joke (like what I've mentioned before), but to take more than one paper at one sitting? My colleagues had said that I was crazy, especially with my current workload, which leaves me barely enough time to study, let alone revise. In fact, I had self-studied one of the modules I had taken entirely, in 1.5 months.

But when I finally prevailed, I really felt the need to pat myself on the back.

The extreme fatigue that I felt on Monday morning (kept yawning and had a headache from not sleeping well) could not compare to the 1.5 months leading up to the exams, which included January, one of the worst work months in my working life.

Well done, Missy Au.

Now, to proceed to the next step in your plan.

From there, you shall slowly be on the road to freedom.


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