PS. Cafe


PS. Cafe was one of the very first few places Grumpy Cat brought me to when he was still chasing me. As such, although I did find (still find lol) the food there really expensive, PS. Cafe will always be one of the places of which I have the fondest memory of.

As Grumpy went on his nearly-2-week family holiday in Down Under, and I was about to embark on mine (on top of one week spent preparing for my exams), we did not get to spend much time with each other in the month of March, despite it being my birthday month.

As such, before I leave for Aussie, Grumpy wanted us to eat a nice dinner.

We had initially wanted to eat at Fullerton's PS. Cafe during Valentine's Day, but because Grumps didn't make any reservation and we did not want to wait 1 hour just to enter the restaurant, we decided to try again another time, so this time was it.

I was initially feeling really down, because Grumpy and I had tried applying for a BTO flat in Bukit Panjang during the February 2018 launch, but the spot was so oversubscribed that there were at least 10 couples fighting for just one unit. Despite being a first-timer under the MCPS, we could not even secure a queue number. That was how bad it was. I don't deny that it was really a hot spot (with DTL just right at your doorstep leh), but I guess I was just really upset that despite all the so-called "privileges", we still did not stand a chance with a queue number. Oh well, I have to move on. Hopefully we'll get better units in the upcoming launches.

Anyway, Grumpy had secured a reservation at the Fullerton's PS. Cafe, so while walking over from office, he tried to cheer me up and whatnot.

I must say that Fullerton is really a romantic area to dine in. We managed to get seats by the window, which overlooked the Marina Bay Sands.

These table accessories added the romantic touch lol, but I shifted them in the end 'cos not enough space.

My must-order: King prawn spaghetti. I love love love love this sooooo much. Of course I love Grumpy more for introducing it to me the first time round.

Grumpy's steak sandwich, which was really good as well.

Our dessert to end off the night: a super chocolatey cake, which was also really good! ;D

Dinner view for the night.

I really enjoyed this night, Grumpy. Love all the HTHTs and discussing our views on work and whatnot. Love times like this. Love cats like you. ;P