Grumpy Cat and I went back to Hong Kong again during the beginning of the year. This time round, it wasn't even me who initiated the trip there. Grumpy had suggested going there again, and it so happened that SQ was selling relatively cheap tickets to HK, so we booked it and off we went.

I thought that we chose quite a good time for our trip, because the year had barely started and we were off to another trip, especially after all the year-end festivities had ended. We both weren't in the mood to work, so this trip couldn't have come at a better timing. ;P

Friday 05/01/2018 (Day 1)
Since our flight would only take off at 9.55 am, I decided to save some money and took the public transport to Changi Airport instead. However, I had left the house later than expected and while the trains still did come frequently due to it still being peak period, I was legit scared when I saw from Google Maps that I most likely would miss the last check-in timing as the airport train would only arrive in intervals of 15 minutes or longer. Thankfully, my fears were unfounded when the airport train came much earlier than Maps had shown, so in the end, I ended up reaching the airport at the agreed meeting time of 8.30 am. Grumpy was being late as usual.

Changi Airport's Sanrio-themed Christmas decorations. The day we flew off was its last day of display, so we were really lucky!

Mobile check-in and bag drop was damn smooth, me gusta. But boarding time ended up being 8.55 am. ._. Since we were both hungry, Grumps and I bought onion rings and hashbrowns from Burger King, since we didn't think that we could wait till we get our flight meal as we didn't eat breakfast prior to leaving the house.

Hi Golden Bird, we meet again!

We boarded the plane, but were stuck in the plane for about an hour - the captain mentioned that the plane couldn't take off as it couldn't fly over the South China Sea at that moment. It was also raining quite heavily. Thank goodness we had the good sense to eat something from Burger King, if not hungry die us. D;

Lunch was served - I got the veggie fritata. It was actually not bad since it had eggs in it, but there were peas too argh. I accidentally ate some before I began the painstaking task of digging them out one by one.

Argh, damn those peas!

Since our flight was already pretty delayed, we touched down in Hong Kong rather late as well, so we decided to head straight to our AirBnB in Wan Chai. Accommodation in HK, as most people should know by now, is really very expensive, more so in the Central area. We had actually harboured thoughts of booking the AirBnB which we had stayed in last year, but Grumpy wasn't so keen as there weren't any elevators.

It turned out to be a really good choice though, because while our apartment was very much smaller than the previous AirBnB we had stayed in, the apartment itself did look alright. It's actually situated at Lee Tung Avenue, which by itself was also really luxurious-looking. Loved this apartment's toilet especially. You may check out the house in this link.

The front gate of the whole entire building...

Lee Tung Avenue in the late afternoon. I swear this place really looked magical at night, especially when they still had the Christmas decorations.

Since we were already at Hong Kong Island, Grumpy and I decided to head over to Central to check out Yat Lok. It was highly recommended by his colleague, who had been there earlier. Le Grumpy is a huge fan of roasted meat, and I've also heard nothing but good things from there, hence our trip. We took quite a while to find where Yat Lok was though, and it was drizzling rather heavily.

Despite being a Michelin-star restaurant, Yat Lok's shop exterior really looked very ordinary, which could be why we had missed it earlier on. We were told to go for their roast goose meat, but unfortunately, they had already finished selling their goose drumstick, so we didn't get any in the end. However, the roast goose drumstick didn't come cheap as well. If I remember correctly, it cost at least HKD$150+?! Grumpy ended up ordering the roast pork and char siu rice, while I got myself the soy chicken and roast goose breast meat rice. Food in HK is definitely not cheap as well. Each of our plate of rice cost more than HKD$60!!

Our verdict: While what we had tasted really good, the taste wasn't life-changing. In fact, back in Singapore, we are able to get plates like these (though not roast goose lah, since it isn't allowed here) at only SGD$5 that taste equally good. Grumpy professed to liking his roast pork from Maxwell Food Centre more (I introduced him to this stall. Before that, he was always eating from Crystal Jade?! Wtf someone has lots of money...)

My plate - loved the oily spring onion that came with it. It complemented the meat and made the rice less dry.

Grumpy's plate.

The portions were rather small, so Grumpy didn't feel full. Since we were at Central, he suggested going to Tsim Chai Kee for dinner round 2. No regrets though, 'cos the noodles were as shiok as I remembered them to be. ;D

Love HK-style wanton mein the bestttttt!

As it was already 7+ pm by the time we finished our noodles, we decided to head back to our AirBnB as it was raining and we had nothing much in mind to do.

Love HK for all their kewt stuff. I wished I could have brought this home... ;(

Peak hour at Central station. I swear that peak hours in HK are really cray cray, but the trains come really one after another. Moreover, the platforms in HK are really wide, hence despite being crowded, it didn't really felt congested.

Our AirBnB was located just right outside exit D of Wan Chai MTR station - how really very convenient. As I mused earlier, Lee Tung Avenue would have looked really very pretty at night, especially with its dangling lights. I was really right.

So pretty, but so cold!

Can you believe that this is the view that I get whenever I step out of the house? Such a magical feeling!

Although it was still early, we decided to go back up, wash up and nua for the night. The good thing about the apartment was that they had Netflix installed, so both of us also had good time watching many movies.

P.S. Didn't realise that Grumpy can be such an otaku - when he hogs the Netflix, all he watches are sci-fi anime. xD

Saturday 06/01/2018 (Day 2)
As it was raining the night before, I slept really very well. In fact, when Grumpy tried to rouse me from my sleep, I couldn't even open my eyes at all. Am I really that sleep-deprived LOL? As such, I continued lazing in bed. We only left the house at 11 am HAHAHA.

I suggested to Grumpy to go to Kam Wah for our brunch, 'cos I swore to try le polo buns with butter again after le sis and I failed back in 2013. Want to know why? Le butter melted. T_T We ended up over-ordering as usual. Clever me went to order the milk oats as I thought that was dessert. Errrr... I didn't expect them to come out with a BOWL of milk oats for me? The portion was so freaking huge and that thing cost me SGD$5+?! I make my own oats also cheaper leh... I ate less than 10 spoonfuls of the oats as I was really stuffed.

The polo buns were super good though - finally got to eat them with the hot crispy exterior and the cold slices of butter. ;)

The char siu instant noodles that I had were super comforting as well - I really LOVE how HK does its instant noodles. ;D


More polo buns pleaseeeeeee... T_T

Grumpy and I walked from Mong Kok to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) 'cos we were feeling damn full. There was a persistent light rain though, with occasional strong gusts of wind.

We ended up at Langham Place, where we took refuge from the strong winds and rain.

Omg girly Brown!


From Grumpy Cat to Grumpy Bear?? ;P

Grumpy was feeling greedy again, hence le dessert... Last year, we had the gold foil ice-cream from iCremeria, which tasted really amazing (although the gold foil tasted like nothing to me lol), so I had really high hopes for this matcha ice-cream. Guess what? Omg it was so good! Good balance between bitterness and sweetness. All my Kyoto feels came back again. T_T

Jin shiok sia!!!

Langham Place is really huge though - in fact, Grumpy and I came back at least twice during our stay in Hong Kong just so that we could finish exploring this place.

Buildings in HK are really very, very high - scare die bb liao.

Since we were at TST, we decided to satisfy our egglette craving by having Mammy Pancake. However, both Grumpy and I felt that the standard had dropped - perhaps the weather was really too cold. The wind was honestly very gusty, so that perhaps cooled down our egglette too quickly. ;(

As usual, long queues at Mammy Pancake.

The same chocolate egglette that we had almost a year back, except that the egglette we had then was much better. ;(

The plan for dinner tonight was to eat at Ichiran Ramen. Since it was still some time away from dinner, Grumpy and I decided to walk around K11 and shop for Jenny's biscuits. Grumpy bought them for his colleagues, like last year.

Had to be super careful when in this shop. And it's not the most expensive stuff over here. D; No wonder drip coffee is so expensive!

When it was finally dinnertime, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the queue wasn't as horrendously long as stated in multiple blogs. However, the real queue started inside the restaurant LOL. Since Grumpy and I didn't mind sitting in separate cubicles, we still managed to get seats within 30 minutes. The atmosphere was as Japanese as it could get - we were shown to our cubicles, and stated our preferences for our ramen by marking them down on a chit sheet.

Exterior of Ichiran.

Diners even have to line up and pay...

Long queues ahead...

The chit sheet. The add-ons were really expensive, hence I didn't add anything.

Inside the cubicle.

Tasted like normal water tbh?? LOL.

My virgin bowl of Ichiran ramen. Both Grumpy and I felt that this was really good. Our next goal would definitely be to try Ichiran in Japan. ;)

The communal dining area, which was really packed. Apparently the people who chose cubicles got shown to their seats faster than those who chose to dine in the communal area. Looks like Grumpy and I did make the right choice. We still got to sit next to each other in the end.

Overall, the ramen was pretty good, but both of us felt that it was really pricey, at HKD$89, exclusive of the 10% service charge. Japanese ramen usually comes with the marinated soy egg, but this didn't. I was contemplating to buy the instant ramen set, but a packet of 5 already cost $198? #siaoliao I checked Airfrov, and it is really very much cheaper in Japan. Hopefully the ramen price in Japan is also much cheaper, especially when Japan isn't known to be wallet-friendly as well. ;(

We walked over to take the Star Ferry after dinner. Hui Lau Shan was selling its last box of mango mochi for HKD$20 - say whatttttt? Of course we had to snap it up. Thankfully the ang moh was hesitating to buy it, hence we managed to beat them to it lol.

1881 Heritage.

Cloudy, but still one of the best night views in the world.

HK has its own iconic ferris wheel as well.

Yummy Hui Lau Shan mochis! ;P

Since we were back in Hong Kong Island, we went to Shun Tak Centre to change our Macau tickets before going back to our AirBnB.

It was raining again zZz... Thank goodness our AirBnB was sheltered all the way from the MTR station.

Sunday 07/01/2018 (Day 3)
Since it was Sunday, Sunday means must yum cha right? Grumpy wanted to eat dim sum in a proper restaurant. It so happened that one of the influencers on Instagram was in HK too, and she happened to showcase Yum Cha on her Instagram Stories. So tadah, our brunch for this day had been settled. The branch we went to was the one in Central. Since we arrived early, we got the table nearest to their full-length window panels. It was really lucky that we had made a reservation the night before, as the restaurant filled up really quickly.

Many of the items in Yum Cha looked like fushion Chinese food. In fact, they were pretty Instagrammable as well. Whenever I'm with Grumpy, we tend to over order. This was not an exception as well. -.-'''

Such a pretty 3D bowl. Their utensils were also very uniquely-shaped.

XO brinjal that Grumpy ordered. I found this so-so only; it was too oily for my liking.

I picked the century egg tofu, which was sooooo gooooood. Yummy!

The truffle vegetarian dumplings that Grumpy picked out were really good too! The truffle scent was really strong.

Here comes the puking buns which have been all over Instagram - these honestly tasted good. The fillings really "flowed".

A close-up of my puking bun.

The ginger scallion cold chicken was really good too.

Sakura ebi fried rice tasted good objectively, but the best fried rice that I've had in HK unfortunately doesn't belong to this restaurant lol.

XO fried carrot cake which was shiok as well.

Greedy Grumpy ordered this plate of chicken wings, which came in last. By then, we were so stuffed that we had to take turns to go to the toilet to relieve ourselves. As the chicken wings took really long to arrive, we were even contemplating if we should just cancel the order and pay up, when the plate finally arrived at our table. 'Twas fate that made us eat 'em wings. ;')

After our extremely filling brunch, we took the ding ding to Admiralty, where Pacific Place was. It just so happened that the High Court building is located here, so poor Grumpy got dragged with me to revisit the one location in which very epic TVB drama would feature - the High Court building itself. xD

As it was a Sunday, the maids were having their off-day, so there were really many of them congregating at whatever space was left. They even held food parties. As we walked past them, the aroma of food was just permeating the air. Thankfully, Grumps and I had a really huge lunch, so we could tahan.

Pacific Place had really pretty ceiling decorations...

The very building where epic TVB family dramas are filmed lol... No paparazzi though, since it was a Sunday. xD

We came across this waterfall thingy - Grumpy suggested taking a photo, so I forced him in.

Fat cat.

Regretted this man, 'cos the water was quite strong, so my shoes got pretty wet. I ended up having literal cold feet. D;

We stumbled upon this futuristic-looking McDonald's at Admiralty. Salad bar with quinoa, anyone?

McD of the future.

Grumpy and I headed over to Jordan, as I had suggested to him that we go try out the French toast at Mido Cafe. Unlike many rude servers, the cashier at Mido was really very nice and smiley to us. In fact, the rest of the servers there weren't rude or rushed us into ordering anything. Since we were still feeling super full from lunch, we decided on ordering just their French toast and two cups of drinks. The cafe itself gave off a very old-school vibe. This cha chan teng felt really different from the rest of the cha chan tengs I've visited in HK. The atmosphere here felt a lot more laidback and relaxed.

The retro-looking signboard.

Even the interior is so old-school... ._.

Featuring our lemon tea, milk tea and French toast. The lemon tea was really very good as it tasted refreshing. On the other hand, Grumpy's milk tea tasted a bit thin. I've had better ones in other cha chan tengs. But the French toast was really AMAZING. O.O''' If we weren't full from brunch earlier, we would had ordered another one! Then again, I'm trying to get Grumps to cut down on sweet stuff, so heng never order another one. xD

We proceeded to walk back to TST to take the Star Ferry. Along the way, we passed by one of North Point egglette branches. I remembered that I didn't really fancy the North Point egglette from the original branch at North Point, but since we were in HK, Grunmpy and I just couldn't pass by an egglette shop without eating 'em egglettes. The queue was long, but it moved fast.

Moment of truth: I LOVED IT. It tasted so much better than the one from Mammy. Like... their standards changed just after one year?! In fact, we regretted just getting one to share only. Made my colleague jelly by posting those egglettes on my Instagram Stories. xD

Celebrities' endorsement.

Look at that queue.

Bb shiok bb never say.

Go HK is really to eat and sleep, then repeat LOL.

Shortly after we finished our egglette, we got ourselves a cup of matcha tea with ice-cream. Shiokkkkk.

We made our way back to Hong Kong Island to collect our Macau tickets. I had wanted to bring Grumpy to try Kau Kee's beef brisket noodles last year, but the queue was horrendously long, so we gave up. Since we were back, I decided to go try my luck again. My luck really sucked lol, 'cos besides having a darn hard time finding Kau Kee, it turned out that Kau Kee closed on Sundays LOL. Silly me should have checked before that - we made a wasted trip. ;(

Since our original plan for dinner fell through, we had to search for the nearest food establishments to satisfy our hunger. Grumps managed to located Dim Sum Sqaure, which was about a 10-minute walk downhill.

I felt really happy that I had finally managed to satisfy my dim sum craving. The ones at Yum Cha weren't counted 'cos they were not traditional dim sum. ;P

Har gaus mai loveeee.

Siew mais here really tasted good.

My must-order whenever I yum cha. ;)

Even though it was still relatively early, we decided to make our way back since we would be going to Macau the next day. We dropped by the supermarket before that to buy fruit juices to aid in digestion heehee.

Lee Tung Avenue is really so pretty sia. Felt that we had scored with this!

Pistachio chocolate mousse that cost effing SGD8+?! We saw the price tag wrongly sia, but thankfully this tasted really damn good lol. Well, it'd better be, since one jar of this cost so much. D;

Fruit juices to help us poop. ;P

After washing up, we watched a bit of Netflix before KO-ing.

Monday 08/01/2018 (Day 4)
Since today would be the day we would be taking the ferry to Macau, we were forced to wake up earlier. A number of food bloggers recommended Sang Kee, and since I had never eaten porridge in HK for a really long time, Grumpy and I decided to head over for breakfast. The shop took awhile to find, because the sky was really gloomy, so it was still quite dark. Sang Kee was crowded though, with many office people having their breakfast here. Since we weren't sure if the porridge would be good, I just ordered a bowl of fish porridge with century egg to share.

I think it was a mistake to order fish porridge though, should've gone with the fish belly option, which I only saw after my order was placed. -.-''' The fish itself had many small bones, which Grumpy and I spent a lot of time picking out, hence I did find eating this bowl of porridge a chore. Overall, while I found the porridge not bad, Grumpy and I felt that Maxwell's Zhen Zhen porridge still wins our vote. In fact, ever since I first ate Zhen Zhen, I've been comparing all the other porridges I've eaten with Zhen Zhen.

Sad to say that so far this doesn't replace Zhen Zhen LOL.

The ferry trip to Macau took about an hour. By then, it was already raining quite heavily, and I noticed that the weather was dropping considerably. Since we woke up really early, I almost immediately KO-ed on the ferry throughout the journey.

It was really cold and rainy in Macau too, and I hadn't stepped into Macau for more than 3 years already. Since we didn't do much research before that, we were left fumbling lol. In order to escape the cold, we decided to tour the casinos for a while before we headed out again for the free shuttle buses that would go to the town area.

Grumpy and I.

After the hotel shuttle dropped us off, it was another wasted 1 hour as we couldn't get our bearings right and ended up walking in the wrong direction a number of times. Sorry Grumpy Cat, my sense of direction sucks lol.

We finally got our bearings right and walked through a small and narrow alley before finally seeing Senado Square right in front of us. I immediately got Grumpy to get the egg tarts from Koi Kei. He was so in love with them that he bought another 3 more. Erm, and he finished them all as well. D;

After that, we walked to the Ruins of St Paul, where I remembered there was a Tai Lei Loi Kei there. I had mentioned to Grumpy that Macau sells great pork chop buns, and I've been wanting him to try it. Thank goodness the shop which I had visited years back was still around. We were lucky that the shop was relatively empty when we reached, because just as we were able to start eating, there were so many tourists swarming the small shop space.

Check out our polo pork chop bun! Still so juicy and flavourful! ;D

We decided to get the curry seafood as well, which was so shiok as well.

We proceeded to the Ruins after that. Although it was cold and drizzling, there were still many tourists swarming the Ruins argh.

At the Ruins.

Celebrating the Year of the Dog with Snoopy.

So many people... ;(

Since it was gloomy and drizzling, we decided to head back to HK since we had no concrete plans to fulfill in Macau. The main reason for coming here was just to show Grumpy how Macau is like.

We dropped by Yee Shun for its famed double milk steam pudding. It was warm so it felt really comforting on a cold day like this.

We dropped by Koi Kei again and Grumpy bought more egg tarts... While HE was savouring his egg tart, a Korean tourist came up to us and asked about the directions to Margaret's Cafe e Nata. We told her that we were tourists as well, so she left. But Grumpy got intrigued, and decided to research more on that. That fatty found out that it was another cafe that sold egg tarts and erm, as you've guessed it, he dragged me along to find that cafe. -.-'''

Grumpy's 3rd egg tart from Koi Kei?!?!

When we finally managed to find Margaret's Cafe, we found that it was full of people as well, but the queue moved fast.

This cafe is about a 10-minute walk from Senado Square.

Grumpy now says that he prefers this egg tart. -.-'''

Since there was nothing much left for us to do, we decided to head back earlier. But as our luck would have it, due to the rainy weather, a lot of people were also wanting to get out. We ended up leaving Macau at our designated time sigh...

It was raining very heavily on our return journey back to HK, with the seawater being extremely choppy. In fact, although I was sleeping on my journey back, Grumpy said that when the ferry experienced turbulence, I was the one who suddenly exclaimed very loudly before falling back asleep LOL. xD

An hour later, we finally reached Central, and headed straight to Kau Kee. I made sure that they were opened today before heading there haha. We didn't queue very long for our seats, and this time round, they had an English menu as well, so it made ordering much easier. The last time when I was here, I got the normal beef noodles, but had heard that the curry one was highly raved about as well. As such, I decided to get the curry beef brisket noodles while Grumpy went with the original.

My curry beef brisket noodles. Oh wow, this tasted super shiok haha! But of course, it got quite jelat towards the end, but Grumpy and I still managed to finish it.

Still good! ;D

After dinner, we went over to Wellcome to buy some souvenirs, which included us buying tons of packet drinks back LOL. Heavy die us and cold die us.

Since we woke up pretty early today, we were quite drained by the end of the day, so after washing up, we KO-ed.

Tuesday 09/01/2018 (Day 5)
Today would be our last full day in HK. As much as I would like to sleep in, I was awakened by Grumpy's snoring. D;< Kicking him didn't help anymore HAHAHA omg next time how to live with him ah? Anyway, today's weather dropped to 6°C, and it was really very cold. We could even see our own breath. Coupled with the persistent rain, we were practically shivering once we were outside. Grumpy still hadn't fulfilled his wish of eating dim sum in a traditional HK dim sum restaurant, and he was adamant to fulfill this on our last full day in HK. We had originally shortlisted a pushcart dim sum restaurant in Central, but read from reviews that the crowds could get quite cray, so we scratched that off and decided on One Dim Sum instead. We got down at Prince Edward station, but One Dim Sum wasn't opened yet. On a normal day, we would have made our way to Mong Kok by walking, but today wasn't the day as it was just too cold and rainy, so we took the train instead. Since we were feeling hungry already, we decided to drop by Australian Dairy Company. As it was just meant to be breakfast, I made sure that we didn't over order this time round. We got the scrambled eggs toast and steamed milk pudding to share. Omg the scrambled eggs here are still da best man. So many years liao they still taste the same. *happy tears*



We walked over to Langham Place, where Grumpy bought me a Brown bolster from the Line Friends shop. Omg bb you really didn't have to do this. ;')

Cony~ ;D

Grumpy Bear and Grumpy Cat.

Mr Brown is hiding inside.

Grumpy had been wanting to try the fruit tea when we were here two days back. Seems like fruit tea is now in the rage, even in Singapore. But they are honestly really very expensive, and I feel that the price charged can't really be justified.

It honestly tasted good lah, but not sure about having to pay at least SGD$6+ for this cup??

I had wanted to get some cashew nut butter from Marks & Spencer, but it was sold out in Langham Place, so we took the train to TST i-Square to buy. After which, we took the train back to Prince Edward for our lunch at One Dim Sum. There was a legit long queue?! However, we were greeted by a friendly staff when we went to take our queue number. So rare in HK lol. We were made to queue outside the restaurant for about 20 minutes before our queue number was called. So cold I swear.

Real feel 3°C sia!!

Finally here!

When we finally got our seats, we felt so warm inside. But as the restaurant itself was small, it was pretty squeezy. On top of that, I had Mr Brown with me and my winter jacket. Over-ordered as usual lol what's new. Below are some food items which I took. Not all are here OK 'cos in the end I got too tired of taking photographs LOL.

Thank goodness for English LOL. So that Grumpy could order what he wanted without having me to translate for him.

Char siu chee cheong fun - quite good leh!

The siew mai tasted clean as well. Love how HK does their dim sum.

Le Indian's fav beancurd seafood. I didn't particularly enjoy this though 'cos there was coriander inside oh my tian... why on earth does this thing even exists?!

Spareribs is a must-order for me too.

We paid a total of HKD$218 for the two of us. Siao why we ordered so much ah? Anyway, the cashier was really friendly to us leh, like huh? Why service staff in HK suddenly so friendly one ah?

Anyway, we walked back to Mong Kok in the cold, and bought more groceries (including the milk tea and 6 cans of peach tok tok HAHAHA). Our groceries got too heavy to carry around, so we decided to take a train back to our AirBnB and put down the items.

We headed out for an okonomiyaki dinner at K11. It was so surreal to see the okonomiyaki being cooked in front of us. The smell... Ah... I wished that the videos I took could have recorded the smell too. We ordered 2 okonomiyakis (4-cheese okonomiyaki and the Hiroshima okonomiyaki), together with a plate of yakiniku and mushrooms. Nearly couldn't finish LOL we over-ordered again. Ended up smelling like BBQ after that.

Ingredient part 1. We're supposed to mix this together.

Ingredient part 2.

Mash them all up.

I'm getting so hungry just by seeing.

Our final products.


Gimme moreeeee.

Yakiniku beef. Quite sad that for such a small portion, this cost so much!

Mushrooms cooked by the grill.

Since we were in K11, we decided to try out Baekmidang as well. The ice-cream was really damn shiok, but it was super pricey as well, at HKD$78!! D; Hopefully it should be cheaper in Korea.

We got the seasonal flavour, which was pumpkin?? Loved the clean, pure, milky taste of this ice-cream very, very much.

Indian boi on the twirly chair. I was quite scared that he'd just roll over lol.

We walked to the Star Ferry, and watched the Symphony of Lights for the last time this year (lol, and the year had barely started?).

One of my favourite skylines in the world (besides Singapore's lol).

Lost a bet to Grumpy, so I had to reluctantly buy him a mobile Softee ice-cream. D;

Went to Causeway Bay's supermarket and bought this shiok sashimi.

Since this would be our last night in HK, we had to pack up. Spent quite a bit of time packing up 'cos we (OK lah, ME) bought a lot of groceries and I couldn't fit everything into my luggage lol GG.

Wednesday 10/01/2018 (Day 6)
Since this would be our last day in HK before we fly back to Singapore in the afternoon, we decided to wake up earlier and make a run to Tai Cheong at Central for our egg tarts.

Still so so so so good. Of course I had to buy 8 to bring back to Singapore.

I had been wanting to try Cafe de Coral since I first stepped foot to HK back in 2011, but I don't know how come the previous 3 times I was here, I didn't get to eat at this restaurant AT ALL. Took the 4th trip to HK for me to finally try this leh LOL.

HK breakfast, fast-food style. I find ham in HK to be really nice lol, and it goes damn well with their instant noodles/macaroni. Nubbad, will try again when I'm back in HK. The milk tea was weird af though. Grumps and I didn't finish it. ;X

With that, we took the ding ding back to our AirBnB for the very last time, before we took the Airport Express train to HKIA.

More fruit juices to detox. I really ended up detoxing at the airport. Thank goodness the toilet was relatively empty at that point of time. D;

Omg the condensed milk toast from Tsui Wah. Love love love love. ;D

Grumpy knows that I love my eggs, so he got me this luncheon meat egg sandwich as well. Where to find such a guy like him? Thanks a lot bb! Of course I must share the things I love with him. ;D

We boarded the A380 for our flight back to Singapore, and it so happened that we managed to get seats on the second level of the plane. Suaku me was really excited 'cos I had never gotten the chance to sit on the second floor before. What made it sweeter was that because the original occupants of the preferred seats didn't want those seats anymore, we asked if we could shift over, and oof, there we have it, AMPLE leg space. ;D

LOOK at that space in front of us LOL.

Still got IFE, don't worry.

My Chinese-style lunch, which came with Chinese sausages. This was surprisingly yummy! o.O'''

Grumpy's hamburg with mashed potatoes were really good too.

I watched Kingsman: The Golden Cirle inflight, but found it pretty gruesome leh. D; Kinda spoiled my appetite after that.

Soon after, we touched down in Singapore rather uneventfully. It turned out that it was raining heavily back in Singapore too, so we ended up waiting for a long time for the cabs to bring us back home.

I was really thankful for this trip to HK. It was the only happy thing that happened to me in January, which was otherwise a VERY horrible month for me.

Thank you for making this trip happen, my Grumpy Cat. You're probably the only good thing that I got out of here.

I'm now even more certain, that I need get myself out.

For real.

Before I crumble again.