Adieu 2017


The December year-end has always been one of my most favourite times of the year. As I was trying to clear my leave, I ended up taking 3 days of leave just in the month of December itself. Coupled with me taking a 3-day study leave for my exam in December and 2 public holidays in the month of December itself, I only ended up working for 14 days. Shiok or what?! However, I ended up also clocking many hours of OT in order to clear all my outstanding work. However, I must say that I really enjoy working in office a lot more when people are on leave, mainly because I do not need to entertain irritating colleagues and because of this, I felt a lot more productive.

24th December 2017
December is really the month of celebration. Grumpy invited me to accompany him to his childhood friend's annual Christmas party on 24th, which he did not attend last year as he was in Taiwan. I decided to tag along as Grumpy really wanted to catch up with his friend, and also because I was left alone at home as le sis and parents went over to HK. ;( I was slightly apprehensive, as Grumpy did say that this particular friend of his is really damn rich, and that most of the people attending this party are also people from the top 1% of society.

Being the awkward turtle that I am, I was really afraid that I wouldn't be able to fit in with his group of friends, that I would just be left alone in a corner while Grumpy catches up with his friends and basically, just treated like an outcast. Very thankfully, none of these happened. Chris and his family members/friends were more than welcoming, which did make me feel a little less intimidated despite the sheer grandeur of his house. It kinda shocked me though, how many people Grumpy knew. In fact, nearly everybody invited to his party all knew each other, which did make me feel a little out-of-place as I practically knew nobody else besides Grumpy. ;X

As with all grand private housings in Singapore, Chris' house was located deep inside an enclave - Grumps and I walked for about 15 minutes from Holland Village MRT station before we reached his house. When we finally arrived at our destination, I was trying really hard to mask my suaku-ness as never before have I seen such a resort-looking house in SG. There was a koi pond running beneath the house, a swimming pool, an outdoor glasshouse-kinda dining area (besides the numerous dining halls inside the house itself), a gym, a poolhouse just specially for chilling, and at least 4 living rooms (from what I counted myself). #wtfmindblown

Entrance of the house. If the entrance already looks like a hotel lobby the interior of the house will really blow you away. #siaoliao

Christmas village painstakingly arranged by Chris' mother. This really cost a lot of money as I've seen similar items back in Europe. And fyi, all these decorations are handcrafted, which makes them even more expensive. D;

The entrance to one of the many living rooms in Chris' house. ._.

Besides the huge-ass koi pond, there is an aquarium-like fish tank at the entrance of the house too.

The kitchen literally looked like a restaurant's?! This was all that I managed to snap of the food, as there were really many people in the kitchen.

Here is the glasshouse dining house that I talked about earlier on. We (Chris' friends) dined here for the night.

A+ for decorations. In fact, the house is really A++++++ LOL.

Christmas is in the air~

After we had finished our dinner, we proceeded to the basement where their biggest living room was located, because we (alongside with other friends and family members) would be playing games of Bingo while ushering Christmas. I never knew that there could be so many variations to playing Bingo. In fact, we sat in our seats and played Bingo for nearly 4 hours straight. There were many prizes to be given out as well. Grumpy and I got lucky - we each won a grand prize hamper after completing our respective Bingo games first. We both also did go on to win other relatively-smaller prizes. xD Earlier on, I was fretting over how to go home as the hamper was extremely heavy (came with wine bottles and whatnot), but as it was way past midnight by the time we finished our Bingo games, another of Grumpy's friend drove us back home.

A night view of the entrance. So damn grand. ;_;

A night view of the sparkling Christmas village.

Close-up 1.

Close-up 2. That dedication though... D;

Such Christmas decorations are everywhere in the house.

Literally #housegoalsbutnomoney. ;_;

Overall, I felt that I enjoyed myself a lot more than I thought. It's been years since I've experienced such Christmassy atmosphere, from the partying to the feasting. No matter how nice the house may be, I, however, do not wish to live in such a house like that, 'cos such opulence is just not my style, so no pressure, Grumpy. ;P

After seeing how grand Chris' house was, I couldn't believe that Grumpy used to live like him. In fact, his family was even more well-to-do than Chris' in the past, before his family broke apart. But I love Grumpy for who he is. I think I've mentioned before that without him having to go through hardships that he was forced to go through, I'd probably wouldn't fall in love with him. ;P

29th December 2017
Because Grumpy and I needed to clear our leave before year-end, we decided to utilise our leave for the last working day of the year.

Grumpy and I decided to head over to Suntec City, because we got news that Maguro Donya was offering its maguro meshi for only $9.90++, which I thought was really steal, considering that it's from the bluefin tuna.

Pardon the oiliness of the "plate". This was so good though, but smaller than I had expected. One portion is only probably the size of my palm, and we ordered two portions.

Freaking $6++ tamago lol. I don't deny that this really tasted good, but I don't think I'll pay that much for one single slice of tamago ever again.

We had wanted to order more maguro meshi, but by then, the restaurant was getting pretty filled up and our two extra orders for the maguro meshi were soon forgotten. We waited quite a while before we called the waiter over. He confirmed that our order for the extra portions was not sent to the kitchen, so we decided to cancel our order and pay up, as we felt strangely full. Think must be due to the oiliness of the tuna lol.

As we both knew that Godiva was having a 1-for-1 on their ice-cream cones, we decided to head over to Bugis Junction for our share. We got a shock as the queue was DAMN insane sia. The queue was literally SNAKING. We decided that it wasn't worth our time to queue as we really didn't see an end to the queue. The queuing system seemed pretty disorganised too, so we decided to head over to Takashimaya since Grumpy was craving for Gong Cha.

We walked passed while we were enroute to Bugis from Suntec City. JW Marriott South Beach hotel is really super chio. Grumpy said that he wants to hold our wedding here. Eh hello, you propose liao meh? LOL.

The queue at Ion Orchard was long, but moved pretty fast. After we got our ice-cream, the queue was cray cray. See what people do for 1-for-1 Godiva ice-cream LOLLLL. Anyway, this marked my very first time eating an ice-cream from Godiva. I had only tried their chocolate milkshake previously. While I did like the ice-cream, I found it quite jelat after a while due to the extreme richness of the chocolate. As such, I will never pay $9 for this cone of ice-cream, and I wouldn't eat this without sharing it with anybody. Oh well... Anyway, pardon the chocolate stain on my hand lol - I licked it off as it dripped onto my hand.

After which, we met Grumpy's mum for Korean dinner at SBCD Korean Tofu House, which is my of my to-go for Korean comfort food. We window-shopped at Millenia Walk and had a walk around Harvey Norman before heading back home.

30th December 2017
I bought a $60 A-One Claypot voucher from Qoo10 a while back, and its expiry would be on 15th January 2018. I had intended to utilise it earlier, but Grumpy and I felt that $60 worth of food would be too much for just two people to eat, so we ended up roping in le sis and her bf for lunch on this date. I felt that the food was quite good, but I wouldn't pay the normal price for it as I find it quite pricey.

Since we were at Buona Vista, we decided on Sunday Folks for our dessert fix. It's been a while since I've had my earl grey lavender soft-serve and this is still one cafe which I'd be glad to revisit over and over again, despite the steep pricing. ;P

Le sis and her bf wanted to go to Flash Bang. Grumpy and I hadn't heard of it before, but decided to tag along anyway. The weather had been pretty gloomy since le sis and I stepped out of the house, but who'd had thought that the skies suddenly poured while we were sitting inside the tents erected outside. So as expected, we did get drenched a bit as it was raining and windy... ;( Nonetheless, we did manage to fill our tummies with some decent food.

Le sis and I have never tried butterbeer before, so here we go. It cost us $4 though, which I'm sure was severely inflated, since this was only ice-cream soda and some cream on top. I want to go USJ soon to drink the real Harry Potter butterbeer though. Not sure why I didn't manage to go when I was in Osaka 3 years back. #superregretitman

The tofu fries tasted really good though! ;D

After touring Flash Bang's grounds, we left as most of the stalls weren't opened yet, and the rain made walking a lot more icky. ;(

Le sis and I went our separate ways - for me, I went back to Grumpy's house to eat shiok dinner cooked by Grumpy's mum. ;P #asusual

2017 has been a really tiring year for me in general. Juggling studies with full-time work is really no joke at all, and I really have newfound respect for people who are doing part-time degrees while juggling work responsibilities. I also fell sick more often, and was visiting the doctor at least once every two months when I only took 2 days of MC back in 2016. Because of me falling sick quite regularly, Grumpy and I also had minor tiffs over my work schedule and lifestyle. Haiz... I honestly hope that things will look up for me in 2018, if not I'm really considering my options in this place.

Seeing both my bosses (my current and ex) work till late at night and seeing their children at most only 2 full hours a day during workdays - I hope I'll never have to experience this in my working life.

I'm thankful for family love, and to Grumpy for having my back, as always. It's because of these that I made it through 2017, albeit with much sacrifices on my overall health and well-being.

Goodbye 2017, I'll not look back on you.

2018, please be kinder to me.