Deutsche Erinnerungen


Quarter BSR months are always the toughest, and September was no exception as well. In fact, we had so many things and UATs to do that although I had requested for an afternoon off on Thursday since I would be having a Friday midnight flight, I ended up only leaving office only 1.5 hours before our official knock-off time of 5.30 pm. -.-''' I was really grateful to colleagues from my own section and other departments for "chasing" me out of the office when they knew that I was supposedly on half-day.

Only when I left office, did I truly feel liberated and free from work, and had the spare time to think about our trip. In fact, because Grumpy was also extremely busy in the weeks leading up to September month-end, with his department being involved in one of the biggest events that le company is organising this year (which includes hosting a certain football star), he didn't even get to take his planned half-day off and instead, worked till nearly 7 pm when our flight was scheduled to fly at 12.30 am.

At the time of changing money, €1 = SGD$1.60

Friday 29/09/2017 (Day 1)
When I reached home, I did some hasty last-minute packing and threw whatever I needed into a huge-ass luggage. I was quite impressed that besides missing out on packing my micellar make-up remover bottle into the lugagge, I remembered everything else. Dibby had helped me to book a Grabhitch, but when I took the lift down, I realised that I had actually left my winter jacket upstairs LOL. Thank goodness I found out early LOL. I would have cried if I realised it on the Grabhitch or even worse, at the airport.

I happened to hitch a ride with a Singapore Girl, who so coincidentally happened to be my sister's secondary school friend LOL. What were the odds really! She was going to Paris, while I was bound for Munich. Too bad the stars haven't aligned for me to board a plane which my sister is on heehee.

I reached the airport half an hour later, with Grumpy being later than me as usual. -.-'''

The mobile check-in this time round was so much smoother than the first time we tried it on our trip to HK back in February. Not sure if it was due to the machine back then being really buggy or if it was due to the efficiency of SQ LOL.

I was really excited to be on SQ328 though. Besides being my virgin European flight (which also makes it my longest flight everrrrrr), le sis did say that SQ recently changed SIN-MUC flights to the new A350 Airbus planes, so I was really raring to see how SQ held up to Thai Airways in terms of in-flight amenities and whatnot. My last SQ plane ride was on the A330 to HCMC back in July, and its age did really show, from the lack of leg space in the economy class to the dated in-flight entertainment systems (IFE).

When Grumpy and I first boarded the plane, it was totally a very refreshing change and contrast from our last plane ride just two months back. The increase in leg space was totally noticeable and laudable - honestly if you tell me to sit 12, 13 hours in the A330, I'd rather book transit flights on the Middle Eastern airlines so that I get space to walk about, stretch my legs and wriggle my toes.

New IFE system, which is now touchscreen! It featured all the latest movies as well. Super updated hahaha!

Goodbye Singaporeeeeeee~

No $$ for biz class, so economy will do. We really lucked out with our tickets though, which I don't think we'll score any of such awesome deals anymore, given that SQ is such a premium airline. ;P SQ happens to be celebrating their 70th anniversary this year heehee.

I went with the pan-fried fish for supper.

I'm a sucker for anything with eggs, so eggs for brekkie for me.

Only managed to take a picture of my supper. Tbh I still feel that Thai Airways wins for economy class food catering LOL.

It was an overnight flight, and I do not usually get to sleep or sleep well on overnight flights. However, this flight was an exception. I guess I was just really super drained out from work. I wouldn't say that it was the most comfortable sleep ever, but I consider it really good if I could manage a 4-hour uninterrupted sleep in an airplane. As mentioned, legroom was increased in the new aircraft, but I still did feel uncomfortable at times, having to toss around to make some blood flow to my legs and also to change my sleeping position so that my neck didn't ache. But this is the price I paid for an economy class seat, so nothing to fault the airline for. Plus, with the money that I paid for this ticket, I really do not think that I'm in the right position to complain LOL. xD My nose was being a beech by dripping throughout the flight though zZz.

I did manage to watch 2 movies which I didn't get to catch in cinema though, which were Spiderman: Homecoming and Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot was super chio in Wonder Woman though. She made Wonder Woman so strong, powerful and yet feminine. Totally #womangoals man HAHAHAHA.

By the time SQ328 landed in Munich, I managed to finish the Wonder Woman movie. ;)

As day broke.

Look at the snow-capped mountains. ;')

My first impression of Munich: Foggy. Damn FOGGY. I really couldn't make out anything that was slightly far away lol. Kudos to the pilot who managed to land our plane LOL. Oh, and it was super cold, especially when I got out of the plane in only a wool sweater. As announced by the crew, ground temperature was only 8°C.

Since our train to Vienna would only be at around 9.15 am, we decided to settle our SIM cards and get some breakfast before proceeding to the Hbf. Thankfully we had booked the later train, despite it being almost €10 more expensive than the train tickets we were initially eyeing, because our luggages were the last to arrive?!?! Everybody had already left the waiting area for quite some time already while Grumpy and I were still waiting for our luggages leh. ._.

Thank goodness the Hbf is located directly opposite the arrival terminal, and I really revelled in being finally able to breathe out "smoke" again. I was really happy to do so, especially when the last time I was able to do properly was when I was back in Korea 3 years ago (that being said, I need to plan another trip back to Korea soon).

We managed to buy pastries (one cinnamon roll and a chocolate croissant) to tie us through the 4-hour train journey to Vienna. After that, we decided to head back to the airport and dine at some restaurant, where Grumps ordered 3 veal bratwursts with a huge-ass pretzel. I must say that this dish took me quite a while to get used to, and nope, I didn't like the pretzel AT ALL. Give me my Auntie Anne's pretzels anytime man! The pretzel's outer shell was ROCK-HARD and salty. I did not like how I was using so much strength just to pry open the pretzel. The veal sausages were easier on the teeth, but they tasted quite salty to me. This is a dish I'll probably never want to eat again lol. ;(

After that somewhat-mediocre breakfast, we headed over to Edeka for some supermarket shopping, which has always been my favourite thing to do whenever I'm overseas.

Omg this was so good!! This cost €1.09, only a few cents more than their pure mineral (sparkling) water counterparts, but so much tastier. Can't imagine the amount of sugar that has gone into this though. ;X

When we finally reached the station to change to our train to Vienna. ;)

What we bought to fill our tummies.

Finally at the countryside of Austria. ;') I sent le family this picture and dad said he could hear Mozart singing. ._.

Another thing to note is that most trains in Austria have (pretty strong) Wi-Fi (as compared to shitty Wi-Fi in Munich lol), so it was really very convenient for me to just update my Instagram stories, since the European SIM card that Grumps got us only had 1GB of data for 15 days. ;(

It was a 4-hour train ride to Vienna, where we also made a stop at Salzburg. I fell asleep for at least half of the journey because of my stupid drippy nose. When we finally reached Vienna Hbf, we proceeded to buy the 48-hour travel pass, which cost €13 if I don't remember wrongly. This was more worth it as a single trip here starts from €2.20 onwards. Transport in Europe is definitely expensive. ;( However, I must say that public transport in Vienna is really good and efficient. The trains are clean (some trains may be old, but they still looked clean), fast and efficient.

We took the train to Vorgartenstraße, which was where our AirBnB would be located. One good thing about our AirBnB was that it was only located about 2-3 minutes walk away from the station. However, its exterior building did look a bit old and run-down, and when we finally entered the main building after numerous tries with the buzzer system, the corridor that greeted us was... dodgy-looking as well. D; The tiles were falling out, walls were filled with graffiti and peeling paint... It was definitely not a sight that I liked.

The elevator was also the old-school style where you needed a key to actually unlock it. Grumps couldn't get the key to fit into the elevator key-hole, so we ended up carrying our luggages up 2 flights of spiralling stairs. @_@ The corridor was really narrow though, so only 1 person could walk through at a time.

When we finally got into the flat proper, the apartment was BEAUTIFUL and so tastefully decorated. In fact, this was totally #housegoals hahaha. Loved how they made use of wooden floors even for the living room, which probably wouldn't be possible in Singapore though, given the humidity here. The inside of the apartment was really so different from the derelict-looking exterior of the building. Grumps really has a knack for picking out this kind of AirBnBs LOL.

After unpacking and settling down for a bit, we made our way out to Cafe Central as I had friends who recommended me to go there.

World's most-useless ticket gantry lol. I noticed that nobody bothered to slot in their tickets, nor were there people checking your tickets on the subway systems (checks on regional and international trains were stringent though, so make sure you have your tickets with you at all times). We could have saved a substantial amount of money on transport lol.

After getting down at Stephansplatz, we navigated our way to Cafe Central, which was only about a 6-minute walk from the station.

Horse carriages are all over in Vienna. Kinda brings me back to the olden times when esteemed composers used to roam these streets, with horse carriages being the main mode of transport. However, horse shit is really no joke - they are damn smelly!!! Eeeks.

The exterior of Cafe Central.

There was a queue to go in, but not as horrendously long as I had read on the reviews, probably because we arrived at an off-peak period of around 4+ pm. We waited for about 15 minutes before we were shown to our seats.

A statue of Peter Altenberg, as this was his favourite cafe. He spent so much time here that he even had his mail delivered to this very place. ._.

Look at all those pretty cakes - I want to eat them allllll.

The super red menu.

Since it was just tea, we decided that we would just order desserts to try and have dinner somewhere else. After all, Cafe Central is famous because of its decadent desserts.

This apple strudel was so goooooood!

This was the tangerine chocolate cake that we ordered. I did not really like this at first because the tangerine tasted quite bitter to me, whereas I was expecting a more sweet orangey note to the chocolate cake I was eating. However, I grew to really love it after I tasted rum in it. The rum really complemented the bitter-sweetness of the tangerine and the rich taste of chocolate. Kudos to whoever thought of this combi! ;D

This raspberry brownie was hands-down one of the best desserts I had ever tasted. I really went "OMG!!!" after savouring my first bite. It looked simple, but the brownie was really fudgy and yet chocolatey at the same time, with the slight sourness of the raspberry complementing the brownie PERFECTLY.

This cup of hot chocolate was shit lol. It tasted more milky than chocolatey. How can hot chocolate go so wrong, especially in this cafe? Just two words from me: DON'T BOTHER. Even HL chocolate milk tastes x100 better than this lol. And this cup cost like €5?!

Our total bill at Cafe Central came up to be about €20 after tips, which was really quite pricey, considering that we just ordered desserts, but we also did over-order as we didn't have a proper lunch and this was the first time we properly sat down to eat, so I guess it was quite justifiable haha.

We decided to walk about to digest all the good food (sans the hot chocolate) we had, and we ended up the heart of Stephansplatz instead. Stephansplatz really resembled a giant shopping square, with many brand name shops on both sides of the walkway, as well as having many restaurants and other shops to boot. I instantly fell in love with whatever I had seen. Or maybe it was just the suaku me marvelling in all the sights I had to take in.

The streets of Vienna.

Onwards to Stephansplatz.

High-end shops in Vienna all occupy one building themselves sia. This is Chanel. The building looked super impressive, but because I couldn't stand any further back to snap a picture of it, this will have to do.

Look at those details. How did people of the past carve out such buildings without the help of machines?

Had to post to remind myself that water is not always as expensive as touted in Europe LOL. Grumps actually bought the exact same bottle for €3 on the train omg. And best of all, the supermarket where I took this picture was Julius Meinl, which was super atas. o.O'''

The weather was cold, and Grumps is a sucker for sweet stuff, so here we go. Pistachio gelato for me and chocolate gelato for Grumps. €1.30 per scoop only if I remember correctly. Eating gelato on the streets of Europe is really a very different experience by itself. My face is super cui from the lack of sleep lol.

I'm guessing this is St Stephan? Since this place is Stephansplatz lol.

Impressive fountain.

I've always loved European architecture, and I was really overwhelmed to finally have stepped foot into Europe.

I like the lion's expression haha. It describes my face exactly when le Indian cracks stupid jokes. -.-'''

Grumps is a sucker for bratwurst too, hence we decided to get this for a light snack. I don't deny that the Germans/Austrians do damn good sausages though. This was really tasty! ;)

St. Stephen's Cathedral. Can you believe that this church was built in the 1100s? How on earth (honest question) did people of those times manage to construct such buildings? D;

One thing good about Vienna is that they do have water fountains, especially in areas like Stephansplatz, so instead of paying for overpriced sparkling water (yucks lol), we just refilled our bottles whenever we could. The waters tasted really cooling and refreshing. In fact, from what I had researched, Austria's source of water is actually from the Alps itself, which is why drinking tap water in Austria is very safe.

We managed to finish covering Stephansplatz by 7 pm, so we decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants we passed by earlier on and head back afterwards.

Steak frites. The sauce on the beef was quite salty, but the fries were really good. I didn't feel that it justified the €18 price tag though.

I ordered the small hamburger (which wasn't small by my Asian standards lol) for about €5, which I liked it more than the beef.

When we finished dinner, it was around 8 pm. We decided to head home, as most of the shops that we passed by were closing/closed (they have such short retail hours). We also did have an extremely long day. Coupled with our long flight and train journey here, both of us were beyond exhausted.

After washing up, we KO-ed at almost close to 10 pm. Both of us have never slept this early in YEARS back in Singapore LOL. But then again, it was 4 am back in Singapore. Look at what time difference does to us HAHAHA.

Saturday 30/09/2017 (Day 2)
We woke up at around 8 am today, feeling extremely refreshed lol. I guess this is what cold weather does to you. ;P We made our way to Donau Zentrum for the first half of the day.

I managed to buy a chocolate drink from Spars for only €0.49, which tasted so good! So much better than the hot chocolate at Cafe Central lol. After walking around, we found a small eatery to settle our breakfast needs.

We had the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs bread toast. DAMN GOOD OK. #shook

Featuring the hot chocolate that we got, which omg tasted so good! Now I really think that there was something so wrong about that hot chocolate from Cafe Central. ;X

While walking about, Grumps came across Zara Home, which isn't available in Singapore. Now come to think about it, I have seen numerous fashion brands setting up the home furnishing equivalent shops in Germany and Austria. H&M and Hermes inclusive.

I suaku, so need to take a picture of this. ;P

Grumps bought 2 bedsheets from there, which would entitle him to a tax refund, but apparently he had to get the customs stamp before they could proceed to give him his refund.

While waiting for Grumps to finish his shopping, I was busy researching on what else to do in Vienna, as this would be our last full day. We decided on going to Naschmarkt, where one side was a flea market selling all sorts of stuff, while the other end sold food.

Initially, we had gone towards the flea market side, where we just walked past throngs of people and just looking at the antiques briefly. By then, I was really hungry and was feeling a bit hot in my winter jacket as the sun was shining brightly. We proceeded to move over to the other end of the market, where they sold food, which we were in severe need for LOL.

Pretty autumn tress while walking to Naschmarkt from Neubaugasse.

Love European architecture.

Stop and smell the flowers?

The flea market side of Naschmarkt.

The food market side of Naschmarkt.

Autumn harvest.

This, my friend, is one of the best kebabs I've ever eaten. SO DAMN GOOD. And I believe the owners are real Turks as well. Best of all, this cost only €3, and it was huge. Grumps and I felt so full and satisfied after eating it. ;')

This time round, I suggested eating the bratwurst, as it was the first time I saw such a huge and long sausage. Best of all, there was cheese inside and cost only €4. This was so good as well. Grumps and I basically just settled our lunch with street food LOL. #cheapthrills

After filling up our tummies, we decided to make our way to the Schönbrunn Palace, which has been touted as another of the must-go places in Vienna. We were in luck - Kettenbrückengasse (the train station which Naschmarkt was at) happened to be on the same line as Schönbrunn, so the Palace was only a 15-minute train ride away. Many tourists were also on their way to the Palace, so although it was quite a distance away from the train station, we didn't get lost as we just followed the throngs of tourists in front of us. xD

Statue? Or not?

When we finally reached the Palace, we were surprised to find out that the palace grounds itself was HUGEEEEEE. Touring just on foot alone was possible, but might take one full day, hence we just decided to take it easy and walk wherever our feet brought us to.

The main building.

Selfie selfie.

Fountain on a bright bright day.

We saw a few couples taking their wedding photos here too. This couple was just one of them.

This was taken from the palace grounds. See how far away the entrance is?

En route to the gardens.

Spam spam.

Smelly horses are smelly lol.

Grumpy and I. ;P

Love the tranquillity of this walk.

Oh hi, it's us again.

So damn bright.

Another fountain among the numerous fountains here.

The back view of the main palace building. See how vast the grounds here are?

I think the portrait mode on iPhone is really cool though, but too bad it will probably never become my must-get phone. Grumpy himself use iPhone can liao.

After deciding that we had seen enough of the palace, we took the train back to Naschmarket, because Grumps had found a gelato place which sold apparently the best gelato in Vienna. With Google Maps being our bestie for this trip, we managed to find Eis Greissler, which was one of the many small shops lining the walkway.

Autumn is hands-down my favourite season out of the 4.

Spamming more autumn pictures 'cos they are just that pretty.

NO REGRETS GUISE. NO REGRETS. The good reviews are not there for nothing. This really is the best gelato I've ever eaten in mai whole entire existence. T_T The left is the raspberry cheesecake which I took, while the right side consist of poppy seeds and strawberry. I thoroughly enjoyed the raspberry cheesecake and poppy seeds a lot. The strawberry was a bit too sour and tangy for me though, but I still liked it, just not as much as my love for the other two.

Vienna is supposedly famous for its coffee as well, so before we left Vienna, we tried to make sure we got to at least try a cup of coffee as we didn't know when we would be back. It turned out that Cafe Museum was closing by the time we reached there. That kinda sucked though, as it meant that we would be leaving Vienna without ever trying their coffee. ;(

Saw this on our way to the cafe though. I'm not for graffiti, but I do admit that some of the graffities I've seen here are beautifully done.

Since Naschmarkt was only a walk away from the cafe, we decided to head back there for the last time this trip. We passed by Nordsee, where we bought oursleves a medium packet of bread-crusted prawns, which turned out to be really delicious! I had wanted oysters, but Grumps doesn't eat them and oysters here cost €3 per shell. Oh well, I shall just satisfy my oysters craving when I go back to Aussie in April. ;(

We ordered the medium for fear that it wouldn't be nice, but omg after we finished them, we were pining for more.

We decided to go back to Stephansplatz since I had seen a huge magnificent church building on the other side yesterday. That place turned out to be Michaelerplatz, which looked really damn imposing and magnificent. It wasn't really a church, but more of a palace used by royalties of the past.

From afar.

Up close with it.

Pipe organs scare and yet fascinate me.

The church alter.

We went back to Karlsplatz to have dinner at Bier and Bierli, which was located near the Vienna State Opera.

The Vienna State Opera. I wish to attend a concert here one day. But dressing for any concert here is formal wear. It was quite a sight when I walked past this place after we had dinner, as people were all arriving in suits and gowns. Stress ah.

No beer no life.

Elderflower apple cider for le Indian, which tasted really good and refreshing.

Sauerkraut, which is a kind of pickled cabbage that is common in Austria and Germany. I'm not really a fan of it though - give me kimchi anytime anyday!

This roasted potato pan was really good though. This was the dish I enjoyed the most here.

This was our starter dish which we ordered. It was damn huge. Not bad too.

This was our roast pork. It was a weird dish with a weird colour. We were expecting crispy roasted pork, but ended up with pork that look stewed. Not a fan of the dumplings here at all, though the pork at the back was not bad. Both of us just couldn't appreciate ang moh dumplings lol. Give me my Chinese dumplings anytime!

After dinner, we dropped by Anker, which is a bakery chain here, to buy back breakfast for tomorrow's consumption.

Anker's muesli yoghurt. My lunch kaki's kind of food. I purposely bought it so that I could infuriate her. ;P

We decided to head back afterwards as we had to go back and pack up our luggage again. We were also thoroughly drained out by all our activities for the day. Oh, and guess how many steps I had clocked for the day? 33k steps. My all-time record LOL, even beating the 32k steps that I clocked back in HK 2017.

Sunday 01/10/2017 (Day 3)
We would be leaving Vienna for Salzburg today, so while packing, we ate the breakfast that we bought from Anker the night before. The yoghurt with muesli turned out to be really good. I am not really a yoghurt person, but I really liked it a lot. I'm sure le lunch kaki was jealous when I told her how good this was. ;P The cheesecake tart that we bought from Anker was really damn good as well. And guess how much it cost us? Only €1.85. Brb crying in bliss. T_T

Because we left the house slightly behind schedule, we were rushing like mad and worrying that we might miss the train we had booked to Salzburg. Thank goodness we ended up not having to rush though, because our train was delayed due to a delay on the international line itself. I have really no idea how trains run in the EU though lol. There are really so many trains that travel all over the continent. I can't emphasise much enough on the usefulness of train apps when travelling in EU though - they are really a must-download.

So long, Vienna. I'll be back again for sure!

Truffle chips which did really have truffle bits in it. It was really aromatic and tasty. My only gripe was that there was too little though lol.

Our train to Salzburg finally arrived, with its final destination being Zurich. I swear I'll make my way to Switzerland one day. Just wait for me. ;_; When we finally got on the train, I KO-ed almost immediately, arriving in Salzburg after about 2 hours of train ride.

Salzburg looked really cloudy and it had rained before that, so as compared to Vienna, Grumps and I found Salzburg a lot colder. We decided to put up at a hotel as AirBnB accommodations in Salzburg cost as much, or even more than hotels. Our hotel was called NH City Hotel, which was located about a 15-minute walk away from the Salzburg Hbf.

I swore the 15-minute walk wasn't the easiest, especially when the weather was really cold and we had to drag our heavy luggages on the uneven pavement. When we reached the hotel, we managed to get an early check-in, which was much needed as I just needed to settle down quick. Our hotel room was not that bad, but I would preferred it if we had secured an AirBnB accommodation instead.

The good thing about our hotel was that central Salzburg was just located about a 10-minute walk away. In fact, we didn't take any public transport throughout our stay here, as almost everywhere was within walking distance.

As we made our way to the town area, we stopped by Sabroson for some Italian lunch. The restaurant looked pretty full, so we figured that the food here shouldn't be that bad. Or maybe because you can't really go wrong with Italian food haha.

I ordered the pasta carbonara and omg this was really super dope?! D; The cream used was really creamy though but wow the taste was really full. Luckily I shared this with Grumps though, if not it'd have been too filling for me as the portion was really big.

Grumps ordered the anchovies and salami pizza. Pizzas here are generally slightly less than €10, so they're pretty worth it. This was a wrong buy though, because we didn't expect the anchovies to be so damn salty. Coupled with the salami, this whole pizza was just salt overdose for us. The crust itself was really fragrant though, but I just think their pastas would have suited our palate more.

We just couldn't leave an Italian restaurant without having tirimisu, could we? This tiramisu was so damn good though. I'm shook. Glad to have left the restaurant on a sweet note after that overly-salty pizza. ;P

After lunch, we were both in a state of food coma, so we made our way to the main town square slowly to walk off the sleepy spell.

Such a pretty walkway.

The view of the Salzach. Such a gloomy day though. ;(

On of the many elaborate fountains here in Europe lol.

One of the many elaborate statues of Catholic saints in Europe.

Oh, and did I mention that Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart? Salzburg was really banking a lot on its most famous son. They marketed a lot of goods using his name, down right to souvenir chocolates, which I heard from Grumps that they tasted cheap and horrible. ;X

Simi sai also Mozart.

Castle on top of a mountain.

A giant chessboard in the city square.

Super chio autumn leaves so must selfie. ;P

Such gorgeous walkways. If you put a reason as to why I love Europe, it'll be because of such walkways.

We walked past a museum which was said to be the very house that Mozart was born in and lived his early years. Being an ex-music student, of course I had to go in. We had to pay to go in though. I didn't take many photos though, because photo-taking was supposedly not allowed.

I had to wait quite long in order to get this photo opportunity OK. So many tourists here, me included LOL.

Signboard to tell you more about the house/museum.

Here we go.

One of Mozart's handwritten letters. Can't read whatever language it was in though.

A bust of Mozart.

We didn't spend a lot of time in the museum though, 'cos it was the kind of on-your-own tour. So after that, we continued with our tour of Salzburg.

Nordsee againnnnn. ;D

Gelato again. Sadly, this wasn't as good as the one back in Vienna. Think I'll never ever forget the taste of that life-changing gelato I had there. ;(

Why their McD sign also so chio one. So much like a Christmas wreath. I'm super sure that this place will become damn chio nearer to the Christmas period.

So many churches in Europe though.

I see Mozart everywhere I go.._.

We accidentally stumbled into a cemetery, which was a bit scary at first, but after that I realised that many people were actually taking photographs with the tombstones. I couldn't fathom their actions, and even thought that these tombstones were just props until I went closer and found out that these tombstones really do have inscriptions and photos on them. In fact, some photos I saw the faded kind of black and white from the 1800s. It felt slightly spooky, and yet very surreal. After that, I did some research and found out that the cemetery which we stepped foot on was actually St Peter's Cemetery, which is the oldest cemetery in the whole of Salzburg (dating back to the 1600s) and also a tourists' attraction in its own rights. The cemetery was really very pretty (tbh) and well-maintained. I didn't take any photos out of respect (my own personal decision, not meant to deride anybody else who took photos), but I'd still recommend people to come here for a visit if you're in Salzburg.

The love-lock bridge.

Autumn by the Salzach.

Fountain at the Mirabell Palace.

We had shortlisted a few places for dinner, but it sucks being a Sunday when you're in a European country 'cos that means that most shops either do not open or close damn early. The places which we had shortlisted were either fully booked or were closed. We ended up walking a lot for nothing, and my legs by then were almost giving way.

Thankfully we stumbled upon L'Osteria, which was still opened. But because it was one of the very few restuarants which were still opened, the queue was really long. Luckily we only had 2 people, so we managed to get seats after around 30 minutes of waiting. However, because the restaurant had so many diners, the food we ordered only came out one by one, and we had to wait for about 1.5 hours before all the food that we had ordered came.

So famished.

Had the salmon pizza, which surprisingly came out first. This pizza was damn huge hor.

The fungi risotto that I ordered, and I waited almost 1 hour for this?! Had to keep reminding the waiters that we still had a risotto. Omg the portion was DAMN HUGE. Grumpy and I could barely eat half of it after our pizza and had to takeaway the rest. It was so good though, but just too bad it was cream-based again and the pizza we had was huge as well.

We were feeling damn full after that, and waited for this dessert for so long that we had harboured the thought of just cancelling the dessert order and paying up for the risotto and pizza. Thank goodness we didn't do so in the end, 'cos this panna cotta was just the best damn thing I've ever eaten. ;_;

It was getting quite late since we were in the restaurant for about 2 hours plus. Thankfully our hotel wasn't that far away, so after around a 10-minute walk, we were back in the hotel.

We KO-ed almost immediately because we were dead tired from all the walking and we would have a long full day ahead tomorrow.

Monday 02/10/2017 (Day 4)
I had always wanted to visit Hallstatt, and when we booked our flight tickets to Munich, clever me thought of spending half our time in Europe in Austria instead. And what does Austria have? Hallstatt HEEHEE. Hallstatt had always been one of my must-go places, and I was just so glad that we managed to slot in a trip to the world's prettiest lakeside town this time round.

Getting to Hallstatt was slightly complicated, in the sense that there wasn't any direct route to go there. I must emphasise how important it is to download the local transport app though, because the app did really help to plan much of our trips, especially to places outside the city. We woke up at 7.30 am so that we could catch the 9.15 am bus (bus 150) to Bad Ischl, which was where the train to Hallstatt would depart from. Grumps bought 2 pastries and sandwiches from Anker for brekkie. The apple sandwich with wild rocket was exceptionally delicious I nearly cried, because I just couldn't believe that these two ingredients would go so well together. I had also bought takeaway gyozas from Spars, which turned out to be surprisingly good as well. I had quite low expectations for it to be honest because well, it was takeaway food and I had always thought that gyozas taste the best when they're freshly fried.

We couldn't get onto the first bus that would depart at 9.15 am, because there were just too many people who boarded the first bus. Grumps and I were worried that we had to wait for another hour for the next bus and that would also mean that we would miss our scheduled train ride to Hallstatt. Thankfully, another bus 150 pulled up not long after, so we immediately boarded after showing our tickets. Because we were one of the first few passengers on board the bus, we decided to sit on the left side of the bus, as recommended by one of the many travel blogs we had read while researching on how to get to Hallstatt yesterday. We left Salzburg Hbf at around 9.25 am, but thankfully the bus drove fast enough for us to catch up with the timing of the first bus.

The recommendation to sit on the left was really good - along the way, we saw scenic views of villages, lakes and mountains. The beautiful weather just made everything more gorgeous than it already was. And what? We hadn't even reached Hallstatt yet lol.

I just want to whiz past these views everyday...

My view from the bus.

We reached Bad Ischl after a near-2-hour bus ride. I was really very excited, considering the fact that I had already seen such beautiful views on the way here.

Spot the rainbow at Bad Ischl train station...

The smoothie on the left was really good, but we did not really like the one on the right...

Our train to Hallstatt arrived, and zzz, because of the sheer number of tourist, the train was extremely packed. I consider us fortunate to have been able to squeeze on and get seats, as Hallstatt station was quite a distance away. After disembarking, we had to walk to the jetty, where we had to pay €2.50 each one-way for the ferry to finally bring us to Hallstatt proper.

Right at the jetty. Super gorgeous I can't...

Just had to pose when I get views like this.

Love street views like this...

Like a fairytale.

Look at all the wood shavings...

These toys are all handcrafted.

But very expensive too. Spot the Einstein.

Spot the Grumps.

I can't stop spazzing about how beautiful this place really is.

One of the famous photo-taking spots of Hallstatt. Unfortunately they were doing some construction works on the grounds, so I tried to avoid taking the grounds as much as possible. ;X

Can you spot the construction going on?

Falling for autumn...

Autumn is hands-down, my favourite season of all.

Obviously there were people who didn't care. We even spotted drones being flown around by the numerous Chinese tourists. What's new? Smh. This sign was put up as it was right next to where the famous postcard-worthy shots of Hallstatt could be shot.

I can't emphasise how very lucky we were to have such gorgeous weather for our day trip to Hallstatt, because according to the weather forecast, this day was the only day of the week which would be clear and sunny. Hallstatt, thank you for showing me how farking gorgeous you can be.

It was nearing lunchtime, and we settled on having Italian at Cafe Derbl. Lol last warning ah, this was our third consecutive Italian meal. ;X I was really afraid of overdosing and getting jelat from the cream, hence this time round, Grumps and I ordered only one plate of fungi penne and a bottle of Hops to share.

The pasta was really very good, but the portion wasn't as big as those I've had in other restaurants. Regretted only ordering one plate to share with Grumps HAHAHA. ;X

Why does Grumps need to drink wherever he goes?

Hallstatt is not very big to begin with and the town could be explored just with our two own feet. We did a lot of walking though, but in the cool autumn weather, this was definitely very enjoyable. It was around 3 pm when we finally decided to go for the skywalk, which cost €16 per person. Hallstatt used to be a mining town, and joining the salt mine tour was like a "duh" for tourists here. Unfortunately, we had just missed the last tour for the salt mine, which was quite a regret for me. ;(

The swan was so graceful. And look how clear the water was!

Look at the water glistering under the sunlight. Such a nice sight.

I've run out of words to describe this place.

Chio lor.

Love this shade of blue so much. No filters used at all.

What a sight!!

Spam spam.

The tickets brought us all the way up to the mountains, and it was so humbling to see the picturesque town of Hallstatt from under my feet. ;_;

A coffee break along the way. Love Emmi's coffee so much!!!

We both looked so much well-rested here as compared to our cui faces back in SG lol. Lifestyle in ang moh countries is really very different as compared to workaholic Asian societies. ;(

Super clear stream I think the water here is straightaway drinkable.

The ticket to the mountains.

So steeeeeeeeep.

840m above ground we are.

Hello from the top.

We decided to embark on a hiking trail where the salt mines were located, since from the viewing platform, we had seen a mysterious-looking house. The hike itself was really enjoyable as the weather was rather cold, but even in the cold, I found myself sweating a bit as the hike up was pretty steep and there wasn't any wind blowing.

Spot the mysterious-looking house.

Finally at the mysterious-looking house. We had to sit down and rest as our legs were jelly lol. I saw a pair of elderly Chinese couple who had also hiked all the way here. Salute sia!

We decided to head back to the viewing platform as it was getting late, and we had to make sure that we wouldn't miss the last ferry back to the mainland, as we didn't book any overnight accommodation for Hallstatt. The viewing platform was still as crowded as ever haiz, but the views were no doubt damn beautiful. At that point of time, I felt really very lucky to have had the means to travel out of my own home country and experience what the rest of the world had to offer. ;_;

Super scary sia that point. D;

I'm so in love with this photo that I took of Grumps. The mountain view was so damn on point, and this was really a candid shot of Grumps. He had just happened to turn his head towards me at that point of time. ;D

Such a gorgeous view.

I hate how flat my hair looked here zzz, but otherwise this shot turned out quite well lol.

After reaching ground level again, we decided to have an early dinner as the train ride back would take at least 2 hours, so we grabbed a roast chicken set plus 2 kebabs to takeaway and eat on the train. We had been wanting to try the food from the food stall nearest the jetty as the smell was really good. So glad that we gave this a go, because the food was really so good!

Grumps and I shared this half chicken set. It was delicious. ;)

It was almost time for us to leave, and the queue for the ferry was quite long already, so we hurriedly made our way over to queue for the last ferry in case we couldn't get on.

The beautiful houses of Hallstatt.

Parting shot of Hallstatt. Thanks for the wonderful memories, Hallstatt. ;')

This time around, we took the train to Attnang-Puchheim. From there, it was a straight train back to Salzburg. Grumpy had booked us first-class seats, which at that point of booking, cost only a few more euroes than the normal seats. Since we probably wouldn't get the chance to experience first-class seats on a plane, we would just have to settle for first-class seats on a train. ;P Basically, in the first-class carriage, leg-room was a lot more spacious, and the first-class carriage we were on was noticeably emptier as well. In fact, besides another passenger, we literally had the whole carriage to ourselves. The toilet was also a lot bigger and cleaner. #cheapthrills

Lol A+ effort to enhance the toilet experience. So I can now proclaim that I shitted in the Alps lol. xD

We finally reached Salzburg Hbf at around 8 pm, where we made our way back to the hotel after buying refreshments from Spars.

Salzburg Hbf at night. Quite surreal to see such a big station being quite empty. I guess people here don't really work OT lol.

Omg all of them were so gooooooooood. ;_; The choco latte was exceptionally good, but too bad we weren't able to find the choco latte anywhere in Germany. ;(

Tuesday 03/10/2017 (Day 5)
It was a rainy and gloomy morning, no wonder I woke up feeling so lethargic. Our lethargy could also be partly attributed to our long day at Hallstatt yesterday. I was really giving all my thanks to God because it would have really sucked so much had we gone to Hallstatt in this rainy weather.

Grumps had wanted to try a certain cafe before we leave for Munich, but we were really down on our luck. After walking for 20 minutes under the cold and rain, we arrived to find the cafe not opened for business yet. We ended up walking back to the town centre and took refuge at McDonald's, as the rain was showing no signs of stopping at all. We had ham and egg (I guess this was their version of Big Breakfast), toast and McGriddles. The ham was really good in my opinion - it tasted so much more atas than the cheap ham used back in Singapore lol. I haven't had McGriddles in YEARS, so imagine my happiness when I finally got to have it here in Salzburg. T_T

Grumps was happy because they had Nutella spread. Last warning to this Indian. D;

After brekkie, we walked around the old town again to pass time, but honestly, it felt quite miserable because the rain was still quite heavy and it did not really feel good being drenched and feeling cold. Thankfully, sis had asked me to drop by DM (a drugstore) to get some items from her, so we were spared from walking further under the rain. Grumps and I were really thanking our lucky stars that it didn't rain during our trip to Hallstatt yesterday. I definitely wouldn't have liked Hallstatt as much had it rained yesterday.

We decided to head back to to the hotel to retrieve our luggages and make our way to Salzburg Hbf, which meant we had to walk around 15 minutes under the rain. Thankfully, the rain wasn't as heavy, but still, having to drag heavy lugagges on cobbled pathways in the cold and damp weather ain't fun at all.

We walked past this university while making our way back... I can't read German, but I'm guessing that Albert Einstein came here to lecture before? ._.

Such an old-fashioned train. I'll never get to see such trains in Singapore, so pardon me for being such a suaku hahaha.

My lunch from Spars was really delicious. And best of all, it cost only €2.99?!?!?

We finally boarded our train to Munich, and reached Munich proper at around 4 pm. Munich Hbf was HUGE, with over 30 platforms altogether (from what I could see). I'm still very amazed by big European stations like this, because there were trains which were going to places that I badly want to go to as well, like Zurich and Prague, just to name a few. ;_;

Our arrival platform ended up being so far away from the S-Bahn station, and we were supposed to alight at Gröbenzell station, where our AirBnB was at. Our AirBnB ended up being a 10-minute walk away from the station. It happened to be raining in Munich as well, so dragging our heavy luggages to the AirBnB was also no fun at all. ;(

I was thoroughly dead beat upon reaching the AirBnB. However, our attic rooftop was damn huge and chio. I suddenly felt that the arduous walk here was really worth it. ;D My only complaint was that our luggage wheels had fallen autumn leaves stuck on them, so the floor ended up being dirty even before we occupied the room proper. But otherwise, our room exceeded our expectations and I was just in awe of how well-designed the whole attic was and literally everything was provided to us by them. This is by far the best AirBnB I've lived in, and most of the AirBnBs I've had the chance to live in were already of pretty high standards! O.O'''

Care for any room tour? ;P

I do think that Germans have better written English than spoken, because sometimes I couldn't really quite catch what Michaila (our host) was trying to tell us, but otherwise, communication was still easy and she did give us a tour of the house to the best of her English abilities, so that was really nice of her. We had mentioned to her that we would like to go for Oktoberfest, so she did give us quite a number of good tips, including warning us not to bring backpacks into the area. Because of her advice, we decided to pack whatever we had to bring into recyclable bags lol.

The atmosphere in Munich was a lot more festive than in Austria on the whole, mainly because of the Oktoberfest going on. I felt that we had timed our trip really very well, just so that we could come back to Munich on the very last day of Oktoberfest. Most of the people we saw were dressed in the traditional Bavarian costumes. I did not take photos of people in those costumes, but you can see how they look like here. I really admired them for dressing like that because the weather was already pretty cold. ._.

True to Michaila's warning, security was already extremely tight, especially when we alighted at Hackerbrücke. There was armed policemen and sniffer dogs stationed almost wherever we went. The main Oktoberfest fairground was about a 10-minute walk away from Hackerbrücke. We just decided to follow where the crowds were heading to. The entrance of Oktoberfest was secured by a long line of armed policemen, so nobody could get in without passing their security checks. As we tried to enter, one of the policemen mentioned that our recyclable bags were too big and turned us away. No wonder those people in traditional costumes were not carrying anything at all. We decided to head to a corner to rearrange the things we had inside and approached another policeman, who then let us in after checking through our bag.

What a beautiful sunset from Hackerbrücke station.

While walking to the main Oktoberfest ground.


Super chio gingerbread cakes, but I didn't buy as both Grumps and I are not fans of gingerbread.

Such a huge carnival!

The buildings here were so colourful and vibrant!

Look at those long bratwursts! D;

We ordered the curry bratwurst, which essentially was just bratwurst sprinkled with curry powder LOL. Grumps loves German bratwurst A LOT I kid you not.

We ordered a haddock fish bun and a set of calamari.

Our haddock fish was HUGE man. D;

The caramelised mixed nuts we got were really good too!

So festive!

There was even a huge roller-coaster. The whole fairground was almost like a theme park in its own right.

I was craving for waffles, so here we go, with the apple sauce added in. This was so good!

The Grumps and I. ;D

We also ate a half roast chicken. I realise that roast chickens do taste pretty delicious in Germany and Austria. ;)

What is Oktoberfest without beer? We decided to get ourselves a pint of beer so that we could leave without any regrets, hence we made our way to one of the numerous beer houses. However, it was then where we encountered some racism. One German boy offered us space (he spoke pretty good English and was coherent) to sit with him and his friends, but just as we were about to join them, his friends told us that the said boy had actually vomitted there (the vomit spot was covered up by his jacket) and was quite drunk already, so warned us not to sit over at the area where the (drunk) boy pointed.

Another instance was when we asked if we could join a relatively emptier table, a German guy who was at that table stopped us from approaching further and told us to get out, all because we were Asians. *roll eyes* Oh well, we were more than happy to "get out" though, because not only was it crowded af, it was also noisy af here. Grumpy and I made our way outside, where we found empty benches to finally sit down and have our drink. The bad thing was that there were people smoking freely, so while we were away from the noise and the ratchet going on inside the beer houses, we were not spared from the second-hand smoke. ;X

Super high atmosphere, with people dancing and singing along while drinking beer. The atmosphere felt really "high"!

A close-up of the pint of beer we ordered.

One pint of German beer to share with Grumps and I. This cup of beer was just too much for us even when we were sharing - we ended up not finishing it. But I must say that German beer had a more malty and sweeter taste than the beers that I've drunk back in Singapore. While I liked the beer that I had drunk, Grumpy and I are not beer people to begin with, so we wouldn't specially drink beer, German or not. But still, it was really an experience drinking German beer in the real Oktoberfest festivities. ;)

Since beer was the very reason why Oktoberfest was conceived, it meant that there were quite a number of drunk people, and it also meant that emotions did run high. While Grumps and I were just chilling by the bench with our beer, we did actually witness a couple getting very amorous and were making out very passionately at the entrance. They were so close to stripping themselves off their clothes before they were stopped and chased away by the guard on duty LOL. We did also witness policemen stepping in to break up fights and sirens were blaring every few minutes to attend to people who were injured in whatever brawls they were engaging in.

Grumpy and I decided to call it a day, but as we were about to make our way out, we spotted a stall selling cronuts, so we decided to go with the safest choice of cinnamon and sugar.

This was super huge, but very fragrant and good. Unfortunately, we didn't finish it as well. ;X

Our host did mention that since today was the last day of Oktoberfest, there would actually be special celebrations closer to closing time of the fairground. However, Grumpy and I decided to head back earlier as we were both quite drained out from travelling and also because despite the tight security, we were quite kiasi. After all, Munich had been subjected to terrorist attacks before. ;X

Thanks for tonight, Germany.

Gröbenzell was really quiet when we finally reached at around 10.30 pm, and thus began our somewhat-creepy walk back, especially when our surroundings were so quiet. I was really thankful to have Grumpy with me though. I think I wouldn't be able to walk down such a quiet stretch of road by myself. ;(

By the time we reached home and washed up, it was almost 11 pm, which meant that it was 5 am back in Singapore. Oh look at what time difference had done to me. D;

Wednesday 04/10/2017 (Day 6)
Our plan for today was to go to the Neuschwanstein Castle, and although most people tend to go visit the castle while in Munich, the castle itself is actually almost a 2-hour train ride from Munich. We had to take the regional train out, so in order to catch the train, we woke up earlier at about 7.15 am.

It was a super cold morning, with the temperature being only 5°C. Henry (Michaila's husband) very kindly drove us out from the AirBnB to the train station. The car ride was only 3 minutes at most?! I really had no wish to freeze in the 5°C weather. ;P Grumpy and I dropped by the nearby bakery and Rewe to source for our breakfast, since it would be a rather long train journey.

Simi sai also Mövenpick hahaha. Mövenpick yoghurt is only exclusively available in Germany I think? I couldn't find such yoghurts back in Austria at all, no matter how hard I looked. This yoghurt was really tasty. We also bought the Mövenpick coffee to try, but Grumpy and I thought that Emmi's tasted better. Maybe 'cos we shiok die from Emmi's choco latte. xD

Omg this was the muesli I bought from the bakery for only €1.99. THIS WAS SO DAMN GOOD and it gave me all the fibre I needed. Shiok ah!

The castle was further than I initially thought. Our train to Füssen took about 2 hours, and after alighting from Füssen, we still had to take a bus up the mountain. As usual, there were many tourists, so we barely got onto the bus. It wasn't a pleasant feeling rubbing bodies with other people, especially in our winter coats, and when the bus was going uphill.

When we finally reached our destination, we still had to go and collect our tickets to the castle from the ticket counter, which had extremely long queues. Luckily Grumps had the foresight to book the tickets online first, so we naturally avoided the queue, but he still had to present his credit card. After collecting our tickets, we had two ways to go up to the castle itself, which was located right on top of the mountain. One way was by horse carriage, while the alternative was to take another bus up. The bus only came every 20 minutes, and every time the bus left, there would be an extremely long queue waiting in line to board the next bus. As expected, we ended up missing the first bus after paying for our bus tickets (again zzz) and thus began our crowded journey uphill again. -.-'''

A horse carriage that would bring you up the mountains.

An amusing sign I saw while waiting for the bus that would bring us uphill.

The English tour that we had signed up for would only at 12.55 pm, so since we had time, we decided to walk (uphill again omg) to the bridge, where the viewing point for the famous Neuschwanstein Castle would be at. The walk on the bridge was really scary though. The suspension bridge itself was really narrow, and there were so many people on it. In fact, I could feel the bridge swaying slightly, which unnerved me quite a bit. ;X But the bridge really did offer postcard-worthy views of the castle, so naturally, all the people on the bridge suddenly became shutterbugs, us included.

It was said that Walt Disney created his famous Sleeping Beauty castle (aka the castle you see at every Disneyland in the world) from this very castle itself.

Super bright sun, and omg, thankfully good weather. ;_;

Another view of the fairytale town.

We had to walk to the castle, but along the way, we had a good view of the mountains and its surroundings.

The front view of the castle.

My tour ticket.

Our tour started promptly at 12.55 pm. No photo-taking was allowed, so hence no more pictures of the interior of the castle on my blog. The tour itself was really informative, and the castle interior was really impressive. I find it really very amazing that people of those times could really craft out such exquisite-looking and impressive-looking high walls, all without the use of any cranes or technology. The castle itself was really big, but too bad the king who built this didn't live in it for long.

After the tour ended, I decided to buy a 1000-piece puzzle of Neuschwanstein Castle so that we could hang it up on the wall of le future home. We bought some finger food on our way out, before we decided to go back to the bridge to take better photos, in hope that there would be less people. Oh well, it turned out that there were still as many people zZz.

Another attempt with the castle when it was less sunny.

We decided to give the horse carriage ride a try, so we went to the area where all the horse carriages were waiting for. Our ride only cost €3 per person, which I felt was quite worth it for the experience. Unlike in Vienna, where horses were equipped with shit pouches in hope that their shit wouldn't drop onto the roads, the horses here weren't equipped with any shit pouches, so the horses shitted freely anywhere wherever they travelled. This resulted in me seeing quite a number of huge shit piles on the road. And of course, they were damn smelly argh.

I really pitied those people who chose to walk uphill/downhill, because the roads were literally full of horse shit. I even witnessed this woman who was so damn engrossed in photographing our horse carriage that she stepped on the horse shit which was right in front of her walao. -.-'''

Horsey, but smelly. ;X

The weather was pretty cold, but as the horses had just finished ferrying people uphill, I could really see steam rising out from their bodies lol.

Such a pretty little town. Too bad we had to rush for the 4.06 pm train back to Munich, so we couldn't stay long enough to explore this town. ;(

We managed to catch the 4.06 pm train, and I slept almost the whole way. This time round, we boarded a double-decker train, so we proceeded to the second floor. As usual, the train conductor came up to check on our tickets. I find it amazing that he actually knew who were new passengers who had just boarded the train and who were passengers who had boarded earlier. ._.

After reaching Munich about 2 hours later, we decided to explore Munich for a bit. We ended up taking a "wrong" turn, where the streets turned out to be quite ghetto and we saw a lot more people of immigrant backgrounds. It was quite a scary experience for me, and I definitely wouldn't come here again, especially at night.

We decided to settle our dinner in the town square, and we came across Augustiner Großgaststätten, which seemed to have a lot of diners in it, and we took it as a positive sign. As with meals in Europe, the portions were extremely big and filling, and I regretted not sharing with Grumpy, especially when I was extremely sick of eating Western food day in and day out already.

Grumpy's dinner. This Indian is really not sick of sausages huh...

When in Germany, pork knuckle is a must-eat. Unfortunately for me, I think I still prefer the Chinese-style of roast pork. Or maybe I was just thoroughly sick of eating Western food by now lol.

Before heading back, we dropped by McDonald's, where Grumpy ordered a strawberry milkshake. He claimed that Singapore didn't do good milkshakes anymore, and that Germany's one was really good. I wasn't sure about this, since it has been years since I've drunk a McD's milkshake, but by golly, he was right about Germany's milkshake being good.

This super delicious strawberry milkshake.

We ended up heading back home earlier than yesterday, so the walk back from the station wasn't as deserted or quiet, as there were still quite a number of people walking their dogs or exercising.

That's all for today, folks!

Thursday 05/10/2017 (Day 7)
We set off later today, because today was basically a nua day, with no concrete plans. Grumpy then researched on a place to eat, so we ended up at Cafe Glockenspiel, which had a perfect view of the Marienplatz. The lift was those kind of old-fashioned lift though. We needed to push the door in order to enter the lift and it could at most only fit in 4 people, at the bare maximum.

After admiring the view that we had for a bit, we proceeded to order our breakfast sets.

My view from the cafe. Chio hor? o.O'''

My organic scrambled eggs with mushrooms. This was so damn delicious! ;D

Grumpy's fruit platter.

Grumpy's organic scrambled eggs toast. I preferred mine though because there were mushrooms in it. ;P

After our filling brunch, we just walked around aimlessly lol. Grumpy had always been fan of Lamy, so we went into Galeria Kaufhof to buy his Lamy pen, which he claimed was at least 50% off the retail price back in Singapore. I had also gone to look at Samsonite luggages, and I was so close to buying one, but unfortunately, by the time I went back, the luggage that I had set my eyes on was sold. -.-'''

Galeria Kaufhof also housed quite an atas supermarket, so we bought souvenirs for our colleagues from there. I also bought the limited edition Lindt macarons from there.

The weather today was quite hot though, at around 20°C. It felt hot enough for me to actually remove my winter coat. However, the winds were extremely strong and gusty, and there was actually a gusty winds warning in effect for the whole of Germany.

The street buskers in Europe do actually play super good music. I was too enthralled by them to actually take a proper video, but it would remain as one of my favourite memories of Europe. ;')

I love such architecture.

So magnificent!

Such gothic architecture.

As per my tradition, I like to end off my overseas trip with a run to the supermarket. We found out that there was a Rewe Finest supermarket at Odeonsplatz, thus we proceeded to make our way there.

Finally at Odeonsplatz.

Rewe Finest was really a very big and nice supermarket. I felt truly happy here as I could run through the vast number of items they had here. My sister gave me a cooler bag to bring to Germany, so I stocked up on as many cold items as I could. ;) I also had fun picking out my own ingredients for my DIY salad.

Singapore should have such DIY salad bars.

This was so delicious, and it was even better when I got to pick out my own ingredients like eggs and mushrooms. *tears of bliss*

German supermarkets have automatic glass doors for their chilled items. Just so slick. #Germanengineering

I really shopped to my heart's content here, including buying many packets of griesspudding, tiramisu and Mövenpick yoghurts. Guess how much I spent in total? Surprisingly only around €38? If you don't take into currency conversion, it was actually quite cheap, considering the number of things I bought.

We decided to head home after that as we had too many groceries, and wouldn't be practical for us to carry the groceries around while touring Munich. Poor Grumpy had to carry most of the heavy groceries, but it was a nice cooling walk back to the AirBnB. We really relished walking back to the house during daylight, where we saw people actually mowing their gardens and clearing the fallen leaves. I guess this is something I'll never see back in Singapore.

This chocolate yoghurt was so elusive. -.-'''

After nua-ing for awhile, anything that needed to be refrigerated went into fridge and we decided to leave for an early dinner at Ratskeller, which was recommended by Grumpy's colleague, who was in Munich just one week before us. Grumpy had booked seats in this restaurant yesterday.

This potato soup was quite good.

I ordered the pollack fish and chips. It tasted good objectively, but at this point of time, I just felt damn sian of Western food already, so I was just forcing myself to finish it as meals in Europe are generally expensive.

On the other hand, Grumpy loves Western food so he really enjoyed his food. -.-''' He had the pork schnitzel, which looked exactly like my fried fish LOL.

It started raining quite steadily during the evening, so we were glad that we had actually brought our groceries back during the afternoon, when it was still sunny.

What a rainy night.

Thus began our rainy walk back to our gorgeous AirBnB, for the very last time.

Friday 06/10/2017 (Day 8)
Our flight would be taking off today, so we woke up earlier to wash up and do some final packing.

After all these were done, Henry drove us out to the station. Thank God, because I really had no wish to drag along a 22 kg luggage along the road for 15 minutes. I left their house with a rather heavy heart, because it meant that I would be returning back to humid Singapore and I wouldn't be able to live in their gorgeous house. Their house was totally #housegoals man. After that, Henry bade us farewell and I got myself the shiok oat muesli for the very last time. T_T

We took the train to Laim, so that we could transfer to the train to the airport, but both of us ended up taking the wrong train instead. We were supposed to have boarded the S1 train to the airport. Instead, the S4 train came at the time we were expecting the S1 train to come, so naturally, we had thought that the train we boarded was the S1 train. Huge mistake man. We ended up at Türkenfeld, which was right at the other direction of where we were supposed to go.

At this point, we were legit freaking out and worst of all, our 3G connection wasn't working that well because Türkenfeld was quite ulu. We only had about 1.5 hours before our check-in counter was due to close, and we agonised if we should book an Uber to the airport straight, but the drive there would take at least 1 hour and the price quoted was €80. The train would also take about 1 hour 20 minutes to reach the airport (assuming there were no delays). My hands were totally shaking as I messaged my family that I might have to miss my flight because we took the wrong train. ;_;

We decided to take the train back to Laim, where we made sure that this time round, we took the S1 train. However, it seemed that only certain carriages would go to the airport, so we ended up having to change to the correct carriage when the train stopped at the next station. After the train reached the airport station, we literally ran for our lives LOL.

We were really lucky that the check-in counter was super near to the station we got down from. We were actually quite resigned to spending another night in Munich as we arrived about 3 minutes after our check-in counter was supposed to close, but thankfully, the check-in counter staff told us that we could still check-in and that they would notify the crew that we would be slightly late. Omg that was when we really heaved a sigh of pure relief and joy.

There wasn't much queue at the customs checks and immigration, so we made it in the end. ;_; It was just that Grumpy didn't manage to do his tax refund (he should have asked for the custom stamp during our immigration check) due to the lack of time, but I think he'd rather lose a few euros than to pay another few hundred euros to buy new plane tickets for both of us.

Never been so glad to be able to take such a picture. ;P


This time round though, I couldn't sleep on the flight at all, so I ended up watching all the Mummy movies available in the IFE (4 in total) and PS I Love You. Omg I actually regretted watching the latter 'cos I was crying on board while watching it. It was just that sad. T_T Thankfully Grumpy didn't notice though lol.

This was lunch, and I took the red curry fish, which surprisingly tasted quite good.

Grumpy's mashed potatoes with hamburg, which also tasted quite good.

This was what I had for breakfast. Eggs are love and eggs are life. ;)

Daybreak in Asia...

With that, I successfully returned to Singapore as scheduled. Our luggages took damn long to arrive though, so I could only leave the airport after more than an hour after I touched down.

I Uber-ed home with a red tie steward who was serving on my flight as well. $10 Uber rides ftw!!

I've never felt so glad to be home. I did the unpacking, throwing of the dirty clothes into the washing machines and refrigerating my loots before I finally bathed and KO-ed.

I woke up for lunch before I fell asleep again and only woke up at 5 pm. See what has jetlag done to me. ;(

This trip with Grumpy was one of the best yet, minus the drama we experienced on our last day. While our air ticket to Munich was booked in April, it was decided quite on the whim, because SQ happened to be celebrating their 70th anniversary, so they did have discounted flight tickets to certain destinations. We had already firmed up on going to Vietnam, so that trip was settled rather quickly. There were flight tickets to Dubai going for about $400, and I had harboured interest of going to Dubai as I wanted to experience my own Arabian night and tour the Sahara desert.

It did not help that Running Man actually filmed one of their episodes in Dubai and I was amazed by the vibe Dubai seemingly had. However, after doing some research, I decided to scratch Dubai out for the weather was a freaking 43°C in the afternoon, and Grumpy would definitely not take well to the heat as his skin would flare up. I figured Grumps would be even more grumpy if the weather wasn't to his liking. SQ was also running an offer for return flights to Munich at $705.80, and Munich happened to be the only European country on the list. With that, I suggested to Grumpy that we go to Munich instead. We were very lucky that we planned the trip in such a way to coincide with Oktoberfest and enjoy autumn in its full blast.

I was pretty hyped up for this trip, because I had never stepped foot into Europe before, and Europe had always been one of my dream destinations. However, to be honest, Germany was never really on my list of to-go European countries. I had wanted to go to cities like London, Paris, Prague and Zurich more. Because Grumpy and I had not been to Germany before, we didn't really know what to do or where to go. As we were both also really busy, we didn't really plan much of our itinerary besides booking of the train tickets.

I had studied music in my younger days, and many of the esteemed composers that I studied about came from Germany and Austria, which were the two countries I would be visiting, hence this trip could help to satisfy the music geek in me. Unfortunately, I was really busy with exams and work, so I didn't really have the time to check out and research more on concerts I wanted to attend, which was one of the regrets I had for this trip. ;_;

If I had more time, I would have definitely booked a longer trip to Europe, for travelling within Europe is just so convenient (though expensive lol). However, my current workload doesn't allow me to take leave for more than a week before my team members drown / go berserk covering my work. Hopefully I can find or work out a job scope which allows me to take more than a week's leave peacefully.

While I did enjoy my Europe trip thoroughly, I was not much of a fan of Western food, especially when I had to eat them day in and day out. By my 4th day in Europe, I was actually quite sick of eating sausages, french fries and not being able to have my veggies, rice and noodles. European desserts were on-point though, but they were not main meals, hence we also did not eat often. Also, Germany/Austria practises tipping, and I wasn't very willing to actually give tips since I felt that most of the waitresses/waiters were just doing their jobs (they honestly still get paid) without going the extra mile for us. I do not really like the idea of it. However, Grumpy was way more generous and would frequently round up amounts to give. For example, if a meal cost €45, he could easily give the server a €50 note and tell him/her to keep the change. I would be like "WHAT?! Did you just give that person a €5 (SGD$8) tip?" So it seems that waiting by tables in Europe is quite a lucrative job? I figured that one waiter could actually easily earn at least €100 in tips everyday just by serving food to restaurant patrons.

I like Europe a lot, from its four seasons, its impressive architecture to its rich history and culture, but even if Europe has one of the best living standards in the world, I do not think that I can actually live in Europe, mainly due to the reasons above. I will still crave for my Asian food, my cheap and good hawker fare back in Singapore, and the free entry to toilets LOL. I find it super ridiculous to pay €0.50 (SGD$0.80) for a toilet entry. Granted, the toilets were generally clean (omg the Hallstatt public toilet was horribly dirty though and I still had to pay €0.50?!), but I guess I'm still an Asian by root - I love Asian food more and I like living in Asia in general.

So yes, I'll definitely go back to Europe for my honeymoon, but I wouldn't want to go to back to Europe every year.

I'm so looking forward to my trips for next year, which will all be in the Asian region again! ;D

To seeing many more places together with you, Grumpy Cat. <3