Short snippets of September


P papers are tiring, and I had my first taste of how tiring it can get during the first week of September. Grumpy had been spoiling me silly with food though. The following will just be a compilation of the yummy food I had these past few weeks.

4th September 2017
On the day before I was due to go on leave, Grumpy wanted to eat dinner with me, but since we couldn't stay out too late (due to the next day being a work day for Grumpy), we decided to head to City Hall for our dinner.

I suggested going to Com Nam, which is located right next to Nam Nam, as both of us haven't tried this before. The food portions were really big, and I could barely finish mine. The desserts were really very filling as well. The meats were really good too, but I was starting to feel the nerves for my upcoming exam. After dinner, Grumpy bought me a mille crepe cake from First Love and the new pumpkin spice latte (PSL) from Starbucks. The mille crepe was really good, but unfortunately, I didn't really fancy the PSL. I found it too sweet for my liking. Oh well...

We enjoyed our walks around the Marina area before we parted ways...

6th September 2017
As this marked the first time I was doing a P paper, I was feeling quite jittery and didn't really have much of an appetite to eat. The 3 hours and 15 minutes felt really long, but I felt that it was too short for I only managed to finish my paper RIGHT on the dot. I couldn't feel my hands afterwards. Can't believe that the subsequent P papers will be similar in intensity. Sigh...

I was really looking forward to the end of the paper though, 'cos Grumpy would be having dinner with me. Le Indian is mai happy pill, and I, of course, couldn't be much happier to see him. No love for SMRT though, 'cos I so happened to miss the train going back to Tanah Merah from Expo, and wtf, I had to wait 12 minutes for the next train?! -.-''' But apparently, getting to town from the east only took 20 minutes. Why ah?

Grumpy brought me the have dinner at the Ma Maison located at Bugis Junction. This isn't our very first time here - in fact, we have been here about 3 or 4 times already. As always, I love the ambience here and although the food is on the pricey side, the quality is really good! I'm a bit iffy about them using a tablecloth to line their dining tables though, as I'm not sure if they do ever change their tablecloths for every new dining guest. The fact that the restaurant itself is dimly lit makes the tablecloth look even dirtier LOL.

Unagi covered with the breaded batter and then fried, together with lots and lots of eggs. This was so delicious!!! Loved how crispy the unagi was and how it wasn't oily at all. I love my eggs, especially more so if they are cooked well. ;D

The mentaiko spaghetti was also really dope!! Yummy!!

We decided to end off our date night on a sweet note - with a fruit tart.

We couldn't stay out as long as we wanted though, 'cos it would be another work day for both of us the next day. ;( But still, I'm super glad to have been able to spend some precious time with my Grumpy Cat.

15th September 2017
This week has been a very tiring week, due to the quarterly BSRs I have to do. I honestly hate doing BSRs, and ever since we took over some part of another team's jobscope, I've had more BSR accounts to handle. Argh. Not helping that I have weekly night classes too, hence I was doing late nights every day of the week.

I came across Wingstop's 1-for-1 offer, which I thought was really worth it. One set cost $10.95 (which I wouldn't buy normally) and although the wait was long, it was still worth it in the end. Grumpy and I struggled to finish the wings towards the end though, because both of us were thoroughly stuffed. We left with super satisfied tummies though.

Fried food overkill lol.

6 wings here.

Another 6 wings here.

The fried mushroom fritters were so damn good though. I think I just love mushrooms in general LOL.

I was really looking forward to the weekends to catch up on my sleep debts. After reaching home and washing up, I KO-ed almost immediately, before 12 am.

16th September 2017
I haven't been to Grumpy's house for quite awhile because I was busy studying, so once my exam was over, I decided to head back again. Grumpy said that his mum was really itching to cook for me again, which I really appreciate very much, because Grumpy's mum is really a superb cook! I always get to feast whenever I am there, but I miss her chap chye especially. ;P

Love me some chap chye and fried eggs with onion and prawn. ;P

Close-up of my favourite dish. Still so goooooood.

Omg this was damn dopeeeeeeee. T_T

I can haz butter and pepper crabs too. So fresh and juicy. ;D

Home-cooked meals are still da best. Hands-down no doubt about that.

Oh, and Duck Master's duck is really good sia! And such a steal at only $15 per duck! Tell me where to find duck as cheap and delicious as this! Thanks Grumpy for buying it for le family. Love you Grumps.

OK, I should stop posting about food at this hour lol, especially when I only had last night's chap chye (loveee) and duck (loveee) for dinner today. ;P