Xin Chào with Grumpy


June was really one of the toughest months at work ever. Le immediate boss very smartly took leave during a quarter month, and Jesslin's replacement had just come in but couldn't really do much. As such, I was taking on the workload of almost 2.5 people. ;O And my OT meal allowance totalled to $500. ;( Le company has one of the most generous meal allowances in SG (honestly haven't come across another company which gives you $20 for 3 hours of OT and $50 for 6 hours of OT, except for le closest competitor, which happens to spot a red logo as well), but I swear the hours that I spent doing overtime are so not worth the $500 AT ALL. June was really the month I wish I never ever have to relive in my working life, ever.

After the short staycation at The Westin, I was dying to have another break, hence this trip back to Vietnam was really much-needed. Singapore Airlines happened to be celebrating their 70th anniversary, so tickets to certain destinations were on discount. Our ticket to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) cost only $170, which is honestly a good deal because I had gone to Vietnam last year via TigerAir and it came up to be about $150 after the addition of a 15 kg check-in luggage without any meals.

I have always harboured the thought of going back to Vietnam, but to visit other places like Hanoi or Sapa instead. SQ only had discounted tickets to HCMC, and Grumpy hadn't stepped into Vietnam before for that matter, hence the trip to Vietnam. At the point of exchanging money, $1 was about 16 400 dong.

Saturday 01/07/2017 (Day 1)
Our flight was due to take off at around 1.30 pm, so Grumpy and I decided to meet at 11.30 am. It turned out that I reached even earlier than Grumpy even though he lives so close to the airport. Our original plan was to eat lunch at the airport with Grumpy's mum, but due to the time he arrived, we ended up in the transit area straight after checking in, and without eating lunch with auntie. ;(

Long time no seeeeeeeee~

Bored af while waiting to board...

We were both feeling a little peckish, hence we bought ourselves some Old Chang Kee while waiting for the plane. I was really happy to be on SQ again after so many years, and it was also my first time on SQ ever since le sis started working for the company. It seemed that they had a revamped menu as well - one of the meal choices for EY passengers was char kway teow, which I took. I felt that it tasted a lot like phad thai though. I didn't really like the first few bites of the food, but the dish kinda grew on me after that. However, as much as I love le national flag carrier, I objectively thought that Thai Airways' EY seats and food were way better though. Sorry sis. ;P We were given a Magnum honeycomb ice-cream for dessert though, which was really nice.

Le so-called char kway teow lol. I've had better food on Thai Airways though. ;/

After about 1.5 hours, we arrived at Tan Son Nhat International Airport. I encountered a little bit of trouble while clearing immigration as the officer requested for my return ticket, which I had NEVER been asked before, in any country. So weird.

Anyway, after getting our SIM cards, we took Uber to our AirBnB house located at D1. After settling down, we headed out again to Ben Thanh Market for some refreshing smoothies. We ordered the mango and papaya smoothies, which cost about SGD$3 altogether. We decided to explore the areas around Ben Thanh. While walking, Grumpy felt hungry so we stopped by this quaint little cafe called L'Usine. Both of us were really impressed with the cafe interior though. Grumpy ordered some calamari and omg they were freaking good!!!

Trying to sneak a picture of the cafe interior without looking too much like a tourist. ;X

The fried calamari was really good, but very pricey by Vietnam's standards.

It was already late afternoon, so we just walked to the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the post office for a bit of sight-seeing.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral under the setting sun rays.

Spotted le wild chicken.

Grumpy was craving for a pork burger from McDonald's, so we went to the branch at the post office. Both Grumpy and I are of the view that Vietnam's cafe interior designs are really a notch above most that we've seen. Even the McD here looks sibeh atas?!

This crispy rice paper pancake thingy cost 20k dong, but it was OMG FREAKING GOOD.

A close-up. Regret buying only one of this sia. AND I SHARED THIS WITH GRUMPY SOMEMORE ARGH.

Vietnam seems to have gotten much of its foreign investments from Korea, as there were many Korean banks and Korean shopping plazas like Lotte Diamond Plaza, which looked really super atas. After walking around, we decided to have dinner at some restaurant.

Co Ba Vung Tau is the name of the restaurant. We settled on this because it looked relatively full of people as compared to the rest of the restaurants on the walkway.

My must-order whenever I'm in a Vietnamese restaurant. Love these summer rolls so much. ;)

Some Hue beef noodles. It was not bad, but I think I prefer the lighter taste of pho. This was too filling for Grumpy and I.

One regret from my previous Vietnam trip was that I didn't get to try bahn xeo. This seafood bahn xeo was HUGE, even bigger than both our faces combined. But it was really good though. People from the other tables were ordering this as well.

I had told Grumpy that I LOVE Vietnamese coffee, although truthfully speaking, I'm not really a coffee person. The first time I was here with my friend, both of us immediately fell in love with Highland's coffee, so I suggested that Grumpy tried it as well. After that, Grumpy kept pining for Highland's coffee, especially where there weren't any Highland cafes in Hoi An. But honestly, Vietnam has no lack of good coffee lol; even Hoi An has superb coffee. ;O

Love their cafe interior.

2 cups for 70k dong. ;) It was as shiok as I had remembered it to be. And this was the reason why I couldn't sleep on the first night zZz...

We just walked our way around D1, passing by Artbook, where we spent quite a bit of time there. Both of us really loved the vibe of this bookstore. I bought a Totoro coin pouch for le sis while Grumpy bought movie coasters for his colleagues.

No idea what this building was. There were too many people and it was quite dark so I couldn't read anything. The building looked really majestic though.

Spotted this at some Japanese bakery at Saigon Centre. This signboard is so cute! It shows you when the bread would be fresh out from the oven.

Grumpy and I decided to walk home, but as our luck would have it, it suddenly rained very heavily, and our home was actually quite a distance away from the main D1 area. As such, we were stranded and had to seek shelter under some random building.

I thought that our worst of luck would be to encounter a heavy downpour while walking back, but it so turned out that we were not even guaranteed a peaceful night because there was a effing RAT in the apartment zZz... I had spotted some weird black "dots" on the floor earlier on which resembled droppings, but I thought it was just lizard shit until Grumpy told me that he saw a rat near his shoes just as we were about to retire for the night. -.-'''

We had to call the security guard to chase out the rat, who was equally scared of it as well LOL. Just as I thought we could finally sleep, I was notified by email that our domestic flight to Da Nang would be brought forward by almost 3 hours. Thank goodness I had checked, because if not we definitely would have missed our flight. But it also meant that both of us wouldn't be getting much sleep since the flight would depart at around 8 am.

Sunday 02/07/2017 (Day 2)
Grumpy and I kept tossing and turning about, no thanks to the Highland coffee we had earlier on. I swore I really regretted drinking it despite how good it was, because we had to wake up at 5.30 am. After washing up and packing up (while avoiding the rat shit on the floor), we took Uber to the domestic airport. The check-in queue was really long though. As with all the domestic flights I have taken, we were taken to the tarmac by a shuttle bus. The 1.5 hours flight wasn't long, and we were given the second last row of the plane. Despite the passenger behind me puking her guts out throughout the whole flight, I was still able to sleep quite soundly LOL. In fact, I only got to know that the woman behind me was puking because Grumpy told me HAHAHA. I must have been really sleep-deprived.

My view from my seat.

Quite an experience boarding the plane from the tarmac.

After collecting out luggages, we immediately saw a sign with Grumpy's name on it. We followed the designated driver into the car and thus began our 1-hour car ride to Hoi An. The driver was assigned to us by the AirBnB host, who asked if we needed a driver to drive us to Hoi An from Da Nang. Uber and Grab aren't really available in Hoi An, and despite the 300k dong (one-way) ride being more than what the taxi-drivers were quoting us, we decided to go with the designated driver as we were afraid of being driven off to somewhere else LOL. I slept pretty soundly, but Grumpy ended up being carsick so I had to give him some po chai pills and a mint before I could continue sleeping peacefully.

The driver dropped us off at our AirBnB accommodation. We knew that the way to get around Hoi An was via bikes, but before coming to Vietnam, Grumpy couldn't ride a bike at all. I had only taught him how to ride a bike a few days prior to our Vietnam trip, before Grumpy got the hang of it. However, Hoi An wasn't as peaceful as I thought it would be. The roads here were still pretty busy and the drivers here drove without care for the people around them, honking endlessly if there was anything that got into their way. We tried riding out to the central town, but gave up about 5 minutes into the ride because it was just too dangerous for Grumpy, given that he couldn't balance on the bike for long and there were occasional large vehicles as well.

We went back to our AirBnB to call for Grab, but it was through this incident that we realised Grab was totally useless in Hoi An. After our fruitless attempts at hailing a Grab, we decided to walk to the ancient town ourselves, which really turned out to be a HUGE mistake. Cycling to the ancient town took only about 10 minutes, but walking there took 1 effing hour!!!!! I swore I nearly died at that time because I was so hungry that my boobs stuck to my back and guess the weather? It was a farking 37 degrees Celsius!!!!

After a very gruelling 1-hour walk under the SWELTERING weather. Nearly died OK.

Bahn Mi Phuong was highly recommended by locals and tourists alike, so our first stop in the ancient town was to grab some much-needed food and drinks. We ordered 2 bahn mi sandwiches and 2 fruit smoothies, which came up to about 100k dong only!! So worth the money. Oh, and the bahn mi was REALLY GOOD hor. The baguette was really crispy and yet filled with so much ingredients.

They wrap their bahn mi in some brown paper.

Oh hi bahn mi.

A close-up. Super shiok lor.

Grumpy's banana smoothie and my avocado smoothie. Both of them cost less than SGD$3 altogether OK! The smoothies really tasted DAMN good and I seriously have no idea how avocado smoothies can be so cheap in Vietnam, so for the rest of my trip here, I drank avocado smoothie whenever I had the chance.

Most places (to be honest, I think everywhere lol) in Hoi An do not have air-conditioning at all, hence even when we were resting, we would still sweat uncontrollably. It was really a very uncomfortable feeling as I was still sweating while eating my bahn mi. I was thoroughly drained from the 1-hour walk under the sweltering hot sun and Grumpy suggested that we head back to rest because he could tell that I wouldn't be able to move on anymore under this weather. I immediately agreed and we headed back by hailing a cab, which could be flagged down anywhere.

Heading back to our air-conditioned room after a cold shower was one of the most gratifying feelings ever. It was super shiok to say the least. We decided to stay in till about 5 pm, when it would be sunset and the weather would be more cooling. Thank goodness I had brought my study notes to Vietnam, so the next few hours were spent studying, sleeping and punching Grumpy. ;P

The view outside our AirBnB accommodation. Very chio hor? But the weather really last warning ah...

At around 5.30 pm, Chung, our host, offered us a ride to the ancient town, which we gladly took up. I remembered that I had such a fun time riding the Vespa back in Mui Ne. This time round was no different as well. It really shocked both Grumpy and I because it was just a mere 10-minute bike ride into the heart of the ancient town, but I nearly lost my senses walking to the same ancient town. -.-'''

Before we had dinner proper, we were just touring the ancient town when we came across this pancake. We just had to have it.

Remember the crispy rice paper pancake I had in HCMC? Omg this was so goooooood as well. ;D

People resting and eating by the river bank. It was really an idyllic sight to behold.

We finally got to the place where most tourists take the most scenic shots of Hoi An.

Grumpy and I being normal.

The look I always give Grumpy when he cracks his stupid jokes. -.-'''

Spam spam.

The famous ancient houses along the river bank.

Sampans which you can take a ride on for a fee.

Super got feel lol this picture. I really liked this picture a lot, but was a bit iffy about me capturing the woman in red on the left though. ;(

The famous Japanese bridge.

Grumpy and I decided to have dinner by the river bank afterwards. Hoi An, despite being an ancient town dating back from the 15th century, is still a touristy place, hence there is no lack of F&B options. We decided on the river bank dining because that was where many locals were dining at, and to us, it would be an experience itself. Dining by the river bank in Singapore is definitely very expensive. ;')

I took only a few pictures of the food that came because we were squeezing with other people for space (couldn't jostle too much, if not the other party would fall into the river) and night was falling, so lighting wasn't that good.

Both of us didn't really know what this was, but it was really good.

Com ga is considered one of the dishes native to Hoi An, so we couldn't leave without it. Com ga is basically chicken rice in Vietnamese, but it is very different from what I am accustomed to eating in Singapore. The rice is boiled using chicken stock and tasted really fragrant without being too oily. It was something I found very homely and I really enjoyed eating it.

Hoi An is also famous for its night lights, which was one of the reasons why I wanted to make a trip up from HCMC. The following pictures have no filter used in them AT ALL.

Hoi An's sign.

Hoi An comes alive at night. I really loved how this looked so mystical.

I CAME TO SEE THIS. T_T I loved how vibrant the colours were in this photo. No filter used at all hor.

We came across this herbal drink which tasted so refreshingly good. Honestly damn good for such a humid and hot weather. Best of all, it cost only 10k dong!!!

Very unassuming, but wow, best thing for the weather man. Look at the number of people queuing up for it.

After deciding to call it a day, we hailed a cab back to our accommodation. This day though, both of us had no problems sleeping at all, because we didn't drink coffee (heehee) and also because we had quite a full day today. So after a cold shower and changing into clean clothes, we KO-ed for the night.

Monday 03/07/2017 (Day 3)
We had a really good night's sleep, waking up only at 9 am. Chung very kindly brought us to the ancient town on her Vespa again. I couldn't be more grateful to her than I already am, because I seriouly have no wish to repeat the walk back to the old town again. It got quite hot very quickly in Hoi An though - it was already 35°C when we went back to Bahn Mi Phuong at around 10.30 am. ._.

The corn milk drink and the sesame milk drink that Bahn Mi Phuong sold were surprisingly tasty too. When I saw the Koreans order it yesterday, I didn't think much of the drinks, thinking that they would just taste factory-made. However, I did hear the Koreans exclaim that it was delicious, so I decided to get two different flavours to try since this would likely be the last time we would be stepping into this shop for this trip. By golly they were right sia. o.O'''

We left Bahn Mi Phuong, feeling belly satisfied. ;P

Chung's dog is really such a sweetie. ;D

MUST. EAT. BAHN. MI. Grumpy was living the bahn mi lyfe so well that he ordered another signature bahn mi once we were done. -.-'''

Learning from yesterday's mistake, this time round, we took frequent breaks and hydrated ourselves regularly.

Grumpy's stupid joke: What do you call two Vietnamese markets which are side by side?
Answer: Cho Cho (aka smelly). -.-'''

Inside the market of Hoi An.

We had to pay 120k dong each in order to enter certain parts of the ancient town, which included some "tours". Both Grumpy and I were quite sure that the "tours" were just a farce to collect money from the tourists, but we didn't mind paying since it contributed to the upkeep of this idyllic village.

Super pretty.

Hoi An floods regularly, so we were lucky to have visited Hoi An before the monsoon season. The markings indicate how high the previous floods were, some of which were even higher than Grumpy's height. D;

Hoi An's official symbol.

Houses by the river.

Love Hoi An in the daytime too, especially when both of us were more well-rested and there were significantly lesser people than yesterday. Le eyes were squinty though 'cos it was really super hot.

We walked over to Hoi An Roastery to chill. Although the ancient town's alleys can get quite confusing for first-timers, Hoi An Roastery has many branches in the old town itself so there is no need to fret if one is not able to find the shop.

Not only am I in love with Vietnam's cafes' interiors, I'm also in love with the exterior.

The interior was so pretty. Too bad about shops in Vietnam generally not having air-conditioning though - the weather in Hoi An could really kill.

Grumpy's half-crazed look after getting our coconut coffee and the matcha smoothie, which consisted of mango, banana and matcha. The matcha smoothie was especially worth it. Not only was it damn good, it cost only 49k dong. This explains Grumpy's half-crazed look. ;P

Even so pretty outside the cafe.

We made our way to one of the paid entrances of Hoi An.

Just like out of those 1950s movie sets.

Face spam.

Super wanted to get this, but it was quite expensive and I don't wear singlets, so... ;(

Lol whut.

Love you Grumpy. ;)

As it was only around 1 pm, we decided to go for a foot massage at White Rose Spa. Thank goodness the spa was air-conditioned, because it was really hot outside. While the spa interior really can't be matched to Thailand's Health Land, the staff did speak English and were really friendly as well, so I didn't nitpick though the massage prices were more than double than that of Health Land's.

Washing my legs with the herbal water before the massage started. That felt really good as my feet were sore from the walking.

I fell asleep during my 1-hour massage, as it made me feel really comfortable. My masseur was really good too.

After our massage ended, we walked back to the old town, and guess where we landed up at? Hoi An Roastery. ;P This time round, we decided to be more adventurous, and ordered the egg coffee. To our pleasant surprise, the coffee actually tasted super good omg?! It wasn't icky or what at all. The egg just made the coffee very thick and creamy.

I do not profess myself to be a cafe-hopper, but when I do return to Vietnam the next time, I may actually seriously consider checking out the cafes here since the prices are reasonable and most importantly, the vibes and food/drinks are really good.

Before we left the old town for good, Grumpy and I dropped by the market and decided to have a late lunch before heading back to our accommodation. The food we had were seriouly good - they tasted very homely and most importantly, super value-for-money. Our experience was further boosted when the stall-holders were super friendly as well.

Must eat summer rolls in Vietnam.

So much love for Hoi An spring rolls man. I don't really fancy fried food much, but omg I don't mind eating this everyday? You'll see in the later part of the post. ;D

What we had for our late lunch, and the smoothies which were seriously dope. All for only 100k dong? Take me back!

Cua Dai beach was stated as another must-visit place when in Hoi An, so we decided to go there before the sky got dark. We were rewarded with spectacular views of the sunset while we were on the way.

Just right outside our AirBnB accommodation.

So idyllic, isn't it.

Spot the bull in the rice fields

Cua Dai beach was surprisingly crowded, but nevertheless, it was a really nice place to chill. I didn't get any nice pictures as it was almost nightfall and the sun was gone.

Grumpy went to research on the Internet for good food places nearby, and we decided to head to Cao Cao Grashopper Bar and Restaurant to settle our dinner. Not to worry though - we didn't eat any insects and they didn't sell insects there LOL. If anybody is in Hoi An, this restaurant is a MUST-GO. You will not regret following my recommendation. ;)

Hoi An fried spring rolls. This dish was DA BOMB. D;

Summer rolls for lyfe. This was seriously very good as well.

Fried rice. VERY NICE. ;_;

The pork used was lean pork, so out of all the dishes that we ordered, I enjoyed this the least as I found it slightly dry and tough. I think people who are more health-conscious will enjoy this a lot though.

So good we had second rounds LOL. NO REGRETS. So good that I can cry. T_T

Our sumptuous dinner there marked our last night in Hoi An.

Tuesday 04/07/2017 (Day 4)
We woke up, packed and went down for breakfast at around 9.30 am. We had to pay an extra 40k dong per person for breakfast, which I found slightly pricey by Vietnam's standards, since it was just coffee, fruit, baguettes and omelettes. Nonetheless, breakfast was really good, especially the omelettes.

I'm not a coffee person, but I've been drinking coffee all day 'err day over here.

Me trying to act yi ge influencer and thus, my feeble attempt at a flatlay LOL.

So good can cry.

After breakfast, we rode to the ancient town again, for the last time. We managed to satisfy Grumpy's craving for egg coffee. He even harboured the thought of dropping by Bahn Mi Phuong, but we were still feeling super full from breakfast, thus we didn't make our way there. ;( Before leaving the old town for good, we dropped by the market to have our last smoothies. So damn in love with Vietnamese smoothies. ;D

We did one last round of packing, and our car back to Da Nang picked us up at 1 pm.

One of Chung's two dogs. Super kewt and super friendly. Will miss you so much little cutie. ;_;

After reaching the airport, we checked in immediately. However, we were pretty pissed when it was announced that our flight back to HCMC would be delayed by almost 1 hour. Last warning to this Jetstar ah. Either pushing forward my flight or delaying my flight zZz.

Lol, we boarded a Kung Fu Panda 3 plane.

The view from the tarmac.

Yay to bigger legroom, all because we were seated at the emergency door exit .

We reached HCMC when it was peak hour. Traffic in Vietnam has always been CRAZY, and during peak hour, it is way crazier. Our Uber driver was really very zai though. He drove into many small alleys in order to get out of the jam. And guess how much our 45-minute ride cost? Only SGD$4. ;O I somehow couldn't really believe that he went through so much trouble just to earn SGD$4.

Despite the rat incident 2 nights back, we decided to stick to staying with the original host, partly because we were too lazy to find another host. I was glad we stuck to the same host, becaue she upgraded our room to a bigger and more luxurious apartment located in the same building. But I ended up spotting a lizard scurrying across the wall of the living room. -.-'''

Before arriving in Vietnam, we were watching a Korean variety show in which one of the hosts got to visit HCMC. She highly recommended viewers to try Quan Ut Ut, and since that day, Quan Ut Ut was one of our must-go places for meals.

It was a Tuesday night, but the restaurant was still very crowded...

Our toasted coconut. I think I still prefer the normal coconut, as the toasted coconut had a slight bitter taste to it.

Honey-grilled pineapple, which Grumpy insisted on ordering. I found it quite cloying as honey was drizzled on top of the pineapple. I would have preferred that the honey was left out. But Grumpy loves sweet things, what to do? ;(

Mushroom fritters. SO DAMN GOOD. A must-order!!!

We ordered a half-rack, which came with two sides of our choice. The ribs were really good as they was well-marinated and the meat was really so tender that it fell off the bones easily. I found the fries to be really good as well, but the mac and cheese got quite jelat for me after a few bites because it was really too cheesy.

While we enjoyed ourselves at Quan Ut Ut, we both felt that the quality was comparable to Tony Roma's, only that it was slightly cheaper than back in SG. The food here was really good, but I felt that the concept wasn't new to me, hence I wouldn't go out of the way to come here should I return to HCMC.

As per my "tradition", I always make it a point to visit a local supermarket, but I think I probably wouldn't go to one in Vietnam again. One, it was really very out-of-the-way and two, it just resembled a shabbier version of Giant. The products sold could be found easily back at home too, hence I didn't really buy anything except for some Vietnamese instant noodles pho lol.

We only managed to reach home at around 11 pm because all the Uber drivers who accepted our ride couldn't find us and kept losing their ways. It didn't help that it was raining as well, so it ended up in a number of cancelled rides. Oh well. I was just glad that we managed to get home safely.

My stomach ended up feeling weird and was rumbling quite a bit, which I suspect was due to the weird toasted coconut I had earlier on. I did manage to sleep well though, probably because I was really tired.

Wednesday 05/07/2017 (Day 5)
Today marked our last day in Vietnam. We woke up at around 9 am to go to Pho 99 for brunch. I had always imagined pho to be a type of noodle soup, so I was very intrigued to find sauteed pho on the menu. It turned out to be fried pho, and wow, it was one of the best renditions of pho that I have ever eaten. ;) Grumpy ordered a plate of noodles which resembled the Hakka thunder tea, and that tasted really good as well. I thought that summer rolls couldn't go wrong in Vietnam, but we ended up not finishing half of the summer rolls because it was really that yucky. The taste was really sharp and I spat out whatever I had eaten. ;(

My fried pho tasted super good! The wok hei game was really damn strong in this one. Two thumbs-up!!

This was what Grumpy ordered, and it was really good as well!

After our brunch, we went over to Ben Thanh Market to buy some Vietnamese snacks back to SG. Of course, I never forgot about my candied coconut and my Vinamit jackfruit chips. Those are definitely my must-buys in Vietnam. Grumpy wanted to buy more movie coasters from Artbook, hence we also spent quite a bit of time over there as well. I, too, am really in love with whatever Artbook sells, and I do think that the things they sell do make for good decoration for le future home. ;)

I was nursing a stomachache, probably because of the weird coconut I had yesterday, so we made our way to Saigon Centre, which housed a HUGE and luxurious-looking Takashimaya. I headed straight to the toilet to lao sai, but I spent more time in the toilet than I had intended because the toilet bowl was the Japanese type, which meant it came with even a seat warmer. My whole toilet experience was a good one, and I even forgot that I was having a stomachache. xD

Had fun pushing all those buttons. ;P

We toured around the sibeh-atas-looking supermarket (forgot the name though) for awhile before leaving for the airport.

No wonder avocado smoothies in Vietnam are so cheap!!! D;

Bought some bubble tea to drink. ;)

Check-in was a breeze for us because I had done our online check-in the night before. While waiting for our flight back home, we bought some Burger King fries and fish fingers. The rest of the food was too expensive, even by SG standards. D; Those BK fries and fish fingers were seriously damn good! Not sure why SG doesn't sell the fish fingers though.

In-flight meal for SGN-SIN.

By the time I cleared SG's cutoms, it was in the middle of peak hour lol. Thankfully, I managed to get a seat and thus was spared squeezing with other people. -.-'''

I'll definitely return to Vietnam again, but flights to Hanoi aren't exactly cheap, in part due to none of the budget airlines flying to that destination. SQ, please gimme a good deal to Hanoi, pleasee? I really want to visit Ha Long Bay and Sapa at least once in my life.

On the other hand, I'm super excited for my next trip this coming September/October. Time to go to the places that esteemed composers of those eras once lived. Time to soak in that musical atmosephere. And of course, time to unleash the inner music geek in me which has been lying dormant for the past few years.

But first, one more P paper to go. Please let me pass that paper. Retaking it would be extremely painful. D;