Happy 1st Anniversary, Grumpy Cat


Our first anniversary fell on the week that I was taking my paper. Anticipating that, I had decided to book a staycation for us after my paper was over. Thankfully, I came across a really great deal from Westin on Facebook a few months back. After confirming with Grumpy that he could take half a day off on that Friday, I went ahead to book our staycation.

Our stay at The Westin was really luxurious. The Premier Room that I booked originally cost more than $500 (after service charge and GST), but thanks to the June holidays special that I came across on Facebook, I ended up having this room for slightly less than $300, which is AFTER accounting for service charge and GST. I felt that I had really scored a great deal and felt pretty pleased with myself afterwards. Moreover, I managed to get reimbursed by the company for this due to our flexi allowance, hence technically, I didn't have to pay a single cent for this staycation at all.

I had requested for an early check-in of 1 pm (the normal check-in time was 3 pm), and a late check-out of 3 pm (normal check-out time is 12 pm). We were very kindly acceded to our request, except that the latest they could let us check out would be 2 pm, but that was more than enough for us (Westin totally scores points for this!!). Since the office was just located a walking distance away from the hotel, we immediately made our way there when everybody else was out for lunch.

The hotel lobby was located on the 32nd floor. The hotel lobby was really very pretty. I loved the full-length glass panels which allowed all guests to have a view of the sea and the ships dotting it. Check-in took about 15 minutes as they had to verify our identities and check-in details before allowing us up.

When we finally got to our rooms, we were really in for a pleasant surprise. The room was really very big and spacious, coupled with even a sofa and a work station where you could do your work. ;O We were supposed to go out for lunch, but Grumpy and I spent nearly an hour just admiring and dilly-dallying lol.

Look at that comfy bed. Felt the zZz spell after that.

Spot the workstation behind. Oh and the view was really fantastic too!

Le toilet...

For lunch, we decided to make our way to Kuishinbo at Suntec City since they had this lunch buffet special. Grumpy was really craving for this too and thankfully, despite us dilly-dallying at the hotel, we still managed to reach there before their last order for lunch.

We decided to walk around as we were feeling damn full, before going back to the hotel.

Since it was quite a hot day, we decided to make full use of the hotel's facilities by going for a swim. Westin does actually have their own infinity pool, just that it's not as hyped and marketed as Marina Bay Sands', in due to the fact that the view has been obstructed by various skyscrapers under construction. I read somewhere that years back, the view was totally unobstructed and the swimmers had a bird's eye view of everything. Nonetheless, the view was charming enough for me.

Quite chio what??

One of the views from the poolside.

Asia Square Tower 1.

After lazing in the pool for about an hour, we went back up to wash up and get ready for dinner. Grumpy booked a massage session for the both of us at Kenko (using his aunt's package LOL), so I ended up opting for the foot massage while he went for his back massage. Now I fully realise how expensive massages in Singapore are. My 40-minute foot massage already cost $54, as compared to a 1-hour massage at somewhere luxurious like Health Land in Thailand for around $10?! Moreover, the Kenko outlet that we went to couldn't match up (at all) to the luxurious feeling that Health Land gave me.

When we we done with our massages, we walked over to Chinatown Food Complex to have our favourite dumplings. I swear that the xlb and pork stickers here taste much better than Din Tai Fung's and are definitely more value-for-money as well. We ate our fill before we took the train to MBS to find something. It ended up being a wasted trip 'cos we couldn't find what we wanted. We wanted to try Liho but the queue was cray cray so we just decided to walk back to our hotel.

CBD indeed looks very beautiful at night. It was made all the better as it was past 10 pm so there weren't many people around as well.

We washed up and retired for the night. Fell asleep halfway while watching Boss Baby haha.

The next morning, we woke up for our breakfast buffet, where we were greeted with a wide selection of different kinds of cuisine. I headed straight for the eggs station and got the chef to cook my omelette for me. ;P

Brekkie was pretty good, and the view was really to-die-for.

We felt so stuffed from breakfast that we didn't even eat lunch for that day.

After breakfast, we headed back up to wash up and laze around before checking out for the day. Thus, this marked the end of our first staycation at a 5-star hotel.

I'd gladly come back here again if there are more of such good deals like this. Westin's normal room rates aren't exactly within our budget hahaha. ;(

Oh, and thanks for sticking by my side for the past 370+ days, Grumpy Cat. Happy anniversary to us, albeit a belated one.