Mid-life crisis is real!


Being my special day today, Grumpy Cat decided to bring me out for a birthday lunch.

I had never dined in a fine dining restaurant before, so I wasn't really sure of what to expect.

When we first stepped into Forlino, we were greeted with the picturesque view of the whole Marina Bay area, including the iconic Marina Bay Sands (MBS). What a beautiful view the CBD has... and the waiter very kindly gave us a spot with one of the best views. I'm sure that this place will rock even more at night. We both decided to go with the 3-course meal menu that they had.

For starters, we were both given a piece of freshly-baked bread each, together with a plate of thinly shave cheese whose name sounded damn cheem lol. I didn't manage to catch what the waiter was saying. The aroma and fluffiness of the bread were really very on point, and it was definitely one that I would eat over and over again. The cheese, when paired with the bread, really whetted my appetite, and I was really anticipating what would come next.

Pardon my half-eaten bread LOL. It was too good and I had already sunk my teeth into it before Grumpy reminded me that I hadn't taken a picture. ;X

The soup, being the first course of our meal, came up next. Both of us ordered the cream of wild mushroom soup as our appetiser. As with fine dining, the plates are HUGE (really not kidding here), but the middle hole where they put the food is very disproportionate to the size of the plate LOL. Our soup really smelled very good, due to the truffle and rosemary used. When mixed with the bread we were given earlier on, it just tasted heavenly.

That size though... o.O'''

After clearing our plates, our main courses came up. Grumpy ordered himself a plate of pan fried salmon, while I, being a sucker for aglio olio, ordered the Hokkaido sea urchin linguine aglio olio. There was quite an overpowering smell when both our dishes arrived though; I wasn't sure if it was due to Grumpy's sea of herbs and veggies beneath the salmon, or if it was due to the leafy thingy on top of my aglio olio. Grumpy's salmon was really good though - it was exactly how I envision a perfectly pan-fried salmon to taste like. It was crispy and yet very juicy.

However, unfortunately, I did not really enjoy my sea urchin aglio olio. I thought that the whole thing just didn't go well together. The sea urchin was good, but the linguine took up the main part of the dish, and I felt that the linguine didn't taste like what I had expected - in a good aglio olio, I expect to taste strong hints of garlic and chilli padi, and this is where I felt that the prawn spaghettini aglio olio that I had at &Sons for lunch (at only $13 somemore!) before totally beats this linguine hands-down.

This was super good!!! ;O

I was really looking forward to it, but I guess it just wasn't to my liking. ;( I still did finish the food though, 'cos it would really be a waste when this meal cost so much.

We had our desserts after that. Grumpy took the mango panna cotta, while I took the Torta di Mele, which essentially is an Italian apple tart with cinnamon gelato and caramel sauce. The desserts were really good, so good that I was able to leave the restaurant feeling satisfied despite my less-than-stellar sea urchin aglio olio. The waiters were also really very attentive and friendly, greeting you by name and attending to you personally whenever needed. Maybe it's just me being suaku. ;P

This Tora di Mele was really a highlight for me. The tart was wonderfully made, and the cinnamon gelato surprisingly tasted DAMN good. And you see the brown thingy there? I thought it was just for plating purposes, but when I scooped it up to try, it was actually chocolate with hints of salt and sugar in it. It was just such a beautiful combination!! ;D

Grumpy's panna cotta also tasted damn good!! Not overly sweet, but still sweet enough to be called a dessert. Thumbs-up!

I will probably return to this restaurant again for special occasions (Grumpy says he doesn't mind having his wedding here hmm...), but will steer clear of the sea urchin aglio olio. ;X

After going back to office, my section actually prepared a cake without me knowing. I felt so touched. ;') My section head was even kind enough to give me an ang bao and was really apologetic that I had to come back to work even on my birthday. She made sure that I even left on time LOL. And to my gigantic section, thanks for all your well-wishes. I really appreciate it.

This chocolate cake was really dope! I love the crispy bottom layer. Thanks for the cake my section. ;)

Grumpy made sure that I knocked off on time, but it turns out that this Indian boi had other ideas. We were strolling towards MBS when he suddenly asked about my birthday cake. I told him that I didn't mind that he didn't manage to get me one due to his own busy schedule, but after which, he stopped me in one corner and took out something from his bag. It turned out to be my favourite lavender tiramisu from The Tiramisu Hero. Aww, this Grumpy can really be such a shocker at times. ;P

The wind was really strong, so this was the best shot of my tiramisu before the wind blew off the flame. ;X

Grumpy's pun game is still going on as strong as ever, and thus this card. I remembered giving him a "YODA BEST" card for his birthday. Looks like he did return the favour. I really don't know whether to laugh or cry LOL. xD

It's about to turn 12 am, and soon, it'll be the start of another day. Another year older, and yup, the mid-life crisis is real. I'm thankful to all who celebrated my birthday with me, and am thankful to all the friends I still have from secondary school, colleagues from work and last but not least, le family and Grumpy. I will aim to be a better person than I was a year back. ;)


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