I love Hong Kong. I've always loved Hong Kong. In fact, it is my most favourite city in the world. Going back to Hong Kong just always feels like a homecoming of sorts, maybe because I'm Cantonese, I speak Cantonese and of course, my grandparents' families are here as well.

Only that this time round, I kept my trip low-key because I would be going back there with Grumpy instead of visiting my relatives. I'll definitely find another time to visit them for sure, with my parents of course.

The trip this time round was pretty impromptu; I had told Grumpy that I wanted to return to HK, and so, we decided to go on the week after Chinese New Year started. Our tickets were only booked 1 month before. Prior to this trip, Grumpy, being the ang moh boy he is, hadn't stepped foot in HK, or even China for that matter, so this marked his very first trip to HK. He didn't really enjoy his Taiwan trip 1.5 months back, so I was worried that he wouldn't enjoy HK as well, given that both countries are kinda similar to first-time visitors (traditional Chinese background, noisy etc.)

All prices here are in HKD$, unless otherwise stated.

Friday 10/02/2017 (Day 1)
I stayed over at Grumpy's house on Thursday night because our flight would be at 6.50 am, so travelling from my house to the airport would mean that I wouldn't be able to sleep much. Grumpy had to OT (poor thing), so he went straight to my house to pick me up.

My nose was already feeling stuffy and I wasn't in the best of condition (probably due to the lack of sleep as I was constantly OT-ing), so I ended up sniffing my way to his house, and that continued nearly throughout the trip. ;/

I bathed and slept till we had to wake up at around 4.30 am to catch our flight.

Our flight would be taking off from Terminal 1, so when the Uber driver dropped us off, we proceeded to check where our check-in row would be at. There was already a very long queue to check in (nope, we weren't late) and it was very confusing too. Grumpy had checked us in via mobile a few hours back, but apparently the confusion arose from the automatic check-in which also includes putting your luggage into a machine and whisking it off to the tarmac. There weren't any clear instructions on what to do, where to queue and whatnot.

There was an angsty woman who kept ranting to me about the confusion. She really did have so much energy to be so angry and angsty. ._. While I agreed with whatever she had said, I wasn't really in the mood to hear her rants so early in the morning, partly because I was still feeling groggy from having to wake up so early, only to encounter this and my nose was still dripping uncontrollably. However, when it was our turn to check-in, she was still nice enough to wish me a pleasant trip, so I wished her the same as well.

When it was our turn to use the automatic self check-in machine, we encountered a few problems, even with the airport staff's help. First, it took a few tries (more than 5 times in fact) for the machine to finally recognise my passport. When the machine did finally recognise my passport, the machine couldn't recognise the way my luggage was placed, so everything, including the scanning of the passport, had to be redone again. I think this also definitely contributed to the already-snaking queues at Cathay Pacific's row. The machine was really cool, probably because I hadn't seen such a machine before, but it was definitely buggy. ;/

After clearing immigration, we proceeded to Burger King for breakfast. By then, my cold was really acting up, so before boarding the plane, I took Fedac and when we finally settled down in the plane, I KO-ed and was oblivious to whatever was happening. I only woke up once when it was meal service, and then continued to sleep all the way until we landed 4 hours later.

Newfound love for Snow LOL. Definitely needed something to mask my drippy nose lol.

Grumpy us, before I KO-ed....

I awoke to finally find myself back in Hong Kong, nearly after 3 years of not stepping foot here. Oh the feelsssss... *happy tears* There was a long queue to clear immigration, but we were constantly moving, hence the wait didn't feel long, probably around 15 minutes max. The best part was that straight after we cleared immigration and proceeded to the luggage belt, both of us saw our luggages appear RIGHT in front of us. This has definitely never happened to either of us before. Grumpy, being a person who needs things to be done quickly, was beyond impressed LOL. xD We settled our data SIM cards and round-trip airport express tickets through Klook, a new app which I highly recommend.

The weather was quite chilly though, at only 12°C. We sat on the airport express train to Hong Kong station. Despite being in HK twice previously, I don't think I had taken this train before as it looked and felt very new. However, the train to downtown HK was really fast though... Just a few games of Tsum Tsum and we were at our destination.

When I finally boarded the MTR proper, all my HK feels just came back to me. It felt as if I had never left at all. T_T It was made better when I got to see Bogummy's ads being pasted in the carriage of the MTR. And of course, when le company is based in HK and is big in HK/China, you'd definitely see your company's advertisements here as well. In this case, we saw the Vitality's advertisements hahaha.

Finally back at this major interchange. Ho loi mou gin ah! ;)


We got down at Wan Chai, which was where our AirBnB apartment was located at. Although our apartment was located only 5 minutes from the station, we had gone a roundabout way of looking for it, hence it ended up being further than expected. The exterior of our apartment was pretty old-looking, and there weren't any lifts in such an old building, so we had to carry our suitcases up nearly 4 flights of stairs. Nearly died from exhaustion. However, there was more than enough room to accommodate the both of us in the studio apartment. It was also very homely-looking and for the (very central) location, the price was really worth it. The exterior of the building definitely didn't match the interior, so the saying "do not judge a book by its cover" was really apt here.

After unpacking, it was almost 2 pm, so we decided to head out for lunch. We popped by Honolulu Cafe while touring Wan Chai, and bought the famous egg tarts to try. Honolulu's egg tart pastry is the crumbly kind, which is not my favourite type of pastry. However, since the egg tart was baked fresh, the custard tasted really warm and good in such a chilly weather. Grumpy definitely liked the egg tart from here a lot though.

The crumbly Honolulu egg tart. Grumpy's first taste of authentic HK food.

We then walked to Central Mid-Levels. I had been wanting to try Tsim Chai Kee, and I was so glad to have finally given it a go. The wantons were definitely very BIG, and out-of-the-world DELICIOUS. In fact, my fondest memories of Hong Kong would definitely be the wanton mein here and the egg tart. If I remember correctly, one bowl of wanton mein soup cost only $28. It was definitely welcomed in the chilly weather (my nose was still dripping water). While the noodles tasted quite alkaline, the wantons totally made up for it. I would have gone for another bowl of wanton soup if I wasn't feeling so stuffed. This is definitely a place I will return to next time.

It was off-peak when we went there for our late lunch, hence we were spared the queue. When we returned a few days later during meal time, the queue was cray.

Yum yum yum.

Can I tempt you with thisssssssss? Damn shiokkkkkkkk, especially the wantons.

After lunch, we continued to tour Mid-Levels where the original Tai Cheong Bakery is. The queue was crazy so we decided to walk elsewhere before we returned. The queue after that was noticeably shorter and moved quite fast. The egg tarts still tasted as good as I remember them to be. We also bought the fresh soyabean milk to try as well. It tasted damn good.

The queue then was cray cray. We walked over to Kee Wah to buy souvenirs before returning.

Look at how hilly Mid-Levels is.

Irrelevant picture, but there were so many Koreans (behind us, and all over Hong Kong lol lol)... I find it damn amusing to listen to their reactions as they bit into the egg tarts.

We bought only two for now as the main thing was to let Grumpy have a taste of the authentic Tai Cheong egg tarts made in Hong Kong, not the ones sold in Singapore. Grumpy said he preferred Honolulu's though. *side eyes* But for me, this is still the best egg tart I've ever eaten in my life.

We took the escalators right up to the top of Mid-Levels, and then walked down again, with the intention of taking the Peak Tram. While walking down, we came across a park, which was the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. As a breather from the non-stop walking, we decided to stop by and tour the garden. It was really a nice walk in the park, and the weather made it even more soothing and relaxing.

Flamingoes in da houseeeeee.

Some pretty flowers.

Showing some company love here. ;O

After walking through the park, we arrived at ground level again, and proceeded to where the Peak Tram station was. Not sure if it was due to it being a Friday evening or what, the queue was out-of-the-world cray cray so we decided to just skip the tram altogether. There was no loss to me though since I had already taken the tram up to The Peak before, but I wanted to show Grumpy how beautiful HK could be at night. I think it was good that we skipped it though, because the weather wasn't exactly good and the view was rather foggy even during the day.

I decided to let Grumpy try taking the Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) instead.

We bought a sweet potato ice-cream cone from McDonald's to try. I really liked it, but Grumpy thought it tasted weird though. Oh well...

We made our way into Harbour City, with the intention of trying out the gold foil ice-cream at i Cremeria and Grumpy wanted to try Mak's Noodles too, but we walked twice around the whole shopping centre and still couldn't find it. We were damn shagged and hungry, but decided to give ourselves one last chance in finding the stores and we finally found them. We settled dinner at Mak's, ordering congee, wanton soup and honey osmanthus tea. I think I was already feeling quite sick and my cold had gotten worse (must be the weather), so I couldn't really taste the food. ;( Grumpy felt that the wanton tasted better at Tsim Chai Kee though, which I must agree.

My lean pork and century egg porridge. I love Cantonese porridge the best, and this was no different. However, I think I've had better-tasting porridges at Maxwell's Zhen Zhen, which to date, still sells the best porridges at the most value-for-money price. Maybe I was just sick.

Grumpy's wanton soup...

Honey osmanthus tea for the sick me... *sniff*

Since our sole intention of coming to Harbour City was to actually eat the ice-cream with the gold foil, we couldn't leave without having it. It just so happened that i Cremeria was located right outside Mak's, so we bought an ice-cream to share. Omg the ice-cream itself was seriously VERY GOOD. One of the best ice-creams I have ever eaten. Unfortunately, the gold foil didn't taste like anything to me and the texture felt like the rice paper found in those Big Rabbit milk candies (maybe because I was sick; Grumpy said it tasted like white chocolate though). At $98 per cone, I felt that it was seriously very expensive and the gold foil was really gimmicky, hence I will definitely not eat this again.

Grumpy licked the ice-cream straight after this picture, hence I couldn't get a nice shot for Instagram. -.-'''

After dinner and dessert, we decided that it was time to head home, so we took the ferry to Wan Chai ferry terminal. Before that, we decided to just soak in the night view of HK. HK was just as beautiful as I remember it to be, and I'm glad that this time round, I have Grumpy with me to take in all the sights. It just made the night so much more beautiful and romantic LOL.

View from TST.

It turned out to be a huge mistake to take the ferry to Wan Chai ferry terminal though. I didn't know that the ferry terminal would be so far away from the MTR station and I wasn't really in the best of condition. The night was also really cold and I was practically shivering my way home.

We later found out that a train at TST station caught fire due to a petrol bomb before thrown inside one of the carriages. A number of people were injured. Wtf, that was really shocking as we were just so near. Heng never take the train sia.

I slept almost immediately after washing up and taking my medicine though. The cold had really gotten the better of me.

Saturday 11/02/2017 (Day 2)
I had quite a good sleep, but woke up quite late though. I felt much better than yesterday, and after getting ready, we went to eat some bread from the bakery downstairs. We proceeded to Central ferry terminal, where we took the ferry at pier 5 to Cheung Chau. My original plan was to actually visit Cheung Chau during the first day, but thankfully my HK friend couldn't meet me at the very last minute, and I wasn't feeling very well, so our day trip to Cheung Chau was postponed to today.

The weather felt good today, which was a marked change from yesterday's. It still felt chilly when the wind blew, but there was at least sun and not much cloud cover. Our ferry ride to Cheung Chau took almost an hour though, so by the time we reached, it was already 1 pm. I'm a sucker for country life, so when I reached Cheung Chau, I immediately liked what I saw - small fishing boats dotting the sea. What an idyllic sight it really was!

It was Saturday, so Cheung Chau had many people as well.

This was so goooood, and it cost $14. The mochi skin was really soft and chewy, and the mango inside was really very fresh, sweet and juicy! Such a perfect combo!!!

Love sights like these.

With the Indian boi. ;P

We settled on Delicious Seafood Restaurant (ya, that's really the name LOL) for lunch. After deliberating for awhile, we decided on having the clams, fried rice, salted egg prawns and fried squid. Our whole bill came up to $382. ._.

Clams cooked and wine. This tasted good and fresh. Grumpy liked this a lot.

The fried squid was really dope!! It was fried nicely and we could taste that the squids used were really fresh!!

The salted egg prawns were quite a disappointment though. The shells couldn't be peeled off properly as the flesh were kinda stuck to the shells, so it is a tell-tale sign that the prawns weren't fresh. ;(

The fried rice was really dope too though. The taste of wok hei was really evident. ;D

We felt really stuffed from lunch, so we decided to walk around Cheung Chau after that. We walked to where the beach was and took many photos. Cheung Chau felt like a very colourful place. We even witnessed a funeral parlour set up in the middle of the street. As much as it was an eye-opener, it felt quite creepy as well, as it was right out in the open where so many people were walking past.


While walking into a smaller street...

Messy hair 'cos the wind was really very strong.

Spam spam.

Some dope beancurd which was made even nicer when we could add in the orange sugar in by ourselves.

Some festival? See what I mean by colourful??

We chanced upon this dessert shop...

Dope desserts which were duly needed since we walked so much. We had the black sesame paste, steamed milk with mango and the mango mochi that Cheung Chau seems to be famous for. They were very, very good! ;) I have no idea how the mangoes here can taste so sweet and fresh.

After walking here and there, we managed to find a hiking trail that led us to the lookout pavilion with one of the nicest sceneries ever. The hike was pretty exhausting, but we were duly rewarded with spectacular views of the sea and its surroundings. Because we took such a long time to reach the pavilion, we spent quite a bit of time here by spamming photos and Polaroids so as to make the arduous walk uphill worthwhile. It was also nearing sunset, so the golden glow of the setting sun made everything looked exceptionally beautiful.

Us with the sampans after dessert, before we set out for the hiking trail.

Nice view.

View from the top.

Le Indian's silhouette.

This house must be owned by one of the tycoons in HK. Although it can't really be seen from the photos, this house had an AMAZING view of the sea. Totally unobstructed AT ALL. ;O

Both of us will probably not have the means to afford such a house, but we can definitely take a picture in front of the backdoor LOL. xD

After a long arduous walk, both of us finally reached the lookout pavillion.

So niceeeeeeee.

I love it when Grumpy kisses me like this. This is one of my favourite photos from this trip.

Thoroughly exhausted lol, hence the grumpy faces. ;P

Happier faces for our last few shots in this gorgeous place.

We then made our way back to the pier. We just sat around admiring the setting sun against the sea of small boats while waiting for our ferry back to Central to arrive. It was really a beautiful end to our awesome half-day trip to the outskirts of HK.

The throngs of people walking back to the pier.

Goodbye Cheung Chau, you've been awesome!

After reaching Central, we took le MTR to Jordan, where I brought Grumpy to eat at Australia Dairy Company. Shiok die Grumpy hahaha, he was in love with everything that we ordered. We even ordered another set of toast with eggs just because he felt that the eggs were damn good. As for me, it just tasted as good as I remember it to be. ;_;

HK's night view from the ifc bridge... HK, you're just gorgeous.

Grumpy thinks that this place looks "lup sup" 'cos of the neon lights LOL.

In order to burn off the calories from the extremely-sinful dinner we had, we decided to do a 20-minute walk from Jordon to Mong Kok. Mong Kok was still as bustling as ever, made even more apparent when it was a Saturday night. There were so many people on the streets of Fa Yuen that we had difficulty walking. I had also just realised that there were many Koreans in HK as well. I brought Grumpy to walk around, where we decided to have a waffle with condensed milk, peanut butter and butter to end off our long day. Omg that waffle was SUPER SHIOK?! It tasted damn sinful and yet so good at the same time. I actually didn't mind throwing my diet out of the window for this kind of waffle. Luckily I was sharing it with Grumpy, if not sure fat die one.

HK is big on this 出前一丁 character hahaha.

It was around 11 pm by the time we reached back home, and it was a really long day for us. After washing up and all, both of us just KO-ed soon after.

Sunday 12/02/2017 (Day 3)
Because of the uber long day we had yesterday, we woke up very late and nua-ed around, so by the time we left the place, half the day was already gone. From experience, I knew that Tim Ho Wan (THW) would be very crowded during Sunday mornings, so we decided to go during lunch instead. But I was still shocked that the queue was equally long when we reached there. Most of them were tourists though. Thankfully, both me and Grumpy didn't wait long (around 20 minutes only), probably because there were only two of us dining. We ordered the usual dim sum, and the char siu bao was still as good as I remember it to be. I went into a food coma after that hahahah.

Over-ordered hahaha. Thanks Grumpy for always clearing up after me LOL. xD

There wasn't really any agenda to fulfil today, so we both just went to walk walk then went down to TST to buy Jenny's biscuits for Grumpy and his colleagues. Grumpy ended up buying many tins of biscuits and they were ridiculously heavy, so we decided to head back home to put down our stuff before we headed out again.

When we headed out again, it was already 5 plus in the evening. One regret whenever I came back from HK was I didn't manage to try the famous egg waffles from North Point, so this time round, both Grumpy and I specially made our way down to eat the waffles.

So many endorsements from famous celebrities. ;O

We ordered an egg waffle and another normal waffle to try. Both Grumpy and I agreed that the waffle we had at Mong Kok last night tasted better. While the waffles here definitely do taste better than in SG, I felt that there wasn't any incentive for me to specially make my way down to eat waffles like this, which could be found anywhere in HK.

We went to Causeway Bay to find Snoopy marshmallows for the stupid beech at home lol, but couldn't find them at all. At around 8 pm, we decided to have dinner at some Japanese restaurant in Sogo. I had the cold soba tempura but I didn't think that it was good at all. The tempura batter was too thick and the veggies were too hard. I think I've been spoilt by the great tendons I've been having in Singapore.

Dinner, which was meh.

Grumpy and I proceeded to the huge Wellcome supermarket near Sogo. It is easily my favourite supermarket in HK due to the size of it. I bought many weird stuff lol. No idea how to carry them back to Singapore.

We decided to head home after that. Grumpy ignored me so I'm going to ignore him back heehee.

Monday 13/02/2017 (Day 4)
Today marked the last full day we would be having in HK, so Grumpy and I decided to do whatever we wanted to fulfil so that we could leave HK without any lingering regrets. We woke up earlier so as not to waste time. Grumpy really missed the food at Australia Dairy Company, so we decided to head down there again for food. As luck would have it, we reached too early. Only the breakfast set was available, hence I didn't get to eat my char siu macaroni. Sad die me. ;_; But glad that Grumpy managed to satisfy his cravings though. ;)

One last serving of this glorious egg toast. *inserts why you make bb sad again Telegram sticker*

Grumpy had always wanted to try the condensed milk toast, so here's one for my Indian...

I had always wanted to try the steamed milk pudding from Yee Shun Milk Company, but ever since I stepped foot into HK 6 years back, for some reason or another, I didn't get the chance to go into the shop itself. Since Yee Shun was just a short distance away from the Australia Dairy Company, I forced myself to go there before I forgot again.

I finally ordered the double layer steamed milk pudding that Yee Shun was famed for. It was really super duper shiok, but rather expensive at $34 as well. However, given the quality of the milk, I'd definitely pay to have this again.

At the Jordon branch of Yee Shun.

Grumpy also ordered the pork chop bun. I still preferred the pork chop bun from Tai Lei Loi Kei in Macau though. That was really the best pork chop bun I've ever eaten in my life.

Shiokkkkkkkkkk. See the double layer of milk there? ;D

We walked over to The One after our very-filling brunch. It was still Chinese New Year, so the shopping centres were also decorated to reflect the festive period.

Cute things. ;3

This is another of my favourite photos taken in HK.

TST is also where Mammy Pancake is located at. Apparently, this egglette shop is also Michelin-recommended, and I must say that I enjoyed the egglette here more than I did with North Point's.

The shop is located along the street and is quite small, so it's pretty easy to miss it, if not for the aromatic smell of waffle batter.

The Indian's favourite food in this world is chocolate, hence he ordered a chocolate chip egglette. I'm not really a fan of chocolate as much as he is, but I found this egglette to be really good! It was very fragrant, chewy and yet crispy at the same time! The proportions were really done right. ;D

I wanted to bring Grumpy to see the Avenue of Stars, but it turned out that it would remain closed for renovations until the end of 2018, so we just ended up visiting some temporary Garden of Stars LOL. Damn sad.

Look at the construction behind... ;/


Love this iconic skyline so much.

It was also Valentine's Day period, so Haagen Dazs ended up releasing two limited edition ice-cream flavours. We got them cheap; Circle K was only selling 2 mini tubs for $42, as compared to $48 for 1 mini tub in other convenience stores. Thankfully the two flavours were available (we knew that it was out of stock in many places), and luckily it was on offer, if not I don't think I would have bought the ice-cream.

I liked the elderflower-flavoured ice-cream more though...

Us with the Clock Tower. Squinty eyes though 'cos the sun rays were really strong. x.X


Goodbye TST. Till we meet again~

After deciding we had taken enough photos at TST, we proceeded to take the Star Ferry to Central, for the last time of this trip. We walked to Mid-levels to find Sing Heung Yuen, Tai Cheong and Kau Kee. Walking slopes in HK like free like that. My legs were crying out in agony lol. Thankfully, Grumpy and I managed to find Sing Heung Yuen in time before they closed for the day.

I ordered the beef tomato instant noodles with egg. I was really in love with how al-dente the noodles were. Grumpy hates instant noodles, but this was an exception for him. The texture of the noodles were really firm and chewy, just exactly how I like my noodles to be cooked.

Happy faces before our uphill torture lollll.

A cute kitty we met before we reached Sing Heung Yuen.

Grumpy is impressed with how HK-style milk tea (and coffee) is done. Me too.

My goopy beef tomato noodles. This honestly didn't look photogenic, but it tasted very homely. Noodles texture was really on-point!

It turned out that Kau Kee was just located behind Sing Heung Yuen, but the queue was really very scary. ;O It wasn't even dinnertime yet (it was only about 5.30 pm), but the queue was already snaking?! I had eaten at Kau Kee during my last trip here, and it was really one of the best meals I've ever had in my life. I was so sad that Grumpy didn't get the chance to eat it though. ;(

Since it would be our last day in HK, I wanted to buy back Tai Cheong egg tarts for the family. We proceeded to walk uphill again (sorry, my legs). The last batch of egg tarts were sold out, so Grumpy and I had to wait for about 15 minutes before the next batch of egg tarts were ready. It was really orgasmic to receive a freshly-baked batch of egg tarts, with the custard still wobbly and all that. *inserts bb shiok bb umchio Telegram sticker*


I wanted to let Grumpy experience everything that makes HK unique and iconic, hence I insisted that he had to take the tram. We took the tram from Central to Causeway Bay. We went up through the wrong entrance, so we ended up paying double for our tram ride (we tapped in, and then when we got off, we tapped out again), which would otherwise only cost us $2.30 LOL.

We went to Lane Crawford because I had wanted to buy a Hershel Heritage bag, but decided not to in the end. As a Valentine's Day celebration, Grumpy brought me to eat dinner at Modern China Restaurant at Times Square. The food here was really legit sia! For its price, the food was really very good. The restaurant looked really very atas too. Maybe 'cos got competition from Lei Garden, which was just next to this restaurant only.

Le wet towel and utensils.

Our appetiser to start off the dinner. This was some cold mala chicken. The mala was tongue-numbing, but super shiok. Damn good.

Our kung pao prawns. This was really good too! The prawns were really very fresh and crunchy!!!

The last line of our receipt was really funny. When translated, it means "silly fried rice".

Our "silly fried rice" LOL. This tasted damn good I swear. The wok hei game was damn strong in here. Super shiokkkkkkk.

Our stir-fried beans were also done very well. ;D

After a very satisfying dinner, we went to Wellcome supermarket to stock up on our goods to lug back to Singapore. I bought many packet drinks, especially the oat malt drink lol. I'm a sucker for anything malty and oatey HAHAHA. We (more like Grumpy) had a hard time lugging back my loots oops.

Tuesday 14/02/2017 (Day 5)
As we had to check out of our AirBnB, we woke up earlier than we had for the past two days. After packing, we left at around 10 am. Thanks to the packet drinks I had bought last night, my luggage weight increaed from 8 kg to 20 kg LOL. Poor Grumpy had to bring down my luggage from the narrow stairwell ('cos no lifts)... Rocks travelling with a strong guy though. ;P

Grumpy Bear and Floppy's first overseas trip. They had to be squashed in order to save space. Le Indian sat on them zzz.

I'll be back for sure, Wan Chai!

We reached the airport way before our designated time, so we also checked in early as well. We tried to satisfy our craving for HK food, hence we decided to have a filling lunch before we entered the transit area for good. Turned out that decision saved our lives LOL.

We decided to have our lunch at Ho Hung Kee.

They have one Michelin star for their wanton mein. It was really very good! I love HK wantons the best!

This dish was slightly pricey, at almost $150, but it was damn shiokkkkkkkk. They were really generous with the scallops and prawns, which tasted very sweet, fresh and crunchy! And of course, the hor fun was fried together with the runny and smooth egg. Super food porn hahahaha.

Grumpy's other favourite food is beancurd skin, hence he had to order this. Super good also! I really love eating seafood in HK.

We were thoroughly stuffed from feasting lol, and we were so worried that we would not be able to stomach the airplane food later on. We headed towards the transit area soon after.

HK's McDonald's was giving out Rilakkumas for their Happy Meals. *puppy eyes*

After clearing customs, we proceeded to Tsui Wah, where we had our last round of HK food.

Grumpy concluded that he likes Tsui Wah's milk tea the most HAHAHAHA.

Omg this condensed milk toast was damn gooooooood.

While making our way to our gate, we realised that our departure time was delayed till 4.30 pm, which left me feeling super sian because I had left my study notes in my check-in luggage and I wasn't able to do any studying zzz. We just walked and sat around before our airplane finally arrived at the gate. Thankfully we had a very filling lunch before checking-in, hence we were less angsty LOL.

Sad 'cos le flight got delayed and the reason wasn't made known to us until a few other passengers went up the counter and made a fuss zzz.


HK never fails to make me happy, and this trip was really no exception. The last time I went on an overseas trip (lasting more than 2 days) with Grumpy was back in November last year, and he showed me how enjoyable BKK could have been. This time round, I hoped I had shown him how enjoyable HK could have been, given the immense love I have for HK itself.

3x to HK, and I'm still not sick of it. May my love for Grumpy be as everlasting as my love for HK LOLLLLLLL.

This will be my last overseas trip before my exams in June. I pray that all goes well and that I will be able to proceed with my professional papers. The next overseas trip shall wait till then.

To many more trips with you, Grumpy Cat.

Ngor oi lei, bb.