Happy 2017!


Grumpy and I are people who do not like crowds, so instead of mingling with the crowds and joining them for the New Year countdown, we decided on just having dinner and then walking about aimlessly HAHAHA.

We both knew that places near downtown would surely be very crowded, hence Grumpy suggested having dinner at Timbre @ Gillman Barracks. The strange thing is, my ex-school is located just right next to Gillman Barracks, but I really had no idea that Timbre is located just besides my ex-school. Missy Au is really a suaku. ;X

Anyway, this also marked the first time I was having dinner at Timbre. I've heard people talk about it on Instagram for YEARS, yet I didn't have the chance to go there until yesterday. I did ever go to Timbre+ once though, and that was because of the UOB offer, where we ordered 8 different dishes for only $8, which was pretty crazy! ;D

I had expected Timbre and Timbre+ to be the same, but nope, they are not. Timbre+ sells food from different vendors, and it resembles an atas food court more (with restaurant prices), but Timbre has an outdoor restaurant setting though. I had heard rave reviews about the duck pizza they serve, so I asked Grumpy to order that, and he ordered another side of Timbre chicken wings as well. I wasn't sure if two dishes would be enough for us, but Grumpy did assure me that it'd be more than enough, so I really restrained myself from ordering the ribs. ;P

The Timbre chicken wings were pretty good, and it was more than enough to go around for the two of us.

The highlight for me would have to be the duck pizza. This pizza was really huge-ass, and unexpectedly, it was more than enough for me and even Grumpy, who is a pizza lover. I really loved how succulent the duck meat was, and how great the fried popiah skin went with the pizza and the hoisin sauce that was drizzled over it. I'll definitely order this again if I ever come back!

We were feeling really stuffed after managing to polish off those two dishes, so we decided against ordering the ribs. Food here is rather pricey though, averaging around $20 per dish, so while it is not a restaurant I will frequently return to, for New Year's Eve with Grumpy, it was worth it. =)

Both of us somehow ended up in Holland Village when I just casually mentioned to Grumpy that I wanted to try the fluffy pancakes at Hoshino Coffee. As such, we ended up ordering a cup of coffee and a plate of the soufflé pancake with honey.

The coffee cost us more than $6, but it was really robust and flavourful. However, I don't think I will pay that much for coffee ever again LOL. The utensils used were really cute though!

The soufflé pancake. At nearly $10, I also do not think that I will spend that much on this again LOL. It was fluffy and good, but it didn't warrant another must-eat from me.

A trip to Holland Village will not be complete without me going to Sunday Folks, so our last meal of 2016 ended up being desserts from Sunday Folks. The lighting was bad though, due to it being night time already, so Grumpy's ice-cream ended up looking the same colour as my earl grey LOL. xD

Grumpy's hazelnut milk ice-cream, which was a new flavour.

My all-time favourite will still be the earl grey lavender, with the waffle of course. ;D

After stuffing ourselves, Grumpy and I just walked around the garden near my house in an attempt to chalk up our Vitality points LOL. And tadah, soon after, it was 12 am, and the start of a brand new year.

Here's to many more years with you, Grumpy. 💗💗💗