Happy holidays


The holiday spirit is definitely up in the air, and many people were/are currently on vacation, Grumpy Cat included. Me, excluded. HAHAHA. I really love it when I no longer have to fight for seats during lunchtime, though the lack of the usual lunchtime crowds do really make me wish that I was on vacation as well.

Coincidently, my lunch kakis didn't take leave during this period of time as well, so as a consolation to ourselves, we decided to eat a slightly more expensive lunch on Friday, which was also the Friday before Christmas.

We have heard rave reviews about Yuki Onna on Instagram, and it so happened that it is located just right besides E's favourite kefir shop, so we decided to console our lonely souls during this festive period.

Yuki Onna serves DIY salad, as well as dishes that seem rather similar to Tanuki Raw, which is one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore.

I must say that I was really impressed by the food quality. Prices quoted are around the same as Tanuki Raw's, but are nett prices, unlike Tanuki, which charges an extra 10% for service and 7% for tax. As such, I would say that Yuki Onna is a cheaper version of Tanuki Raw.

My food porn-worthy truffle beef yakiniku from Yuki Onna. This is almost on par with Tanuki Raw's. The foie gras version cost about $23, but I was broke, hence I had to just settle for this, which is around $16.80...

Watch my onsen egg wobble heehee. I purposely sent Grumpy this when he was away. ;D

The eve of my Christmas eve was rather sad though... I had to OT because I had work to finish as I would be taking leave for 27th, so while Grumpy was overseas, I just took the chance to complete whatever I had to, and ended up leaving at around 10 pm. ;(

The Christmas long weekend just literally flew past, just like that.

Grumpy came back on the 26th, but since he touched down late, I only ended up meeting him just now. We just lazed around in his house for 2 hours before I left for home. Never thought that I'd miss my Indian so much, but seeing his face just makes my world light up and the fatigue from the past week just vanished.

I might have only gotten to see him for about 2 hours, but it's not the amount of time spent that is important; it's the quality. I truly appreciate this statement even more now.

Before leaving for Taiwan, Grumpy asked if I had wanted anything. I told him that I just wanted a particular brand of instant noodles, but WOW, this Indian does really know how to make me feel so loved and happy. ;P

The instant noodles that he brought back really meant a lot to me, because Grumpy's Chinese is really bad (there is an inside joke between us, but I'll probably reveal it when the time is ripe), so to think that he had actually gone to supermarkets/convenience stores just to get the exact noodles (and more) for me. I really have no words except for gratitude, and more gratitude.

My loot from Grumpy. It felt as though I was the one who had gone to Taiwan instead LOL.

Grumpy never forgets that I love cute toys too. Say hi to Hammie!

Meet my Oinky! ;D

Thanks to Grumpy's loot, my mum didn't have to think hard on what to cook for dinner, so you can guess what we all had for dinner tonight. ;P

My instant noodles from 一度赞, which tasted really good. Granted, this was my first time eating it, but I felt quite amazed at the bits of real pork that were included inside the packaging.

Add on le egg and broccoli that le mum cooked so as to make it a more hearty dinner. Shiok max!

Alright, I guess that's it for now. I just can't believe that my 4 days of holidays just ended in a blink of an eye... it really didn't feel like I have rested enough... Oh well... Time for me (and Grumpy) to OT tomorrow. D;


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