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Grumpy Cat is really a very interesting person; even after half a year together, I still find myself in awe of him. Growing up, he was someone who'd be every parent's nightmare, and definitely, he was a teenager that I will not wish to have in the future. Yes, I told him that straight in the face hahaha.

His life is really very interesting, and he did experience a lot while growing up; the good (when he was still brought up in a very privileged environment, as with most ACS boys) and the bad (when everything just fell apart for him). What I really admire about him is that, no matter how down and out he was in the past, it really amazes me to see, for myself, how much he has grown throughout the years, to who he is today.

The Grumpy Cat I know today is someone who is very intellectual, calm and collected, which was totally the opposite of what and how he described himself when he was in his teens. His life was really like a roller-coaster ride, from him getting poor PSLE scores, skipping classes, failing every single exam, battling obesity (I really couldn't believe my eyes when I saw his past photos) to where he is right now, rubbing shoulders with the EXCOs, designing and developing apps that are sleek and intuitive to use and more importantly, growing up to be a confident and yet witty person, with nary a hint of his past in his current self.

Given Singapore's environment (though the current situation is not as bad as before), most people would have written him off as a gone-case, but Grumpy Cat proved to be the opposite. I do know that there are probably many more of such success cases like him in SG, but I felt a sudden urge to blog this down because my upbringing was really very different from Grumpy's.

Growing up, my parents gave the best they could to us. I did well in school, and attended every class I was supposed to diligently. Basically, I was the complete opposite of Grumpy. Looking back, my life was much more smooth-sailing than Grumpy, and I do feel that Grumpy has been through a lot more than I have. I'm thankful and grateful that my parents gave us an environment full of love, are still healthy and are still able to provide for us comfortably.

But sometimes I can't help to think, if my circumstances were a bit harder, would I have grown up to become more resilient, less whiny and more 上劲? Grumpy became who he is today because of his circumstances. His circumstances were harsh and unforeseen, but I can't help to think that had he not gone through all the shit that he had to go through, would he still be the man that I fell in love with?

I guess not. ;P

Anyway, here are some yummy pictures from Friday after that somewhat reflection from me.

My $3 lunch. Guan Hin Homemade Carrot Cake has temporarily relocated to Chinatown Food Complex. What a joy it is to be working in CBD, where good and cheap food is available nearby. This plate of carrot cake literally takes the cake lol. It has officially become my favourite black carrot cake in Singapore. I love how soft the carrot cake was, and how the sweet sauce complemented the garlic and preserved radish so really well. I'm really all for supporting hawkers who truly put their heart and soul into their cooking, and it's really evident from the taste of the food.

We had always wanted to try the food at The Western Co, ever since Instagram videos of the owners (?) scrapping raclette cheese over their dishes made its rounds on social media. However, we didn't have the fate as the next time we attempted to go, they were closed for good. A month later, a pretty ugly saga involving said food establishment did deter us from wanting to try the food here.

I just so happened to come across an Instagram video about The Western Co on Thursday night, and after reading the reviews on Facebook, Grumpy and I decided to give this place a try one more time. There was a direct bus from office, so we reached the place within 20 minutes.

It wasn't crowded as before, in the sense that when we arrived at 7 pm, there were more than enough seats for walk-in customers. We also didn't wait long for our food (before that, we heard that the waiting time was at least 1 hour) after our orders were placed.

Our saffron-infused cheese wheel pasta which was tossed and tossed in the giant cheese wheel they had. Grumpy didn't eat much of it as he felt that it didn't really suit his taste (he's very particular about how his pasta should be done), so I ended up finishing the whole plate. The first few bites were pretty good; I really liked the cheesiness of the cream and cheese, but as Grumpy didn't eat much, I had to finish up the plate myself and it got quite jelat towards the end. ;X

I enjoyed this Yin Yang fish and chips more, partly because I'm really partial towards the fish they used, and also because it wasn't that jelat. The fried items were really nicely done, and the sauces (salted egg and chilli crab) really tasted good. We added $5 for the gooey cheese that you see here, but sad to say, I do think that $5 is really expensive for the amount of cheese we got. I think $2 should be it.

While we enjoyed our dinner, I did feel that the prices were quite steep, with us spending about $20 per person, and that was without drinks. They did definitely charge restaurant prices for a coffee-shop environment, and this isn't the only food establishment in Singapore that serves such Western fare, so I don't think we will be returning anytime soon.

Our foodie night trail continued as we walked down the street in hope of digesting our dinner. Grumpy saw The Tiramisu Hero and suggested that we have desserts there. I wasn't really keen, but am now really glad that he pushed me to walk through the doors. OK lah, tbh while I didn't know what was the fuss regarding this café (having not heard of it at first), I was really very intrigued by the beautiful décor of the café exterior. It really looked like a scene from an English storybook.

So in love with the exterior of The Tiramisu Hero. The lighting was really on point.

The ceiling of this café. So much love for it.

We ordered the lemon lavender tiramisu first, and ordered the Horlicks next after we tasted heaven from the lemon lavender. I didn't know that lemon and lavender could go so well together! These were really the best-tasting tiramisus I've had in recent memory. They didn't taste heavy at all and tasted really delightful.

Grumpy being very impressed with what he was eating hahaha.

We sat in this café for about a good 1 hour plus before we headed home. Turns out that bus-stop near the place has 67, so Grumpy took the long bus ride back with me, even though it is definitely much more convenient for him to go home straight since he lives in the East. And so, it was during that long bus-ride that sparked the above reflection in me.

I still have much to learn, but we shall learn together.

Thank you for all that you've done, Grumpy Cat. I really appreciate it very much. ;)


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