Happy holidays


The holiday spirit is definitely up in the air, and many people were/are currently on vacation, Grumpy Cat included. Me, excluded. HAHAHA. I really love it when I no longer have to fight for seats during lunchtime, though the lack of the usual lunchtime crowds do really make me wish that I was on vacation as well.

Coincidently, my lunch kakis didn't take leave during this period of time as well, so as a consolation to ourselves, we decided to eat a slightly more expensive lunch on Friday, which was also the Friday before Christmas.

We have heard rave reviews about Yuki Onna on Instagram, and it so happened that it is located just right besides E's favourite kefir shop, so we decided to console our lonely souls during this festive period.

Yuki Onna serves DIY salad, as well as dishes that seem rather similar to Tanuki Raw, which is one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore.

I must say that I was really impressed by the food quality. Prices quoted are around the same as Tanuki Raw's, but are nett prices, unlike Tanuki, which charges an extra 10% for service and 7% for tax. As such, I would say that Yuki Onna is a cheaper version of Tanuki Raw.

My food porn-worthy truffle beef yakiniku from Yuki Onna. This is almost on par with Tanuki Raw's. The foie gras version cost about $23, but I was broke, hence I had to just settle for this, which is around $16.80...

Watch my onsen egg wobble heehee. I purposely sent Grumpy this when he was away. ;D

The eve of my Christmas eve was rather sad though... I had to OT because I had work to finish as I would be taking leave for 27th, so while Grumpy was overseas, I just took the chance to complete whatever I had to, and ended up leaving at around 10 pm. ;(

The Christmas long weekend just literally flew past, just like that.

Grumpy came back on the 26th, but since he touched down late, I only ended up meeting him just now. We just lazed around in his house for 2 hours before I left for home. Never thought that I'd miss my Indian so much, but seeing his face just makes my world light up and the fatigue from the past week just vanished.

I might have only gotten to see him for about 2 hours, but it's not the amount of time spent that is important; it's the quality. I truly appreciate this statement even more now.

Before leaving for Taiwan, Grumpy asked if I had wanted anything. I told him that I just wanted a particular brand of instant noodles, but WOW, this Indian does really know how to make me feel so loved and happy. ;P

The instant noodles that he brought back really meant a lot to me, because Grumpy's Chinese is really bad (there is an inside joke between us, but I'll probably reveal it when the time is ripe), so to think that he had actually gone to supermarkets/convenience stores just to get the exact noodles (and more) for me. I really have no words except for gratitude, and more gratitude.

My loot from Grumpy. It felt as though I was the one who had gone to Taiwan instead LOL.

Grumpy never forgets that I love cute toys too. Say hi to Hammie!

Meet my Oinky! ;D

Thanks to Grumpy's loot, my mum didn't have to think hard on what to cook for dinner, so you can guess what we all had for dinner tonight. ;P

My instant noodles from 一度赞, which tasted really good. Granted, this was my first time eating it, but I felt quite amazed at the bits of real pork that were included inside the packaging.

Add on le egg and broccoli that le mum cooked so as to make it a more hearty dinner. Shiok max!

Alright, I guess that's it for now. I just can't believe that my 4 days of holidays just ended in a blink of an eye... it really didn't feel like I have rested enough... Oh well... Time for me (and Grumpy) to OT tomorrow. D;

Staycation at Oasia Hotel


Grumpy Cat was feeling really apologetic that he couldn't spend our first Christmas together as he would be overseas, so he asked me around 3 months back if I'd like to go on a staycation with him.

As luck would have it, Oasia Hotel was running a promotion at that time, so Grumpy decided to book it for our one-night staycation. I was really excited as it would marked the first time I would be having a staycation, and the photos of Oasia Hotel looked really good, so I couldn't wait for Friday to come.

Both Grumpy and I took the afternoon off. I was really dying to try out the tendon at Tendon Kohaku, which is located at Suntec City. The first time I went there, it was during dinnertime, and the queue was still very long at around 8 pm. My friends and I decided to drop out of the queue and went to Pasarbella to fill our stomachs instead.

I figured out that not everybody would have the time to go and queue for this during lunchtime, so Grumpy and I decided to take this occasion to try queuing for the tendon again. I was right - this time round, we only waited at most 20 minutes before we were being shown to our seats inside. The floors were really slippery though... must be due to the oil used for frying the tempuras...

We decided on our orders really quickly, and waited a further 20 minutes for our orders to arrive at our table.

I must say that for $15++, this bowl of tendon was really very good. As Grumpy put it, it was crispy without being oily and heavy, something which I put down to the chef having the right skill of cooking. The ingredients used were really fresh too. I enjoyed every single tempura that was inside, from the mushroom to the corn, from the prawns to even the chicken breast. In fact, the standout for me was really the chicken breast. It is the part of the chicken which I hate eating the most lol, and yet this piece of chicken breast was done so wonderfully that I forgot I was eating it... the breast was really tender and juicy. In fact, the first time I truly liked eating chicken breast was from this shop at Raffles XChange called Ice Queen (so much love for this shop still). I can finally say that I've finally found another place where I can eat chicken breast in Tendon Kohaku.

I totally won't mind coming back here again, minus the crazy queues of course.

I felt really very stuffed from the tendon, but Grumpy had other ideas. He wanted to try out the churros cheese tarts at Nigiro Café, which is located along the same stretch as Tendon Kohaku. I was protesting, but decided to go along with Grumpy's whims hahaha. The cheese tarts were made to order, so we had to wait around 20 minutes before our cheese tarts were brought to us.

They had very interesting utensils, but I didn't think they were easy to use though... ._.

Our churros cheese tarts finally arrived on a wooden board, which was coated in cinnamon and icing.

The churros (tbh it just tasted like pastry topped with cinnamon and sugar, not the chewy churros texture I was expecting per say) formed the top of the cheese tart. Beneath it was molten cheese. This cost $4.80++ per tart. Grumpy found this really good and would totally have it again. I found this nice as well, but honestly, I wouldn't specially come back here to have the cheese tart, probably because I'd rather eat the real churros than just some pastry dough topped with cinnamon and sugar lol.

After deciding that we've had enough of food, we proceeded to Novena, where our one-night staycation was at. After checking in, we proceeded to our room, which was located right at the far end of the corridor, away from the lift lobby. Our room's view was really spectacular! We had full-length windows, which gave us a bird's eye view of the surrounding buildings as well as a fantastic scenery.

Grumpy had to settle some work-related stuff, but thankfully he had already come prepared with his stash of movies, so while he busied himself with work, I was left to entertain myself with Storks hahaha. After the movie was done, we left for dinner at around 7 plus.

We chanced upon Once Upon A Thyme (located at Square 2) as we were making our way out of our hotel via the underpass. We both had been wanting to give this a try (I saw it at Central once), hence this was the time.

This cup of lavender earl grey tea cost $3.50, which I found to be quite pricey, but it tasted really good! Now I really miss the lavender earl grey soft serve at Sunday Folks. ;_;

Our battered fish aglio olio was so damn good. At $8.50, we both thought that it was really worth the money! Sorry for the sloppy picture though because the lighting wasn't good and there were a lot of shadows forming. ;X This picture totally doesn't do justice to the food we had.

We then decided to take a bus down to Whampoa food centre to get our dinner. There were so much good food recommended for this particular place on food blogs, but some had already closed for the day. Thankfully, we still did manage to settle our dinner with some very delicious food!

Hokkien mee from Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee (serious, that's the stall's name!). This seriously kicks ass! One of the best Hokkien mees I've had so far! ;D

After dinner, we decided to take a walk, where Grumpy described places which he used to visit as a child. Before going back to our hotel, we stopped by Sing Hon Loong bakery for our dose of fresh, white fluffy bread, which really tasted so fresh and good! I can't believe that this bakery actually operates 24 hours. o.O'''

We watched two more movies before we retired for the night.

Super pretty view from our room at night. ^^

Check-out was at 12 pm, so both of us tried to make full use of the room facilities by vacating only exactly at 12 pm LOL. After checking-out, Grumpy brought me to Pek Kio Market, which apparently, is home to a number of stalls with good food too. As luck would have it, most of the food I had wanted to try were sold out already.

Thankfully Grumpy was queuing for Soon Kee wanton mee, and bought the last few plates. ._. I'm more partial towards the HK-style wanton mein, so I wasn't expecting much from the wanton mee that Grumpy bought, but this was seriously good! The chilli really packed a punch, and surprisingly, the char siu slices were DAMN GOOD?! It overshadowed the wantons tbh. And this is really one of the rare times where I actually really enjoyed the char siu in wanton mee.

Loved the noodles, and loved the char siu. ;)

We made our way home after having lunch. I felt really tired and all, but still thankful to Grumpy for planning everything. ;P

Enjoy and do take care of yourself in Taiwan Grumpy Cat. I'll see you back in Singapore. *adds heart-eye Stitch*

6 months of #windy


Grumpy Cat is really a very interesting person; even after half a year together, I still find myself in awe of him. Growing up, he was someone who'd be every parent's nightmare, and definitely, he was a teenager that I will not wish to have in the future. Yes, I told him that straight in the face hahaha.

His life is really very interesting, and he did experience a lot while growing up; the good (when he was still brought up in a very privileged environment, as with most ACS boys) and the bad (when everything just fell apart for him). What I really admire about him is that, no matter how down and out he was in the past, it really amazes me to see, for myself, how much he has grown throughout the years, to who he is today.

The Grumpy Cat I know today is someone who is very intellectual, calm and collected, which was totally the opposite of what and how he described himself when he was in his teens. His life was really like a roller-coaster ride, from him getting poor PSLE scores, skipping classes, failing every single exam, battling obesity (I really couldn't believe my eyes when I saw his past photos) to where he is right now, rubbing shoulders with the EXCOs, designing and developing apps that are sleek and intuitive to use and more importantly, growing up to be a confident and yet witty person, with nary a hint of his past in his current self.

Given Singapore's environment (though the current situation is not as bad as before), most people would have written him off as a gone-case, but Grumpy Cat proved to be the opposite. I do know that there are probably many more of such success cases like him in SG, but I felt a sudden urge to blog this down because my upbringing was really very different from Grumpy's.

Growing up, my parents gave the best they could to us. I did well in school, and attended every class I was supposed to diligently. Basically, I was the complete opposite of Grumpy. Looking back, my life was much more smooth-sailing than Grumpy, and I do feel that Grumpy has been through a lot more than I have. I'm thankful and grateful that my parents gave us an environment full of love, are still healthy and are still able to provide for us comfortably.

But sometimes I can't help to think, if my circumstances were a bit harder, would I have grown up to become more resilient, less whiny and more 上劲? Grumpy became who he is today because of his circumstances. His circumstances were harsh and unforeseen, but I can't help to think that had he not gone through all the shit that he had to go through, would he still be the man that I fell in love with?

I guess not. ;P

Anyway, here are some yummy pictures from Friday after that somewhat reflection from me.

My $3 lunch. Guan Hin Homemade Carrot Cake has temporarily relocated to Chinatown Food Complex. What a joy it is to be working in CBD, where good and cheap food is available nearby. This plate of carrot cake literally takes the cake lol. It has officially become my favourite black carrot cake in Singapore. I love how soft the carrot cake was, and how the sweet sauce complemented the garlic and preserved radish so really well. I'm really all for supporting hawkers who truly put their heart and soul into their cooking, and it's really evident from the taste of the food.

We had always wanted to try the food at The Western Co, ever since Instagram videos of the owners (?) scrapping raclette cheese over their dishes made its rounds on social media. However, we didn't have the fate as the next time we attempted to go, they were closed for good. A month later, a pretty ugly saga involving said food establishment did deter us from wanting to try the food here.

I just so happened to come across an Instagram video about The Western Co on Thursday night, and after reading the reviews on Facebook, Grumpy and I decided to give this place a try one more time. There was a direct bus from office, so we reached the place within 20 minutes.

It wasn't crowded as before, in the sense that when we arrived at 7 pm, there were more than enough seats for walk-in customers. We also didn't wait long for our food (before that, we heard that the waiting time was at least 1 hour) after our orders were placed.

Our saffron-infused cheese wheel pasta which was tossed and tossed in the giant cheese wheel they had. Grumpy didn't eat much of it as he felt that it didn't really suit his taste (he's very particular about how his pasta should be done), so I ended up finishing the whole plate. The first few bites were pretty good; I really liked the cheesiness of the cream and cheese, but as Grumpy didn't eat much, I had to finish up the plate myself and it got quite jelat towards the end. ;X

I enjoyed this Yin Yang fish and chips more, partly because I'm really partial towards the fish they used, and also because it wasn't that jelat. The fried items were really nicely done, and the sauces (salted egg and chilli crab) really tasted good. We added $5 for the gooey cheese that you see here, but sad to say, I do think that $5 is really expensive for the amount of cheese we got. I think $2 should be it.

While we enjoyed our dinner, I did feel that the prices were quite steep, with us spending about $20 per person, and that was without drinks. They did definitely charge restaurant prices for a coffee-shop environment, and this isn't the only food establishment in Singapore that serves such Western fare, so I don't think we will be returning anytime soon.

Our foodie night trail continued as we walked down the street in hope of digesting our dinner. Grumpy saw The Tiramisu Hero and suggested that we have desserts there. I wasn't really keen, but am now really glad that he pushed me to walk through the doors. OK lah, tbh while I didn't know what was the fuss regarding this café (having not heard of it at first), I was really very intrigued by the beautiful décor of the café exterior. It really looked like a scene from an English storybook.

So in love with the exterior of The Tiramisu Hero. The lighting was really on point.

The ceiling of this café. So much love for it.

We ordered the lemon lavender tiramisu first, and ordered the Horlicks next after we tasted heaven from the lemon lavender. I didn't know that lemon and lavender could go so well together! These were really the best-tasting tiramisus I've had in recent memory. They didn't taste heavy at all and tasted really delightful.

Grumpy being very impressed with what he was eating hahaha.

We sat in this café for about a good 1 hour plus before we headed home. Turns out that bus-stop near the place has 67, so Grumpy took the long bus ride back with me, even though it is definitely much more convenient for him to go home straight since he lives in the East. And so, it was during that long bus-ride that sparked the above reflection in me.

I still have much to learn, but we shall learn together.

Thank you for all that you've done, Grumpy Cat. I really appreciate it very much. ;)