Vietnamese summer rolls


I made summer rolls today, with the intention of bringing them to Grumpy Cat for breakfast tomorrow. I had my inspiration from one of the food bloggers on Instagram. It looked really easy, but gosh, the effort that went into it was really mind-boggling. ._.

First, I did not know that the Vietnamese rice papers tear quite easily. I managed to get them not to tear by immersing them into a flat plate of water instead of a bowl after wasting like 3 rice papers LOL. Shredding the cucumber and carrot also took quite a bit of work, and I was constantly fearing if I would shred the skin off my fingers too, as the shredder's blade was really sharp as well.

My rolls ended up being made, after I had lightly grilled the sliced pork belly that I got from NTUC, but it's more like a fusion dish. Korean-Vietnamese to be exact. There isn't anything much Vietnamese to the rolls I made this time, namely due to the lack of herbs (still don't like how Vietnamese dishes tend to spam on the herbs which I really don't like), and because I added kimchi inside.

I added in kimchi because I had looked up on the recipe to make the peanut dipping sauce, but oh boy, that really looked like a lot of work LOL so I just decided to let kimchi do its job of making my summer rolls less bland. And my years of eating Korean food taught me that kimchi goes damn well with pork belly and lettuce. ;P rolls looked a lot more firmer than mine, because she was able to cut her rolls cleanly, whereas when I tried to do so, my ingredients ended up falling out. ;(

Not sure how Grumpy Cat is going to eat the rolls tomorrow without making a mess...

I'm thinking of making kimbap for le Grumpy Cat next. I think I'll have more confidence in that since I had done so before, but first, I need to get the sushi rolling mat from Daiso maybe?? Grumpy Cat is quite a big fan of Seoul Roll...


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