JB Trippin'


I was really craving for my dose of Hiap Joo's banana cakes, so Grumpy Cat and I, together with le sis and her chubby, decided to hop over to JB for a day trip yesterday. I guess that's the only good thing about living in the West lol. Poor Grumpy Cat lives in the East now so he had to really wake up early to meet us.

Our designated time to meet was at 10 am (stupid sis lol), but both of us ended up only reaching at almost 10.30 am. I was feeling damn apologetic to both Grumpy Cat and Clinton lol as I had initially thought of meeting at 10.30 am instead.

It was just a normal weekend, so I was pretty shocked when the queue at the checkpoint was so long. I think by the time we got made it through the Malaysian customs, it was already 1 pm. D; Thankfully I had bought waffles for everybody for brekkie, so we weren't too hungry lol and thus, weren't too grumpy HAHAHA.

So much love for neighbourhood waffles. In fact, I love them more than those sold in cafes, except maybe the waffles from Sunday Folks and Olivia & Co. at Suntec City... The more undercooked it is, the more I love it. ;D

Our first stop after reaching the Malaysian border was to rush over to Hiap Joo Bakery lol. I was so afraid that there won't be anymore banana cakes left, and thankfully, it was still there. However, the coconut buns that I wanted to buy for my mum were gone. ;( In fact, all the buns were sold out by the time we reached there at around 1.15 pm.

After collecting our banana cakes, we walked past a cafe which sold good ice-cream for RM 8, and it was also 1-for-1. Damn good haha. The matcha ice-cream that we got had great waffle cones and the matcha wasn't sweet; it had a slight bitter aftertaste, which I really relished a lot.

We went over to Restoran Hua Mui for lunch, where we ordered the tomato fried rice and the char kway teow (CKT). Our food did take quite long to arrive, but the dishes that we got were really tasty. The wok hei was so strong in both the fried rice and the kway teow. I enjoyed the fried rice more as I still prefer the CKT in Singapore (mainly due to the cockles being just half-cooked in SG whereas the cockles at Hua Mui are more rubbery and chewy... ;P). The bill came up to only about RM 30 for the 4 of us. It's really damn value-for-money leh!! We later learned that the main draw of the restaurant was the Hainanese fried chicken chop, but oh well, we decided to leave it till the next time as the waiting time for the food was quite long.

The four of us decided to move on to KSL City, but were pretty clueless as to where to proceed from as the boys had only gone there via cars before and we girls haven't been there before... Turns out that there is a bus terminal there where we can just hop on and move further away from the checkpoint.

We managed to find a massage salon which offered 1 hour foot massage services for only RM 39, but it was really crowded, so after making our reservation, we moved down to where Tesco was located and we saw many UFO catchers located right outside the supermarket. It only cost RM 10 to exchange for 12 tokens, so Grumpy Cat decided to try his luck to catch something for me. He didn't manage to catch anything, although he did come close to catching it a few times, only to have the toy slip out of the claw's grip at the very last moment lol.

Clinton didn't join us for the foot massage as he is incredibly ticklish lol, so he left to do this own things while we went for our massage. I haven't gone for a massage in years, so this foot massage did initially feel quite ticklish to me. I couldn't help but to keep laughing lol. Stupid Grumpy Cat ended up falling asleep while having the massage. I don't get how one can fall asleep when the massage is so ticklish lol. Think he'll fall asleep while having the massage too when we go to BKK. -.-'''

Grumpy Cat then suggested going to Soon Soon Heng bak ku teh (BKT) for dinner as it was just located opposite KSL City. The BKT does really taste very different from the peppery soup that I usually eat back in SG. The you tiao that went with the soup does taste exceptionally tasty. Thanks Grumpy for the recommendation. I really loved the BKT, although the meat wasn't as tender as I would have envisioned it to be. Our dinner cost around RM 60 for 4 people (we did order 4 portions of ice jelly and added in pig stomach to our BKT soup as well, so that was why), which I found pretty reasonable, when in Singapore, a single portion of BKT costs at least $5 and above.

Shiok shiok shiok! The tau kee and you tiaoooooooo...

Featuring le ice jelly (which is super shiok too) and le you tiao. The you tiao tasted better when it was soggy with the soup.

The claypot chicken. I found this to be rather normal. Maybe 'cos I didn't get to eat the thigh/drumstick HAHAHA. Or maybe because the BKT was too awesome... ;P

Grumpy decided to try his luck one more time at the UFO Catcher, and guess what? He managed to catch a Snitch toy for me. But we were also lucky because the guy with the keys came, so I got the guy to open up the machine and place Stitch in a more favourable position. But still, thanks Grumpy! I love you many many! ;D

After that, we went back to Tesco to stock up on our snacks. Grumpy and I went crazy on le poppadums lol. These chips are seriously addictive!!! After that, we took the bus back to City Square mall, where we went for some light snacks at Dragon-i. We ordered 2 baskets of xiaolongbaos (XLB) and a plate of XO fried radish cake. The XO fried radish cake was so good that le sis and I decided to order another plate to bring back for our parents.

The shiok XO fried radish cake. I don't mind ordering it over and over again! ;D

Xiaolongbaos... 4 for RM 11.50. Not too bad, considering that XLBs in Singapore cost quite a lot... o.o'''

We made our way back to the checkpoint at close to 10 pm, but due to the jam, le sis and I only managed to reach home at around midnight. This trip was pretty tiring and I only managed to wake up at 12.30 pm today LOL, but we did have lots of fun exploring new places. I hope to be able to squeeze in another trip to JB to eat the fried nian gao, before flying off to BKK. If not, till I reach BKK with Grumpy Cat. ;)

Vietnamese summer rolls


I made summer rolls today, with the intention of bringing them to Grumpy Cat for breakfast tomorrow. I had my inspiration from one of the food bloggers on Instagram. It looked really easy, but gosh, the effort that went into it was really mind-boggling. ._.

First, I did not know that the Vietnamese rice papers tear quite easily. I managed to get them not to tear by immersing them into a flat plate of water instead of a bowl after wasting like 3 rice papers LOL. Shredding the cucumber and carrot also took quite a bit of work, and I was constantly fearing if I would shred the skin off my fingers too, as the shredder's blade was really sharp as well.

My rolls ended up being made, after I had lightly grilled the sliced pork belly that I got from NTUC, but it's more like a fusion dish. Korean-Vietnamese to be exact. There isn't anything much Vietnamese to the rolls I made this time, namely due to the lack of herbs (still don't like how Vietnamese dishes tend to spam on the herbs which I really don't like), and because I added kimchi inside.

I added in kimchi because I had looked up on the recipe to make the peanut dipping sauce, but oh boy, that really looked like a lot of work LOL so I just decided to let kimchi do its job of making my summer rolls less bland. And my years of eating Korean food taught me that kimchi goes damn well with pork belly and lettuce. ;P

@honeybeesweets.sg rolls looked a lot more firmer than mine, because she was able to cut her rolls cleanly, whereas when I tried to do so, my ingredients ended up falling out. ;(

Not sure how Grumpy Cat is going to eat the rolls tomorrow without making a mess...

I'm thinking of making kimbap for le Grumpy Cat next. I think I'll have more confidence in that since I had done so before, but first, I need to get the sushi rolling mat from Daiso maybe?? Grumpy Cat is quite a big fan of Seoul Roll...