Grumpy Cat's love


In the 50 odd days that we have been officially together, many things have happened, including the passing of my last remaining grandparent. I was devastated no doubt, and yet touched by Grumpy Cat's mere existence, which really gave me lots of strength. And 'cos of this , he got introduced to my mum when we were just starting out.

I'm pretty surprised that my parents allowed me to go on an overseas trip with Grumpy Cat when we were only about a month in, considering that my dad hasn't even met him as of now.

I fell sick on Thursday, and Grumpy Cat had since moved from Holland Village to Punggol. However, when we met each other to go to work on Friday, he had gone all the way back to Ghim Moh (without me knowing) just to buy me chee cheong fun and my favourite century egg porridge for breakfast. The chee cheong fun was crazily good, and I eventually brought the porridge back home 'cos I was too sick to continue working.

It feels good to finally have someone to whine to, to plan my future with, and to love.

96 more days to go, Grumpy Cat! ;D