Awesome D&D 2016


D&D was held pretty early by our standards, and I remembered being shocked when I first received the email just about a month back. It turns out that April is the month when we will be celebrating our 85th anniversary in Singapore, hence the D&D was brought forward to coincide with us celebrating our anniversary.

The theme this year was "Awesome". I got this info before the official email went out to everybody, but I remembered being left confused as to why the organising committee decided to have such a generic theme. It turns out that we're supposed to be celebrating 85 years of awesomeness heehee.

My previous D&D with the company occurred 2 weeks after I first started work, so I did feel rather awkward although the colleagues were really nice and welcoming. This time round, after 8 months here, I can say that I genuinely enjoyed myself more. Of course, we also narrowly averted a huge disaster over the venue for D&D on the day itself, which I won't put down here, but I'm just super thankful that all went well in the end, which made the event even more AWESOME!

Just too bad that we missed the pre-event activities because when I went through the contract, it seemed really very interesting, but oh well. The ballroom actually felt rather stuffy though. Not sure whether it was due to the very humid weather that day or just because we used lots of spotlights. Nonetheless, the party was AWESOME!

Food wise, it was generally OK, but not as impressive as I thought it would be, especially coming from a 5-star hotel lol, and with room rates going at $500++ per night. But the company more than made up for it.

My section head, E, and I. She's really one of the best bosses I have ever worked with. But she's always saying that I "act cute" LOL. ;P

A really shitty photo of me, but have to put it up 'cos it features one of my favourite colleagues from department A HAHA. Didn't manage to find my other favourite colleague from department A 'cos their whole department is freaking big (they took up 14 tables of 10s and 11s) and they were all wearing the same thing?! Damn cute lah their department. This costume is what I'd gladly wear LOL. And can you believe that she is already a mum of a 22-year-old?! I couldn't believe it, and till now, I still can't believe it. ._.

Lastly, my favourite colleagues from my very own sub-department. Cheers to more happy and stressful times ahead LOL. And lol, just realised that the 3 of us are GOOD DRINKERS HAHAHA.

One of the colleagues from my department got the "Employee of the Year" award, which was given out during D&D, so he decided to give us a treat. Got dragged by my two direct bosses to drink with them HAHAHA, but I decided that I had enough for the night, and decided to catch the last train home. Thank goodness for the Downtown Line lol.

And... I don't want to put up my photos with A, because my eyebags seriously #lastwarning ah... But A was looking so dapper in his suit so... They say that men in suit and tie are really handsome (Captain Yoo and Sergeant Seo from Descendants of the Sun included HAHA). So... lemme think about it heehee.

Thanks for the really awesome 8 months so far. ;)