Let's go!


I really haven't been OT-ing much these days. Not that I'm complaining haha, but I feel a bit weird, and of course, it means less OT allowances for me.

However, this month is quarter close and we're thrown to do accruals again, so I guess from tomorrow onwards, it'll get more hectic. I'm really damn grateful to colleagues from other departments who kept asking me how I'm doing etc...

Oh, and I had managed to more or less settle my trip, which will be happening in 45 days. I was pretty excited for it, but now, I'm feeling more nervous. It's the second time I am going to a country where I do not know the language at all (first one being Japan, but at least the Japanese romanised words are pronounceable). For this country, I don't even know how to pronounce the words at all because the English spelling doesn't equal the English way of pronunciation. ;_;

By the way, thanks for the treat that day heehee, Sotong. ;D I like calling you Sotong 'cos you are really a sotong. ;P

P.S. My DnD this year is so freaking early. IN APRIL. O.O''' Our whole team was totally shocked when I first told them about it while we were resting after lunch. It will just be held 8 months after our last Dnd... Honestly speaking, I felt that last year's DnD was too early, and that was because it was held in August. I never dreamt that the organising committee will push it even earlier this year. ._. Hopefully it is held in some atas hotel to make up for it. ;X Time to get some first-hand info from my snitches heehee.


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