Let's go!


I really haven't been OT-ing much these days. Not that I'm complaining haha, but I feel a bit weird, and of course, it means less OT allowances for me.

However, this month is quarter close and we're thrown to do accruals again, so I guess from tomorrow onwards, it'll get more hectic. I'm really damn grateful to colleagues from other departments who kept asking me how I'm doing etc...

Oh, and I had managed to more or less settle my trip, which will be happening in 45 days. I was pretty excited for it, but now, I'm feeling more nervous. It's the second time I am going to a country where I do not know the language at all (first one being Japan, but at least the Japanese romanised words are pronounceable). For this country, I don't even know how to pronounce the words at all because the English spelling doesn't equal the English way of pronunciation. ;_;

By the way, thanks for the treat that day heehee, Sotong. ;D I like calling you Sotong 'cos you are really a sotong. ;P

P.S. My DnD this year is so freaking early. IN APRIL. O.O''' Our whole team was totally shocked when I first told them about it while we were resting after lunch. It will just be held 8 months after our last Dnd... Honestly speaking, I felt that last year's DnD was too early, and that was because it was held in August. I never dreamt that the organising committee will push it even earlier this year. ._. Hopefully it is held in some atas hotel to make up for it. ;X Time to get some first-hand info from my snitches heehee.

Missy Au has grown up


I had "accidentally" come across Rat Teeth's Instagram post earlier this week (I think it was on Monday) as I was scrolling through Instagram. I don't follow her, but I think some of the people I follow do, so inevitably, I got to know that something really wonderful had happened to her. However, there was a strange feeling that washed over me. I know a couple of acquaintances (whom I've had better impressions of back in school) who are already engaged/married, but it was Rat Teeth's engagement news that I felt exceptionally happy for.

Back in school, I never really liked Rat Teeth. I found her too bratty / too bitchy / too outspoken from the beginning and my impression of her just had to get worse during the transition from Year 4 to 5. If not for my friend, I wouldn't have known about how she bitched about me and sullied my reputation with my future classmates. When I received the SMS that day, I swore that I must have cut Rat Teeth up over a thousand of times in my mind.

It did take awhile for the classmates whom she had bitched to to warm up to me afterwards, but I guess the damage was already done. I guess overall they were nice people, but we were never close enough to feel comfortable outside of the classroom setting.

I profess that I have a bad memory (or is it selective memory?), so I don't really recall the minute details that transpired her bitching of me, but I knew that from that day onwards, my dislike for her grew even stronger. We both live around the same area. A few days after that incident, we were both on the same platform, waiting to board the train to go to school. She came up to me and said hello, but because of that incident, I couldn't bring myself to greet her sincerely. I did remember trying to smile, but in my mind, I was silently cursing her for being a two-faced bitch. I think she did sense my unfriendliness, so after lingering for a few seconds, she decided to move on to wait at another train door. I felt quite relieved when she went away, because I was wondering why she was trying to act friendly with me when she was bitching about me just a few days before. It would have been really awkward had she stayed on.

Fast forward to last year, when I think I saw Rat Teeth at Golden Shoe. It seems as though she is working in the same area too, but that was the only time I saw her. I'm not sure if I will say hi to her if we ever meet face-to-face because we have never really talked more than 10 sentences back in school, but since I have truly put that incident behind me now, hopefully if I ever bump into her, I can sincerely give her a genuine smile.

Dear Rat Teeth, I think we could have been good friends, because we both live around the same area and you are a lot like Poopy, whom I really didn't like at first (my first impression of Poopy was also like the first impression I had of you; you two were even from the same class lol), but grew a lot closer to as time went by. As much as I didn't like you back in school, I can say that I'm truly very happy for your engagement, and wish you and your future husband nothing but the very best of blessings. Stay happy, stay pretty, and stay blissful. :)

I have grown up, and I do think that Rat Teeth has matured and grown up in these few years too.

With this, I can also say that I'm really proud of myself for truly putting an incident which really did affect my mood and morale a lot in school behind. Wing Yi, ngor dang nei hoi sum! Yik dou hei mong nei wui fai di wan dou nei zi gei ge hang fok. :D