New year, new resolutions


So this is the second year straight that I am spending the New Year away from Singapore, my home.

Since holidays are meant for me to chill, here are the resolutions, or rather, goals that I'd like to achieve, moving on.

1) Follow my heart. Do not let my sense overrule whatever irrationality that I may have.

2) Take up more volunteering work.

3) Follow God's words more closely. Find a church which suits me better.

4) Stop being a sotong. Stop being a blockhead. Be more receptive to people's feelings.

5) Stop running away / closing myself up to people who want to know me better.

6) Have a more positive outlook on life and stop being so jaded.

7) Stop being so cool.

8) Look back at the end of the year and be confident to say that I have had a good 2016.



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