Happy birthday, my RV!


It just seemed like yesterday that I was actively involved in the RV50 celebrations, which, in fact, took place exactly 10 years ago. How time really flies. The RV50 celebrations then, was a very big deal, because I remembered that people actually had to pay to watch our performances, so no matter how much effort it took from us, we had to present our best sides to the public, to the outside world.

In fact, we had started preparing for the RV50 celebrations since the June school holidays of 2005. I tried looking through my past entries lol, but apparently, I started keeping this blog RIGHT after the 50th anniversary celebrations. -.-''' However, I need no blog entries to remind me how hard we slogged for that, because these memories are all etched in my heart.

In 2005, I had just joined RV. Half a year after joining RV, we, especially those in the Performing Arts (PA) group, were thrown into preparing for the biggest school event the next year. When I first heard the news, I felt nervous, because as someone who was entirely new to the clarinet, and to band as a whole, I was worried about not being able to play my best and as a result, dragging down everybody. At the same time, I had remembered being thankful to have been born at the right time, and to have chosen RV as my fist-choice school in the end. Not everyone was as lucky as us, to be so actively involved in the school's Golden Jubilee celebrations. And at 14 years of age as of 2006, it was my first time performing in front of an audience of a few hundred people, in front of people who ACTUALLY PAID to watch us perform.

Expectations were crazily high; back then, RV had the reputation of having one of the strongest PA groups in the whole of Singapore. The seniors before us had been winning awards after awards in various competitions, and we were expected to at least maintain, or even up the standard. I remembered that besides practising in the damned Queensway campus (I hated that campus; it was too stuffy and run-down for a proper school to function), we also had numerous rehearsals and sound-checks at the University Cultural Centre (UCC). I used to look forward to going to UCC, because that would mean that we could escape the hot-like-nobody's-business band room (didn't know why the air-con was perpetually down lol) and I could enjoy the shiok air-con at UCC.

Our time on stage during the actual day was so short in comparison to the numerous hours we had put in for rehearsals, but the RV50 celebrations remained as one of the best memories of my teenage years, and of my years in RV. Because the school bond game then was damn strong, and it was through the celebrations that I started loving RV a whole lot more after the initial nonchalance during the start of Sec 1.

We studied in 3 campuses, but till date, the Malan Road campus remains my most favourite campus. It was actually just a holding shcool, but my happiest and craziest memories all happened in this campus. The wait for the photos to be printed were crazily long, so I ended up just taking a photo with one of my most favourite people I got to know in RV even though I really wanted to take many other photos with other groups of friends. Thanks for always being so steady like a rock ever since I knew you in Year 3 lol. And thanks for always having my back. You can be assured that I'll have your back too!! LOVE YA!!

Fast forward 10 years later, I am sure that most of the juniors would be feeling the same thing as me 10 years down the road. I'm damn proud of how much effort has been put in during the mass display even though I wasn't personally there to watch it.

10 years ago, my friends and I were musing in between the sporadic breaks that we took from rehearsals, that if we would live to see RV's 100th anniversary. By then, we would have already gone through so much more that life has thrown at us. By then, we wouldn't be the innocent teenagers that we were 50 years back, where the things we worried about then were results or whether we could go home on time. And by then, maybe some of us would not be here anymore to witness the 100th anniversary celebrations.

But RV, may your star continue to shine brighter still; shine like it has never been extinguished before. And shine for the future generations, like you have for the past.

Thank you for the happiest years of my teenage years.

與日月爭光兮, 與天地共久長。

Happy 60th birthday, my alma mater!


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