Christmas Wonderland 2015


Since Z is now back in Singapore for good, we decided to meet up before she flies off to London for her holiday tomorrow. I knew that the Christmas Wonderland was held last year too, but as I was still in Korea, I didn't manage to go there last year. So this year, I decided to ask my friends if they were interested in going for it this year and thankfully, they were game. ^^

E and I are huge fans of Japanese raw food, so whenever we have lunch in the CBD, we would always pass by this Japanese restaurant at Republic Plaza II which was just besides Glace. I didn't really take much notice of that restaurant whenever we passed by, but E had mentioned to me that she was dying to try out the kaisendon. I later realised that the restaurant was Teppei Syokudo, which is really famed for selling their kaisendon for a mere $16 NETT. It's a freaking good deal can? I had seen pictures of their kaisendon all over Instagram, but it didn't occur to me that there was one outlet SO NEAR TO ME. *jumps in delight* So I asked Z and GY if they wanted to eat Japanese food. They agreed.

What the three of us had. The food was really good!!

My sashimi porn. I went with the option of adding $4 for a cup of green tea and extra sashimi. I swear the normal portion is actually more than enough for me. I actually had problem finishing my bowl of kaisendon with the extra sashimi. There was really more sashimi than rice in that bowl, despite the bowl being deceptively small. ;O

I was feeling really very full from dinner, so we decided to walk over to Gardens by the Bay, where the Christmas Wonderland attraction is. It was really a long walk from the heart of Raffles Place to that place. With my bag being so heavy, I felt really very tired. Perhaps this is due to the lack of exercise haha.

We finally reached the entrance after such a long and tiring walk...

The main attraction which has been Instagrammed so many times. But it is really damn pretty.

The pretty colours which change according to the mood and pace of the music being played at Supertree Grove.

Damn pretty blur shot. Love the colours.

At the exit.

Walking back to Marina Bay Sands was also tiring because I was already very tired, and there were so many people maing their way to MBS too from the Garden. We had some HTHT over our cups of Gong Cha before finally having the sense to go home LOL. I managed to take the second last train back home. ._.

That's it for today. I went to JB today so I'm pretty zonked out now. @_@ Till my next update.

P.S. My new phone takes really awesome photos. All the photos are untouched, with no filters used at all. Even my friends were saying the pictures turned out really good. Good phone. ^^



The start of December was pretty good. Since our financial year for 2015 has already ended, I felt noticeably more relaxed and I realised that I haven't been OT-ing much. As such, boss has finally decided to release me for my employee orientation LOL. My orientation got postponed 3 times?! D;

Anyway, orientation was good because I got to know more people, like duh. And because my job scope requires me to meet almost all people from the departments, most people in the orientation also knew me even before I knew them LOL. And the organisers also went "If got anything, just ask *inserts my name*." ._. This company really has a way with me lol.

Townhall today was pretty chill and only officially ended at around 2 pm. For me, it meant that I didn't have to work for 2.5 days, which went really well for me. I really felt that I needed the break away from work. However, the top person in Singapore decided to bring forward the Townhall to 8 am at Suntec City, which meant that it was the second day in a row I had to wake up at ungodly 6.30 am in order to reach there on time. ;O I used to wake up at 5.30 am for 6 straight years when I was still in RV and I really had no idea how I managed to survive those years. ;_;

Anyway, Townhall meant that those big shots got their ample time of the limelight by sharing with us the company's results etc. and what was in store for the coming years. I was looking forward to the buffet the most heehee. Buffet was pretty good, especially the dessert. They were super duper good.

However, as much as a foodie I am, there was just simply too much food, so after 2 rounds, I decided to call it a day, and we went shopping around Suntec before going back to the office for work.

P.S. I love watching History of a Salaryman so much. I watched it for Woo-hee and Hang-woo at first because I thought both of them were the perfect visual couple, but apparently, I really like foul-mouthed female leads as well heehee. So much charisma! ^^