It seems like I do only have time to update once a month now, and I managed to knock off almost on time today. Yay! ;)

The past few weeks had been very hectic because we were rushing for YE closing. Hahaha, who closes the financial year in November? My company. But that means that most of us get to go off in December (although the reporting side will die in December/January haha), and for me, I will be bidding adieu to 2015 and saying hello to 2016 in another country! ;D Just a bit less than one month to go!

The weeks, especially the last, were really brutal. My immediate boss went on leave, so we had to settle the accrual items by ourselves. But it was also through this that I got to know E much better. When E interviewed me during the second round of interview, I remembered feeling quite intimidated by her. And for a few months before last week, I didn't really dare to talk to her. But during the week when my boss wasn't around, she took the reins and really guided us well, if not we would have died for YE closing. When we had to go back to work on Saturday, she even bought us breakfast and encouraged us. Hahahaha, I felt that all my tiredness went away because of that. ;P

I now see E from a different perspective. She isn't as scary as she seemed, and she seems really much approachable to me now. She even suggested an outing for us to go to the Christmas event. Haha, it seems like a really good idea to support the company by going there since the company is organising the biggest Christmas event in Singapore this year. The various department have worked really hard on this, so it'd be good to witness how beautiful the structures and illuminations are over there. The pictures already look so good! I think it'd be nice to go over to Marketing if I don't feel like staying in Finance anymore. It seems so much more happening there lol.

The tiring week was made less tiring because well, many people have personally told us to press on and that they really appreciated what we have done for them, from the conception of the new projects to finally, the implementation. A department even nominated me for some award (won't reveal 'cos I don't want to reveal where I'm working at) 'cos I really helped them a lot LOL. So yay, extra cash. ;)

And XX asked me out for lunch and bought me a caramel popcorn latte during hell week. Thank you for making my week so much better. ^^ You always complain that I can't remember your face, so let me see you more often. I apparently have trouble remembering people LOL. To be honest, I can't really remember how you look like exactly now (me and my pea brain - I deserve to be slapped LOL), but you are VERY tall, and 잘 생겼다. :) I can't remember how many times I've nearly bumped into you that day; my neck felt really very tired when I have to raise my head to talk to you LOL, but I really like talking to you heehee. ;P


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