What a hectic week!


I AM SO SO SO SO GLAD THAT THIS WEEK IS FINALLY OVER!!! M had to go on block leave, and her block leave coincided with the busiest period of the month for us. ;( During this week, there were a few times when I really felt that my temper would get the better of me. I had felt like lashing out at my colleagues for always trying to "disrupt" me from finishing what I had to urgently do (which never seems to end sigh...), but I had to just hold in my irritability and angst because I am still technically on probation, even if boss has already told HR that she would be confirming me.

Despite being so irritable and feeling so angsty, good things came out from this week. Someone who holds a high position in Marketing actually wrote me a commendation email to boss. I felt really happy because I totally didn't expect such a glowing report from her, and it did make me slightly embarrassed because I was sure that what I had done was just what I thought I was supposed to do. ._. Another person with quite a high position from HR also wrote me an email to thank me for what I had done all these while despite my busyness and told me to "jiayou" at the end of his email.

During M's (mandatory) absence from the company, I truly realised that for almost the past 3 months, I have been relying on M a lot. M's absence was felt by me lol, especially during the first day of the work week when she wasn't there. People starting bombing me with phone calls and emails. M's empty table suddenly became a battlefield because there simply wasn't enough space on my table to hold all my to-do items anymore. People who came to find me or boss would just drop their jaws at the state of M's and my work stations. Despite this, I see some good in M's absence, because for once, I realised that despite the minor hiccups in the beginning ('cos I'm still quite a blur sotong), I did manage to survive the week without any help from M at all and for this, I felt really proud of myself. ;')

This is something I wish I wouldn't have to repeat, but it really has been an enlightening period for me. Thank God for all these!


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