October updates


How time really flies. It's now one week into October. And autumn is definitely in full swing in Korea. The Triplets' father had mentioned to the Triplets that the sky in autumn looked very high and far away. I agree. But the sky I saw in autumn was also the most beautiful.

For the second year in a row, I will be spending the new year away from Singapore. I had booked my tickets on the last day of September, which I thought was a really great deal LOL. But apparently the other Miss Au and J (my new colleague HAHA) thought that my ticket was still expensive. o.O''' Anyway, I will need to ask them on places to go since it will be my first time there. I'm already counting down to my escapade to a country with winter, although I think for now, nothing can beat Korea's bitter winters.

Wicked Garlic opened another outlet right in the CBD, at Clifford Centre. Apparently Boss is a huge fan of them so she suggested to go there for lunch. I of course agreed as I really loved their pasta when I first ate there at Tanjong Pagar. Boss liked their Facebook page, so she knew that they were giving out free chocolate molten lava cake for every set meal purchased. When we reached there, I excitedly asked about the cake and the owner (I presume) told me that just for us, he would give us the molten cakes for free even if we just ordered the normal ala carte meals. I guess aegyo does help in getting myself some extra food. ^^

I ordered something different from the previous time; I had the roasted chicken aglio olio this time round and it tasted really good! M's prawn aglio olio is also something which I will definitely try the next time I am there. After getting 3 free chocolate molten lava cakes, the same guy came to our table and said that he would be giving us a box of tiramisu for free too. WOW HAHAHA. I just couldn't believe our luck LOL.

My roasted chicken aglio olio, which was damn good! *two thumbs up*

OK, I'm not a prolific blogger (neither do I aspire to be one; I just want a platform to pen my thoughts down), but still, a BIG SHOUT-OUT to Wicked Garlic for being so nice to us on Tuesday! We really did enjoy our lunch very much, and you can definitely count on our support (especially Boss' HAHAHA!!!). ;D

P.S. * is going to where I am going too?! I was quite shocked 'cos it's too much of a coincidence, but don't think we will get to meet each other though, because * looks like ** will be going earlier. 맨디야, 넌 왜 이래??? 넌 지금 포기해야 지... I'm really a myriad of confusion. I can't even figure myself out, so how can I expect other people to do so? Haiz... ;/


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