Slightly more than a year back, I had decided to embark on my trip to Korea. It was a dream come true for me after 10 years. The stint overseas had made me understand myself better, taught me many valuable lessons which I wouldn't have otherwise gone through had I chosen to remain in Singapore and start work immediately, and of course, helped me made many beautiful memories.

I had emerged from the stint stronger than I thought, and while I was so full of anxiety during the days leading up to my trip, I was glad that I was worried for almost nothing at the end of it.

Today marks the start of autumn for the Northern Hemisphere, and because of this, I do suddenly miss my days in Korea very, very much. Autumn was undoubtedly the season when I saw Korea at its best and in its full beauty. The gradual change of colours during September became more apparent as the heavy autumn rains came pouring down and the temperatures suddenly plummeted to the low 10s. The myriad of colours that peaked in October was truly a feast for the eyes, and I couldn't help but to wander at God's creation.

If given a chance again, I would like to visit Korea during spring or autumn again. And when that time comes, I really do wish to have somebody whom I can call my own.

I can really act like I don't give a damn so naturally, but it takes enormous effort for me to show that I care and am not unreceptive.

To do so, I need to have courage, face up to myself, and stop hiding in my own shell.

Haiz, that is really easier said than done for me. T_T

P.S. I think I am drunk. This post isn't making any sense. Bye.


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