Zi char dinner


Z came back to Singapore for just a few days, so we took the chance to meet her for zi char dinner yesterday. I finally got to see GY as well after not seeing her for almost 3 years (or maybe even more!!). We had our zi char dinner at Ban Tong seafood, which is located at Clementi. The food was pretty good, and each of us actually only paid $12 per person (we had 5 people), which is really cheap. And I felt really full after that as well. ;)

The cereal crayfish cost $18 for the small portion. It was enough for the 5 of us. It was definitely one of my most favourite dishes! ^^

The claypot tofu came with tofu, veggies and roast pork. It costs $10. And I found it pretty good as well! ;D

$6 omelette. Not bad too!

I wasn't really looking forward to the beans when M ordered them 'cos I wanted the sambal kang kong more, but this was really good too! I loved the shrimp paste used.

The highlight of the day! Prawn paste chicken! Damn nice!! *two thumbs up*

The sweet and sour pork was really delicious too!

It was 8.30 pm when we finally left the place. I suggested eating bingsu since it is now a food trend here, so Z managed to source out a bingsu place at Jurong East which sold relatively cheaper bingsus. We went over to One Ice Café at JCube and talked until they closed for the day. The bingsu was really cheap, but I didn't really find it very nice leh. The ice was really smooth though, so kudos to that. But other than that, I felt that it was rather bland because the ice wasn't coated evenly with milk and I felt like I was just eating ice half the time. =( Thankfully this was shared among the 5 of us, so the total cost per person only came up to about $3.20, which was really cheap! But I'd rather pay more to eat better-tasting bingsus LOL. And I don't understand why bingsus here are so freaking expensive when they cost less than 10 000 won back in Korea. ='( The famous bingsus (as introduced by food bloggers) can cost almost $20 here!! D;

Our bingsu. I don't think I will go back again LOL.

I think the red velvet waffle tasted better haha. It was around $9.

We then headed to McDonald's for more small talk before making our way back at 11.30 pm. It really felt very good catching up with all of them, especially GY, whom I have not seen for such a long time. And the period of time away really made a lot of difference. She now has so many things to update us on heehee. *side-eyes*

The Tim Tams by Adriano Zumbo! Thank you so much Z for bringing all these back from Aussie! They were pretty heavy LOL! Thanks thanks, and so sorry for the trouble. ;P

It was really a great catch-up! I really want to have more of such catch-ups soon, but till you come back for good at the end of the year, Z!


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