SIA Open House 2015


My childhood dream was to work for either Changi Airport or Singapore Airlines (SIA), and up till now, the aviation industry still remains the industry that I really want to dedicate my life to. Unfortunately, I live in the West and I do not think that I will have the discipline to travel across Singapore every single day just for work, even if my passion lies there. This is when I really resent living in the West. Why don't I live in the East? Even living in Central beats living in the West. ;( I guess it's CBD for me, for now. T_T

SIA had their Open House today, and only just for today. They opened up their training facilities to the public for the very first time in their history, and would not do this again in the near future. Girly and I signed up for it at the first instance, and I was really glad we signed up early because when Z's sister tried to sign up, she couldn't 'cos it was fully booked already.

We took the shuttle bus at Tanah Merah MRT station to STC. The weather was really hot and we were literally melting under the sun. T^T STC is actually located pretty far away from the MRT station, so I don't know whether I should thank my lucky stars that I didn't manage to pass the SQ interview when I went for it. If I had ever gotten to work there, besides enduring the long train journeys, I would also have to endure the bus rides. And after getting down the bus, I still have to walk a distance to reach STC?!?! ;O If I cannot even take this kind of hardship, I'm pretty sure that I will not be able to enjoy my work for long when the travelling fatigue finally takes over me.

I was really glad to have signed up for this Open House because I know that for now, I will not get the chance to go near this place. And if one day, I do manage convince myself to ignore the distance from my home to STC/the airport and get through all 6 rounds of the interview, at least I would know what to expect when I finally undergo training proper.

My dream company hahaha. But apparently, I'm not good enough to move on to the 5th round of interview. ;(

We were given a goodie bag, which also had an ice-cream coupon. We chose the strawberry cheesecake and the vanilla orchid flavours. These ice-cream flavours have not been released to the public yet, so the visitors to the Open House are the first ones to try it. The ice-creams were really dae to the bak. I thought that the strawberry cheesecake was already very good, and I was really impressed with the cake crusts in it, but the orchid vanilla really blew me away because it tasted really very unique and yet, not weird at all. I really hope to see this served on SQ one day. ;)

The Open House itself was free to enter, but we had to pay for certain activities. We were really interested in the CC training so we each paid $5 to access their restricted areas where the CCs trained. This was the boarding pass they gave us after we had paid. So cute of them heehee.

We got to experience how the first class cabin was like. The seat was really huge and enough to fit two people comfortably. o.O''' And the chief stewardess was really of another league lol. Even the way she spoke was so different. Confirm 老将 one!! And the thing is the 老将's skin still looked so good?! Like no wrinkles or what. I'm guessing that she's in her 40s, or late 30s, because promotion through ranks is pretty difficult for CC. Looks do really matter for this line. ._.

With the SQ crew. ^^

With the SQ girls in the grooming room. I was secretly hoping that they would let us dabber in their make-up so that I could imagine how I would look like when I put on make-up like them. ;P

We left STC at around 3 pm. With the intention of eating at Nookie Yogurt, we went over to Dhoby Ghaut to walk around and shopped before settling down for dinner at Nam Nam. It was my first name at Nam Nam and the food was really as good as raved. We ordered just the pork ball pho and the grilled chicken bahn mi, because we wanted to leave some space for the yoghurt.

The pho came quickly, but the bahn mi did take some time to arrive at our table. I remembered that I didn't really like Vietnamese food when I was younger because Vietnamese dishes tend to spam on the herbs and coriander leaves, which gave them quite a "herby" and overpowering taste. I really didn't like that so I have never had the craving for Vietnamese food. The pork ball pho that Girly ordered had lots of herbs, and I didn't really like the soup at first taste, but as I took more, I found myself getting used to the taste and I began to like the dish on the whole. The noodles were really very smooth and slurp-worthy; the pork balls were huge and tasted really home-made (which I really loved!) and the soup was definitely very delicious after I had gotten over the strong herb taste that is definitive of Vietnamese food. Since they do have the loyalty card, I will definitely be back for more!

The pork ball pho. As a fan of innards LOL, I will definitely try the beef combination pho next! ;P

The very delicious grilled chicken bahn mi. I, of course, took out the coriander leaves. ;X

As our luck would have it, when we walked over to PoMo from Plaza Singapura, Nookie Yogurt's shutters were down. I thought the store assistant was just away for a toilet break, but it turned out that the store would be closed for the next couple of days as the machine was spoiled. Just our luck because I had seen somebody on Instagram post their yoghurts just 2 days before. =( I was really looking forward to trying the Thai mango sticky rice or the red velvet parfait flavours. Damn sad. I guess I will make my way down next time then. Hopefully it'll be opened by then. ;(

We went our separate ways after failing to eat our yoghurt lol. I accompanied the dibby for dinner at McDonald's and I ordered the cappuccino. McDonald's can really never get enough of the Minions eh? ^^

The Minion cappuccino. ;P

Blackball has just opened a new branch so I decided to let the dibby know what was the fuss about. The queue was really long, but I didn't have to wait very long to place my order. I'm glad to know that dibby also enjoyed it. ^^

OK, end of post. I can't believe that tomorrow is the start of another work week. I can't wait for the National Day holidays already!


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