SIA Open House 2015


My childhood dream was to work for either Changi Airport or Singapore Airlines (SIA), and up till now, the aviation industry still remains the industry that I really want to dedicate my life to. Unfortunately, I live in the West and I do not think that I will have the discipline to travel across Singapore every single day just for work, even if my passion lies there. This is when I really resent living in the West. Why don't I live in the East? Even living in Central beats living in the West. ;( I guess it's CBD for me, for now. T_T

SIA had their Open House today, and only just for today. They opened up their training facilities to the public for the very first time in their history, and would not do this again in the near future. Girly and I signed up for it at the first instance, and I was really glad we signed up early because when Z's sister tried to sign up, she couldn't 'cos it was fully booked already.

Zi char dinner


Z came back to Singapore for just a few days, so we took the chance to meet her for zi char dinner yesterday. I finally got to see GY as well after not seeing her for almost 3 years (or maybe even more!!). We had our zi char dinner at Ban Tong seafood, which is located at Clementi. The food was pretty good, and each of us actually only paid $12 per person (we had 5 people), which is really cheap. And I felt really full after that as well. ;)

The cereal crayfish cost $18 for the small portion. It was enough for the 5 of us. It was definitely one of my most favourite dishes! ^^