Vesak Day outing


Today is Vesak Day, which is another public holiday here in Singapore. I think that this year is really a good year to start work, because ever since I started work in February, I have enjoyed at least one long weekend every month, and this month (June) is no exception as well. ^^

My mum had free tickets to the RWS S.E.A Aquarium, but gave the tickets to me and my sister. I decided to go with girly instead. Girly had to buy her own ticket haha, but the tickets at RWS were too expensive (meant to con tourists HAHAHA) so we got her ticket from Qoo10 instead. So instead of paying the normal price of $38, she paid only $21 to get her ticket from a tour agency located at Lucky Chinatown.

I haven't been to Chinatown in ages (no, I didn't go there during CNY this year), so Chinatown felt a bit foreign to me and I really felt like a tourist in my own country. After collecting girly's ticket from the tour agency, we went over to the food centre located at the top of the wet market for our lunch. Both of us had the Hill Street char kway teow for lunch, which was really nice! ;3 And thus, started our day of unhealthy food-eating HAHA.

Unhealthy unhealthy unhealthy. But who cares hahaha...

After lunch, we headed over to Sentosa. The weather these few days can really kill I swear. I know this is nothing in comparison to what India is experiencing right now, but weather like this makes me really miss the weather in Korea. T_T Because Singapore is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year, entry to Sentosa will be free until the end of 2015. We decided to walk there 'cos it costs $4 to just sit on the monorail and we both felt that it wasn't worth it hahaha. Walking can also help to burn off fats. ;3

The S.E.A Aquarium is actually located right next to USS. The air-con was such a welcomed change from the scorching weather outside. We showed our tickets and got in to explore the place. The first level mostly consisted of historical artefacts and history of the South-east Asian areas. After exploring the first floor, we took the escalator down and that was the main reason why we came. The aquarium is located at the basement and the sights really blew us off. It was grand and so awe-inspiring to see marine creatures to close-up to us. I won't really go into details here 'cos the place was rather dark and the photos didn't really turn out so well. But anyway, this place is definitely a must-go, at least once. The climax, for me, would definitely be the feeding session at the Ocean Dome. It was really so cool to see the aquarists dive down and personally feed the marine creatures, with fishes all swarming them. And I've come to realise that stingrays are super adorable creatures. It's just too bad that I love eating stingrays as well. T_T

Spot Dory!

Nemo and friends...

Le smiley stingrays. ;3

We spent about 3.5 hours in the aquarium, so when we came out, it was almost evening. We walked back to Vivo City where we claimed our 1-for-1 Starbucks drinks. Starbucks recently came out with this Orange Honeycomb Crunch drink, but at $9.40, it is definitely one of the most expensive drinks around and really not worth the price. If it wasn't on offer, I wouldn't have bought it. Both girly and I agreed that we have tasted better Starbucks drinks.

It looks really pretty, but it was very bland and I really didn't like it at all. =(

We had the intention of going to Chicken Up to eat, but since the Chicken Up at Tanjong Pagar only opens at 5.30 pm, we still had some time to spare, so we decided to go to the old Railway Station, which is located at Tanjong Pagar as well. It just so happened that they decided to open up the station to public today, and we were lucky that we managed to get in before they closed at 5.30 pm.

The station really showed signs of disuse, and it looked quite creepy to me actually. ;X

The outside façade...

The inside view of the station.


After touring the station, we decided it was time to go anyway because they were closing. We then walked to Chicken Up. Haha, thanks to girly, I think I now know Tanjong Pagar better now. It's kind of ironic 'cos I have worked in Tanjong Pagar since February, but didn't know that most of the streets were actually interconnected. ;P

I wanted to eat Chicken Up because I have heard of the rave reviews about their chicken (especially), and Samsung phone users are entitled to have this 1-for-1 chicken wings set promotion as well. It turned out that we didn't have to use the promotion because Chicken Up was running its own SG50 promotion anyway. The first 50 customers could get to enjoy their chicken wings sets at 50% off. Moreover, if we leave the restaurant before 7.30 pm, we could get an additional 20% off the bill. In the end, we had a plate of japchae and 2 sets of chicken wings for only $12.70 each only, inclusive of GST and service charge. It's really damn worth it, if you ask me. ^^ The service crew members were also very friendly. So yes, I'll definitely come here again for the chicken! One of the best I've ever tasted, really! It makes all the calories worth it heehee.

I found the japchae rather ordinary haha.

DAMN GOOD. This is the soy sauce chicken wings set. The wings were crispy and yet juicy. MUST-EAT!

The yangnyum (spicy) chicken wings set. I prefer the soy sauce ones but this really isn't too bad as well! ;)

I guess this is all for my wonderful outing today! It's back to work tomorrow for me. ;( Thankfully, this week is only a 4-day work week for us working Singaporeans. So chin up, and work on!


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