Start of work life, for real.


So for this past one week, I have been working. I am glad to say that so far, I find myself coping rather well and I do indeed love the work environment and culture here a lot more than back in the previous company where there was a terrifying FC LOL. And I say all these in spite of me sitting right beside the CFO's PA, and right in front of the CFO now. We have an open concept for our office, so the office is really very open in this aspect and I love the fact that I am actually sitting right beside the full-length glass windows. Looking out once in a while (I am facing the sea) after staring at countless of lines on Excel is really very therapeutic for me, and I really relish this very much.

The view from my seat. And my table is damn huge to say the least. I think I should take a picture of my table when there are less people in the office LOL.

My department is very big, so actually, even after one week in, I don't know everybody's names and I am still damn bad at recognising faces. ;X During my first day of work, I did go out for lunch with a few of the people from the various sub-departments in Finance, and the next day at work, a guy from the lunch group greeted me but I think I was more stunned and I don't remember greeting him back LOL. I am damn sorry, because I really did not/still do not recognise you. ;( I think he must have thought that I was being very unfriendly or what. ;/

On my third day with the company, my department organised a Chinese New Year party in the pantry (the pantry is damn big please... and still got those stools for you to sit and look at the view of the sea. Totally like a bar. OK I'm being damn suaku here...). We had yu sheng (haha, attack the salmon and the crackers only!), sushi and pizza for lunch! I really ate to my heart's content. After lunch, we had a lucky draw, and I was really damn happy to find money inside the red packet which I drew and the packet also contained the number which represented the abalone. First time this lucky sia!

View from the 27th floor pantry. It's super classy-looking and it resembles those bars so much!

Abalone baby!!

OK, abrupt end to the post HAHA. Work will not be fun, but at least Wednesday is not too far away. I'm really looking forward to the long weekend ahead! =)


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