I have nothing much to blog and do right now, so I've been catching up on my dramas and listening to some MVs which have caught my attention.

Before this drama, I really didn't know that Ram Chiang used to be a singer. It is really such a pity that he didn't continue to pursue his career in singing, because he can sing really well. T^T And guess what? He wrote the tune and the lyrics for this song as well. *jaw drops*

《老表, 你好hea!》 相逢何必曾相識.

The original song which was composed even before I was born? LOL.

And and and, I am totally regretting that I didn't manage to catch a musical back in Korea. Because I didn't know what Ock Joo-hyun would be reprising her role as Mrs Danver in Das Musical: Rebecca. Scumbag brain.

Ock Joo-hyun's voice is totally... Especially towards the end. And her expressions are totally spot-on, not to mention that she has so much stage presence. @_@

OK abrupt end to the post. Byeeeeee.


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