This is a bit late, but I am finally back in SG after 4 months overseas. And hey, this is my first post of 2015. ^^ I didn't have the strength to blog or do anything when I was back because I fell sick again during my last 2 days in Korea. It must have been because the weather suddenly turned cold again. While it wasn't the coldest I have experienced, my snot started dripping uncontrollably (my snot started dripping whenever the weather got too cold) and I started having a sore-throat. It was then I knew that I was falling sick. T^T

I haven't fallen sick in years (I think?) and yet when I came to Seoul, I fell sick twice in 4 months despite taking Vitamin C on an almost-daily basis. The first time being during the transition from autumn to winter, when the temperatures went from low double-digits to negative single digit overnight. I remembered that many people also fell sick during the transition period. And the second time being a week back. I must say that although the temperature wasn't very cold (-10ºC is nothing to shout about during winters in Korea. It's very common in fact...), the weather turned cold suddenly (real feel was about -17ºC? The winds were crazy!) after a few days of relative warmness (like 1ºC?!).

This, in fact, wasn't the coldest I've experienced. It seemed like the worst was during mid-December when I remembered that the highest temperature during daytime was only -7ºC. And that particular day was particularly dreadful because this was the first time I really realised that people can do actually die from the cold. I had chosen that dreadful day to do my grocery shopping at Mangwon because I really had no food left and stupid me went out without my gloves because I totally forgot about them. The winds then were super strong, and without my gloves, my hands were totally exposed to the cold winds and I really felt super horrible, like I was about to faint any moment. It was really very scary to see my hands turning almost deep red right in front of my eyes. I remembered that I nearly cried that time because of the pain and numbness. Oh, and I thought that my feet were quite well-protected, but during that day, they felt so numb until I thought that they were literally going to drop off from the frostbite. I rushed into a sheltered shop and stayed there for about 20 minutes before I finally felt some feeling coming back into my hands and feet.

It was this experience that made me vow to check that I had everything before I leave my room the next time. When I checked the temperature after I finally reached home safely, it was -15ºC, real feel -25ºC. I felt really lucky and thankful to God that I was able to make it back home without mishaps, and probably after narrowly losing my fingers.


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