You know what? I'm just going to try for my childhood dream.

It's probably one of the toughest interviews out there, with 6 rounds in total. And people have gotten kicked out from various rounds without even knowing why. But I guess this is what you have to go through in order to work for one of the most prestigious companies in the world.

I'm really more nervous for this job interview than any other job interviews I've ever gotten to secure.

I did have my doubts, doubts as to whether I will be deemed suitable by the management. But without trying, there won't be any chance at all right?

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

- Joshua 1:9

I pray that all will go well.

And I pray that I will make it in the end, in one try.



I have nothing much to blog and do right now, so I've been catching up on my dramas and listening to some MVs which have caught my attention.

Before this drama, I really didn't know that Ram Chiang used to be a singer. It is really such a pity that he didn't continue to pursue his career in singing, because he can sing really well. T^T And guess what? He wrote the tune and the lyrics for this song as well. *jaw drops*

《老表, 你好hea!》 相逢何必曾相識.

The original song which was composed even before I was born? LOL.

And and and, I am totally regretting that I didn't manage to catch a musical back in Korea. Because I didn't know what Ock Joo-hyun would be reprising her role as Mrs Danver in Das Musical: Rebecca. Scumbag brain.

Ock Joo-hyun's voice is totally... Especially towards the end. And her expressions are totally spot-on, not to mention that she has so much stage presence. @_@

OK abrupt end to the post. Byeeeeee.



This is a bit late, but I am finally back in SG after 4 months overseas. And hey, this is my first post of 2015. ^^ I didn't have the strength to blog or do anything when I was back because I fell sick again during my last 2 days in Korea. It must have been because the weather suddenly turned cold again. While it wasn't the coldest I have experienced, my snot started dripping uncontrollably (my snot started dripping whenever the weather got too cold) and I started having a sore-throat. It was then I knew that I was falling sick. T^T

I haven't fallen sick in years (I think?) and yet when I came to Seoul, I fell sick twice in 4 months despite taking Vitamin C on an almost-daily basis. The first time being during the transition from autumn to winter, when the temperatures went from low double-digits to negative single digit overnight. I remembered that many people also fell sick during the transition period. And the second time being a week back. I must say that although the temperature wasn't very cold (-10ºC is nothing to shout about during winters in Korea. It's very common in fact...), the weather turned cold suddenly (real feel was about -17ºC? The winds were crazy!) after a few days of relative warmness (like 1ºC?!).

This, in fact, wasn't the coldest I've experienced. It seemed like the worst was during mid-December when I remembered that the highest temperature during daytime was only -7ºC. And that particular day was particularly dreadful because this was the first time I really realised that people can do actually die from the cold. I had chosen that dreadful day to do my grocery shopping at Mangwon because I really had no food left and stupid me went out without my gloves because I totally forgot about them. The winds then were super strong, and without my gloves, my hands were totally exposed to the cold winds and I really felt super horrible, like I was about to faint any moment. It was really very scary to see my hands turning almost deep red right in front of my eyes. I remembered that I nearly cried that time because of the pain and numbness. Oh, and I thought that my feet were quite well-protected, but during that day, they felt so numb until I thought that they were literally going to drop off from the frostbite. I rushed into a sheltered shop and stayed there for about 20 minutes before I finally felt some feeling coming back into my hands and feet.

It was this experience that made me vow to check that I had everything before I leave my room the next time. When I checked the temperature after I finally reached home safely, it was -15ºC, real feel -25ºC. I felt really lucky and thankful to God that I was able to make it back home without mishaps, and probably after narrowly losing my fingers.