Christmas Wonderland 2015


Since Z is now back in Singapore for good, we decided to meet up before she flies off to London for her holiday tomorrow. I knew that the Christmas Wonderland was held last year too, but as I was still in Korea, I didn't manage to go there last year. So this year, I decided to ask my friends if they were interested in going for it this year and thankfully, they were game. ^^

E and I are huge fans of Japanese raw food, so whenever we have lunch in the CBD, we would always pass by this Japanese restaurant at Republic Plaza II which was just besides Glace. I didn't really take much notice of that restaurant whenever we passed by, but E had mentioned to me that she was dying to try out the kaisendon. I later realised that the restaurant was Teppei Syokudo, which is really famed for selling their kaisendon for a mere $16 NETT. It's a freaking good deal can? I had seen pictures of their kaisendon all over Instagram, but it didn't occur to me that there was one outlet SO NEAR TO ME. *jumps in delight* So I asked Z and GY if they wanted to eat Japanese food. They agreed.

What the three of us had. The food was really good!!

My sashimi porn. I went with the option of adding $4 for a cup of green tea and extra sashimi. I swear the normal portion is actually more than enough for me. I actually had problem finishing my bowl of kaisendon with the extra sashimi. There was really more sashimi than rice in that bowl, despite the bowl being deceptively small. ;O

I was feeling really very full from dinner, so we decided to walk over to Gardens by the Bay, where the Christmas Wonderland attraction is. It was really a long walk from the heart of Raffles Place to that place. With my bag being so heavy, I felt really very tired. Perhaps this is due to the lack of exercise haha.

We finally reached the entrance after such a long and tiring walk...

The main attraction which has been Instagrammed so many times. But it is really damn pretty.

The pretty colours which change according to the mood and pace of the music being played at Supertree Grove.

Damn pretty blur shot. Love the colours.

At the exit.

Walking back to Marina Bay Sands was also tiring because I was already very tired, and there were so many people maing their way to MBS too from the Garden. We had some HTHT over our cups of Gong Cha before finally having the sense to go home LOL. I managed to take the second last train back home. ._.

That's it for today. I went to JB today so I'm pretty zonked out now. @_@ Till my next update.

P.S. My new phone takes really awesome photos. All the photos are untouched, with no filters used at all. Even my friends were saying the pictures turned out really good. Good phone. ^^



The start of December was pretty good. Since our financial year for 2015 has already ended, I felt noticeably more relaxed and I realised that I haven't been OT-ing much. As such, boss has finally decided to release me for my employee orientation LOL. My orientation got postponed 3 times?! D;

Anyway, orientation was good because I got to know more people, like duh. And because my job scope requires me to meet almost all people from the departments, most people in the orientation also knew me even before I knew them LOL. And the organisers also went "If got anything, just ask *inserts my name*." ._. This company really has a way with me lol.

Townhall today was pretty chill and only officially ended at around 2 pm. For me, it meant that I didn't have to work for 2.5 days, which went really well for me. I really felt that I needed the break away from work. However, the top person in Singapore decided to bring forward the Townhall to 8 am at Suntec City, which meant that it was the second day in a row I had to wake up at ungodly 6.30 am in order to reach there on time. ;O I used to wake up at 5.30 am for 6 straight years when I was still in RV and I really had no idea how I managed to survive those years. ;_;

Anyway, Townhall meant that those big shots got their ample time of the limelight by sharing with us the company's results etc. and what was in store for the coming years. I was looking forward to the buffet the most heehee. Buffet was pretty good, especially the dessert. They were super duper good.

However, as much as a foodie I am, there was just simply too much food, so after 2 rounds, I decided to call it a day, and we went shopping around Suntec before going back to the office for work.

P.S. I love watching History of a Salaryman so much. I watched it for Woo-hee and Hang-woo at first because I thought both of them were the perfect visual couple, but apparently, I really like foul-mouthed female leads as well heehee. So much charisma! ^^



It seems like I do only have time to update once a month now, and I managed to knock off almost on time today. Yay! ;)

The past few weeks had been very hectic because we were rushing for YE closing. Hahaha, who closes the financial year in November? My company. But that means that most of us get to go off in December (although the reporting side will die in December/January haha), and for me, I will be bidding adieu to 2015 and saying hello to 2016 in another country! ;D Just a bit less than one month to go!

The weeks, especially the last, were really brutal. My immediate boss went on leave, so we had to settle the accrual items by ourselves. But it was also through this that I got to know E much better. When E interviewed me during the second round of interview, I remembered feeling quite intimidated by her. And for a few months before last week, I didn't really dare to talk to her. But during the week when my boss wasn't around, she took the reins and really guided us well, if not we would have died for YE closing. When we had to go back to work on Saturday, she even bought us breakfast and encouraged us. Hahahaha, I felt that all my tiredness went away because of that. ;P

I now see E from a different perspective. She isn't as scary as she seemed, and she seems really much approachable to me now. She even suggested an outing for us to go to the Christmas event. Haha, it seems like a really good idea to support the company by going there since the company is organising the biggest Christmas event in Singapore this year. The various department have worked really hard on this, so it'd be good to witness how beautiful the structures and illuminations are over there. The pictures already look so good! I think it'd be nice to go over to Marketing if I don't feel like staying in Finance anymore. It seems so much more happening there lol.

The tiring week was made less tiring because well, many people have personally told us to press on and that they really appreciated what we have done for them, from the conception of the new projects to finally, the implementation. A department even nominated me for some award (won't reveal 'cos I don't want to reveal where I'm working at) 'cos I really helped them a lot LOL. So yay, extra cash. ;)

And XX asked me out for lunch and bought me a caramel popcorn latte during hell week. Thank you for making my week so much better. ^^ You always complain that I can't remember your face, so let me see you more often. I apparently have trouble remembering people LOL. To be honest, I can't really remember how you look like exactly now (me and my pea brain - I deserve to be slapped LOL), but you are VERY tall, and 잘 생겼다. :) I can't remember how many times I've nearly bumped into you that day; my neck felt really very tired when I have to raise my head to talk to you LOL, but I really like talking to you heehee. ;P

What a hectic week!


I AM SO SO SO SO GLAD THAT THIS WEEK IS FINALLY OVER!!! M had to go on block leave, and her block leave coincided with the busiest period of the month for us. ;( During this week, there were a few times when I really felt that my temper would get the better of me. I had felt like lashing out at my colleagues for always trying to "disrupt" me from finishing what I had to urgently do (which never seems to end sigh...), but I had to just hold in my irritability and angst because I am still technically on probation, even if boss has already told HR that she would be confirming me.

Despite being so irritable and feeling so angsty, good things came out from this week. Someone who holds a high position in Marketing actually wrote me a commendation email to boss. I felt really happy because I totally didn't expect such a glowing report from her, and it did make me slightly embarrassed because I was sure that what I had done was just what I thought I was supposed to do. ._. Another person with quite a high position from HR also wrote me an email to thank me for what I had done all these while despite my busyness and told me to "jiayou" at the end of his email.

During M's (mandatory) absence from the company, I truly realised that for almost the past 3 months, I have been relying on M a lot. M's absence was felt by me lol, especially during the first day of the work week when she wasn't there. People starting bombing me with phone calls and emails. M's empty table suddenly became a battlefield because there simply wasn't enough space on my table to hold all my to-do items anymore. People who came to find me or boss would just drop their jaws at the state of M's and my work stations. Despite this, I see some good in M's absence, because for once, I realised that despite the minor hiccups in the beginning ('cos I'm still quite a blur sotong), I did manage to survive the week without any help from M at all and for this, I felt really proud of myself. ;')

This is something I wish I wouldn't have to repeat, but it really has been an enlightening period for me. Thank God for all these!

October updates


How time really flies. It's now one week into October. And autumn is definitely in full swing in Korea. The Triplets' father had mentioned to the Triplets that the sky in autumn looked very high and far away. I agree. But the sky I saw in autumn was also the most beautiful.

For the second year in a row, I will be spending the new year away from Singapore. I had booked my tickets on the last day of September, which I thought was a really great deal LOL. But apparently the other Miss Au and J (my new colleague HAHA) thought that my ticket was still expensive. o.O''' Anyway, I will need to ask them on places to go since it will be my first time there. I'm already counting down to my escapade to a country with winter, although I think for now, nothing can beat Korea's bitter winters.

Wicked Garlic opened another outlet right in the CBD, at Clifford Centre. Apparently Boss is a huge fan of them so she suggested to go there for lunch. I of course agreed as I really loved their pasta when I first ate there at Tanjong Pagar. Boss liked their Facebook page, so she knew that they were giving out free chocolate molten lava cake for every set meal purchased. When we reached there, I excitedly asked about the cake and the owner (I presume) told me that just for us, he would give us the molten cakes for free even if we just ordered the normal ala carte meals. I guess aegyo does help in getting myself some extra food. ^^

I ordered something different from the previous time; I had the roasted chicken aglio olio this time round and it tasted really good! M's prawn aglio olio is also something which I will definitely try the next time I am there. After getting 3 free chocolate molten lava cakes, the same guy came to our table and said that he would be giving us a box of tiramisu for free too. WOW HAHAHA. I just couldn't believe our luck LOL.

My roasted chicken aglio olio, which was damn good! *two thumbs up*

OK, I'm not a prolific blogger (neither do I aspire to be one; I just want a platform to pen my thoughts down), but still, a BIG SHOUT-OUT to Wicked Garlic for being so nice to us on Tuesday! We really did enjoy our lunch very much, and you can definitely count on our support (especially Boss' HAHAHA!!!). ;D

P.S. * is going to where I am going too?! I was quite shocked 'cos it's too much of a coincidence, but don't think we will get to meet each other though, because * looks like ** will be going earlier. 맨디야, 넌 왜 이래??? 넌 지금 포기해야 지... I'm really a myriad of confusion. I can't even figure myself out, so how can I expect other people to do so? Haiz... ;/



Slightly more than a year back, I had decided to embark on my trip to Korea. It was a dream come true for me after 10 years. The stint overseas had made me understand myself better, taught me many valuable lessons which I wouldn't have otherwise gone through had I chosen to remain in Singapore and start work immediately, and of course, helped me made many beautiful memories.

I had emerged from the stint stronger than I thought, and while I was so full of anxiety during the days leading up to my trip, I was glad that I was worried for almost nothing at the end of it.

Today marks the start of autumn for the Northern Hemisphere, and because of this, I do suddenly miss my days in Korea very, very much. Autumn was undoubtedly the season when I saw Korea at its best and in its full beauty. The gradual change of colours during September became more apparent as the heavy autumn rains came pouring down and the temperatures suddenly plummeted to the low 10s. The myriad of colours that peaked in October was truly a feast for the eyes, and I couldn't help but to wander at God's creation.

If given a chance again, I would like to visit Korea during spring or autumn again. And when that time comes, I really do wish to have somebody whom I can call my own.

I can really act like I don't give a damn so naturally, but it takes enormous effort for me to show that I care and am not unreceptive.

To do so, I need to have courage, face up to myself, and stop hiding in my own shell.

Haiz, that is really easier said than done for me. T_T

P.S. I think I am drunk. This post isn't making any sense. Bye.

Another sleepless night








P.S. 終於識咗公司嘅另外一個歐小姐。歐呢嗰姓喺星加坡真係好少見。我同佢真係好啱傾。^^

P.P.S. X生亦都好似冇瞓喎。凌晨6點多收到佢嘅短訊。亦都可能係佢早起啩… 唔應該諗咁多。

P.P.P.S. 呢排我喺公司真係有好多嘢做啊。日日都要OT。所以先會喺琴晚飲咁多。但我以後應該唔會飲咁多啩 (希望啦)。真係唔係幾鍾意啤酒,甚至乎有啲憎佢添。._.







好彩我冇表白啫,如果唔係我真係會瘀死. ;(


그 남자에게


It has been almost a month since I have started on my new job in another company. Although the workload is a lot much heavier and I find myself not knocking off at 5.30 pm on the dot most of the time (except when I first started), I find work here more fulfilling and I do actually feel that I truly belong to the company. I do feel very much closer to my colleagues in this new company than back there. And I truly feel that I am learning a lot more here.

The start of my journey in this new company also coincided with my new company's annual Dinner and Dance (D&D). I was half-looking forward to it and half-not-looking forward to it because it was held on the 21st August 2015. I always had the impression that D&Ds are usually held towards the end of the year LOL since there would be a more celebratory mood. But anyway, my worry was unfounded because I did end up really enjoying myself at MBS that night. Gurmit Singh was our host for that night and since I am now under the ME team, I did know how much they had spent to get him over. ._. Dinner ended at around 10.30 pm and we made our way to the karaoke room, where we sang until 2 am. Tired die me hahaha. I couldn't wake up the next day. ;(

Work and bonding also meant that I also had to drink lol. And last night was an example. Last night's session was rather impromptu and I actually agreed to it at the very last minute. And death by Starbucks lol. I was treated to a green tea latte and hojicha tea latte within 2 hours. My stomach was begging me to take mercy.


사실. 난, 그 남자를 조금식 좋아해졌어요. 난 예쁘고 귀여운 외모가 있는 것이 잘 알잖아. (ㅋㅋㅋ) 그래서 신 회사에서 남자 동료들은 나를 좋아하기가 조금 놀랍지도 않았다. 사실, A씨를 처음 만났을 때 나는 아무 생각이 없었었다. 신입 사원니까 A씨 아마 성격이 너무 좋아서 그냥 친철했다. 단, 우리 처음 만난 날부터 A씨 매일 나랑 동료들이랑 점심을 같이 먹었었다. A씨는 나를 자주 보이는 게 나도 잘 알지만 아직도 아무 생각이 없었었다. D&D밤 때 A씨의 친구가 나에게 A씨는 나를 좋아한다고 말했다. 사실 D&D밤 때 A씨가 아주 멋있고 잘 생겼어. 근데, A씨의 친구들은 항상 농담해서 그 순간, 친구의 말을 내가 믿을 수가 없었다.

이젠, 더 생각보니 나는 A씨를 좀좀 좋아해질 것 같아. 근데 A씨가 지금 나를 피하고 있다. A씨가 지금 나에게 화날 것 같아.

어떻게?? 지금 내 마음은 너무 섭섭해. ㅠㅠ

SIA Open House 2015


My childhood dream was to work for either Changi Airport or Singapore Airlines (SIA), and up till now, the aviation industry still remains the industry that I really want to dedicate my life to. Unfortunately, I live in the West and I do not think that I will have the discipline to travel across Singapore every single day just for work, even if my passion lies there. This is when I really resent living in the West. Why don't I live in the East? Even living in Central beats living in the West. ;( I guess it's CBD for me, for now. T_T

SIA had their Open House today, and only just for today. They opened up their training facilities to the public for the very first time in their history, and would not do this again in the near future. Girly and I signed up for it at the first instance, and I was really glad we signed up early because when Z's sister tried to sign up, she couldn't 'cos it was fully booked already.

Zi char dinner


Z came back to Singapore for just a few days, so we took the chance to meet her for zi char dinner yesterday. I finally got to see GY as well after not seeing her for almost 3 years (or maybe even more!!). We had our zi char dinner at Ban Tong seafood, which is located at Clementi. The food was pretty good, and each of us actually only paid $12 per person (we had 5 people), which is really cheap. And I felt really full after that as well. ;)

The cereal crayfish cost $18 for the small portion. It was enough for the 5 of us. It was definitely one of my most favourite dishes! ^^

Vesak Day outing


Today is Vesak Day, which is another public holiday here in Singapore. I think that this year is really a good year to start work, because ever since I started work in February, I have enjoyed at least one long weekend every month, and this month (June) is no exception as well. ^^

My mum had free tickets to the RWS S.E.A Aquarium, but gave the tickets to me and my sister. I decided to go with girly instead. Girly had to buy her own ticket haha, but the tickets at RWS were too expensive (meant to con tourists HAHAHA) so we got her ticket from Qoo10 instead. So instead of paying the normal price of $38, she paid only $21 to get her ticket from a tour agency located at Lucky Chinatown.



It is during times like these that I really feel like giving up. I thought I had given my best, but apparently others have it better (timing, luck) than me. It is during times like these that I really feel inadequate and small. To be honest, I have no idea what went wrong this time round. That sucks even more and all I can feel is just regrets, regrets and regrets over why I am so inadequate in comparison to others. T^T

Is it time to give it all up? I don't know what God has in store for me. I don't even know how I should live my life now... When I look around me, my peers, colleagues and friends all have plans for their lives and are working towards them. For me? Yes, I have dreams. But the dreams have gone unfulfilled, and may continue so, just because I'm not good enough for my dreams to be fulfilled.

I want to continue dreaming and believing, but real-life circumstances are making it so hard for me now. I want to continue believing and trusting in God to help me overcome my inadequateness and give me directions, but right now, I don't even feel that He is by my side anymore.

Live on, forever


With the conclusion of the state funeral today, this week will mark the end of mourning for Singapore. From tomorrow onwards, life will go on as normal. The events this past week will remain as one of the most unforgettable memories I will keep and remember, close to my heart.

End of an era


At the end of the day, what have I got? A successful Singapore. What have I given up? My life. - Lee Kuan Yew

I can't believe that my first post of March would be such a sad and heavy one. The inevitable has finally come. The great almighty Lee Kuan Yew (LKY), Singapore's first Prime Minister, has finally passed. And he chose to go when most Singaporeans were still sleeping. On a brand new week moreover. When my sister said that Mr Lee had passed at around 6 plus in the morning, I still thought that she was just talking in her sleep until I heard her repeat herself again.

Start of work life, for real.


So for this past one week, I have been working. I am glad to say that so far, I find myself coping rather well and I do indeed love the work environment and culture here a lot more than back in the previous company where there was a terrifying FC LOL. And I say all these in spite of me sitting right beside the CFO's PA, and right in front of the CFO now. We have an open concept for our office, so the office is really very open in this aspect and I love the fact that I am actually sitting right beside the full-length glass windows. Looking out once in a while (I am facing the sea) after staring at countless of lines on Excel is really very therapeutic for me, and I really relish this very much.

The view from my seat. And my table is damn huge to say the least. I think I should take a picture of my table when there are less people in the office LOL.

My department is very big, so actually, even after one week in, I don't know everybody's names and I am still damn bad at recognising faces. ;X During my first day of work, I did go out for lunch with a few of the people from the various sub-departments in Finance, and the next day at work, a guy from the lunch group greeted me but I think I was more stunned and I don't remember greeting him back LOL. I am damn sorry, because I really did not/still do not recognise you. ;( I think he must have thought that I was being very unfriendly or what. ;/

On my third day with the company, my department organised a Chinese New Year party in the pantry (the pantry is damn big please... and still got those stools for you to sit and look at the view of the sea. Totally like a bar. OK I'm being damn suaku here...). We had yu sheng (haha, attack the salmon and the crackers only!), sushi and pizza for lunch! I really ate to my heart's content. After lunch, we had a lucky draw, and I was really damn happy to find money inside the red packet which I drew and the packet also contained the number which represented the abalone. First time this lucky sia!

View from the 27th floor pantry. It's super classy-looking and it resembles those bars so much!

Abalone baby!!

OK, abrupt end to the post HAHA. Work will not be fun, but at least Wednesday is not too far away. I'm really looking forward to the long weekend ahead! =)

Backstabbing (even in interviews)


And so, I decided to #YOLO and went ahead for the interview. Boy, it was so tough to wake up so early in the morning, especially when I went out with the Uncle Selfie clique for Marche dinner and came back at 11.30 pm the night before.

Anyway, kiasu Singaporeans were kiasu LOL. I reached early, about 20 minutes before the registration time of 8.30 am, but there were already SNAKING lines all over, just queuing up to get registered LOL. I was assigned the group number 38, which meant that there were 370 people in front of me already. ._.



You know what? I'm just going to try for my childhood dream.

It's probably one of the toughest interviews out there, with 6 rounds in total. And people have gotten kicked out from various rounds without even knowing why. But I guess this is what you have to go through in order to work for one of the most prestigious companies in the world.

I'm really more nervous for this job interview than any other job interviews I've ever gotten to secure.

I did have my doubts, doubts as to whether I will be deemed suitable by the management. But without trying, there won't be any chance at all right?

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

- Joshua 1:9

I pray that all will go well.

And I pray that I will make it in the end, in one try.



I have nothing much to blog and do right now, so I've been catching up on my dramas and listening to some MVs which have caught my attention.

Before this drama, I really didn't know that Ram Chiang used to be a singer. It is really such a pity that he didn't continue to pursue his career in singing, because he can sing really well. T^T And guess what? He wrote the tune and the lyrics for this song as well. *jaw drops*

《老表, 你好hea!》 相逢何必曾相識.

The original song which was composed even before I was born? LOL.

And and and, I am totally regretting that I didn't manage to catch a musical back in Korea. Because I didn't know what Ock Joo-hyun would be reprising her role as Mrs Danver in Das Musical: Rebecca. Scumbag brain.

Ock Joo-hyun's voice is totally... Especially towards the end. And her expressions are totally spot-on, not to mention that she has so much stage presence. @_@

OK abrupt end to the post. Byeeeeee.



This is a bit late, but I am finally back in SG after 4 months overseas. And hey, this is my first post of 2015. ^^ I didn't have the strength to blog or do anything when I was back because I fell sick again during my last 2 days in Korea. It must have been because the weather suddenly turned cold again. While it wasn't the coldest I have experienced, my snot started dripping uncontrollably (my snot started dripping whenever the weather got too cold) and I started having a sore-throat. It was then I knew that I was falling sick. T^T

I haven't fallen sick in years (I think?) and yet when I came to Seoul, I fell sick twice in 4 months despite taking Vitamin C on an almost-daily basis. The first time being during the transition from autumn to winter, when the temperatures went from low double-digits to negative single digit overnight. I remembered that many people also fell sick during the transition period. And the second time being a week back. I must say that although the temperature wasn't very cold (-10ºC is nothing to shout about during winters in Korea. It's very common in fact...), the weather turned cold suddenly (real feel was about -17ºC? The winds were crazy!) after a few days of relative warmness (like 1ºC?!).

This, in fact, wasn't the coldest I've experienced. It seemed like the worst was during mid-December when I remembered that the highest temperature during daytime was only -7ºC. And that particular day was particularly dreadful because this was the first time I really realised that people can do actually die from the cold. I had chosen that dreadful day to do my grocery shopping at Mangwon because I really had no food left and stupid me went out without my gloves because I totally forgot about them. The winds then were super strong, and without my gloves, my hands were totally exposed to the cold winds and I really felt super horrible, like I was about to faint any moment. It was really very scary to see my hands turning almost deep red right in front of my eyes. I remembered that I nearly cried that time because of the pain and numbness. Oh, and I thought that my feet were quite well-protected, but during that day, they felt so numb until I thought that they were literally going to drop off from the frostbite. I rushed into a sheltered shop and stayed there for about 20 minutes before I finally felt some feeling coming back into my hands and feet.

It was this experience that made me vow to check that I had everything before I leave my room the next time. When I checked the temperature after I finally reached home safely, it was -15ºC, real feel -25ºC. I felt really lucky and thankful to God that I was able to make it back home without mishaps, and probably after narrowly losing my fingers.