Snowy Seoul


About 2 weeks after it last snowed in Seoul, it finally snowed for good today in the morning. This also marked the beginning of a very harsh winter. The temperature yesterday still felt quite pleasant although it was still in the single-digit range, but wow, today's temperature is really brutal. The walk to school was torturous 'cos of the winds, and the winds blew even stronger in the afternoon when our lessons ended.

I love the snow, but the cold that accompanied it was really brutal especially with the winds. My hands and ears were exposed just for a few seconds and they felt really super painful. I swear that the cold really cannot be messed with. I had my gloves on, but even then, my hands felt really damn cold until I couldn't feel them. My ears really hurt and although I had my hood on, the wind kept blowing my hood off lol. x_X

After our written paper. Freezing like toot hahaha.

Covered in snow... You can "see" how strong the winds were by just looking at how the snow is flying all over the place. ;X

Today marked the last day of my finals. Listening was really difficult. I don't even know if I can do well for the written paper as well haiz. Reading last Friday was better, but I screwed up my one-to-one interview with my teacher at the very last part, so I think I will get deducted like crazy. I really want to improve on my grades from mid-terms, but not sure if this is possible right now. ;X

Anyway, WK and I got news that Running Man was filming at Myeongdong during our papers, so after lunch, we rushed over to Myeongdong, but sadly, we couldn't spot anybody from Running Man there. Damn suay. If we didn't eat lunch we would have seen them lor. ;X And why can't they come to Yonsei again HAHAHAHA? I think I have to camp at SBS' headquarters (which is pretty near the church I'm attending right now) every Monday, but given the weather, I think I'd die before I get to see them. ;X

After our failed Running Man mission (LOL!), we went over to Young Plaza. Damn there's Stylenanda and 3CE there. Gotta love these 2 brands (technically they're the same), especially 3CE. I'm so in love with their make-up. Spam-tried the make-up over there and I'd love to buy everything if I had the money. =D

Temperature for the night. Real feel is -16°C thanks. And it'll be like this for the rest of the week. Don't dare to see how the temperatures will be like until I leave. ;(

OK abrupt end to this post. I can't even feel my own hands now. ;X


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