Birthplace of bibimbap


A and I embarked on a one-day trip to Jeonju. Since there was a free bus for foreigners to that place, why not? Waking up was torturous as usual, with the temperature dipping down to -10c. Sinchon's subway station is probably the coldest subway station ever LOL. Can you imagine we could still breathe out "smoke" even when we are underground? Yes, that was how cold Sinchon's station was.

We took the train to Gwanghwamun and had to RUN in order to reach the shuttle bus at 8 am SHARP. As A aptly put it, we ate cold wind for breakfast. ._. Anyway, thus began our 3-hour journey south to Jeonju. One would think that it would snow often in Seoul, given that Seoul is located pretty far up north, but in actual fact, while Seoul was indeed much colder than Jeonju, it snowed a lot more in Jeonju and the countryside than in Seoul itself.

When we reached Jeonju, a winter wonderland greeted us, and the sight was really very pretty! ;O However, maybe because we didn't go to the famous restaurants and eat the bibimbap that Jeonju is famed for, so while we did order the Jeonju bibimbap, it tasted no different from the bibimbap that is sold in Seoul. ;X Anyway, Jin-seul did tell me that Jeonju bibimbap is nothing to shout about haha, and recommended me to try the Jeonju makgeolli instead. However, as my luck would have it, going to the makgeolli allies in Jeonju required us to travel out of the hanok village and take Jeonju's public buses. We did not have enough time as we had to be back on the shuttle bus by 4.45 pm. ;( As we were making our way back, we passed by a restaurant that sold makgeolli, but I think I was really down on my luck LOL. The restaurant didn't happen to have makgeolli that day. -.-'''

Anyway, below are some pictures of Jeonju.

While on the bus...

The crispy fish jerky that I bought for only 2500 won from the rest-stop. I swear I love this thing so much!

Finally at Jeonju, the birthplace of bibimbap!

Just look at the amount of snow here.

The snow-capped roofs are just beyond pretty. Especially when the snow lands on the roofs of traditional buildings like these. Just so romantic!

Snow again.

The snow here was really thick enough to build snowman HAHA. We saw many snowmen around too. ^^

This place was indeed a winter wonderland.

Cotton on tree? Nah, it's snow...

Totally felt like I was in a sageuk HAHA.

We stopped by a restaurant for lunch... Here are our banchans. Besides the usual veggies, we had raw cockles too. Damn salty though. ;X But Korean beansprouts will forever be my favourite banchan!

Octopus, steak, rice and noodles. This cost us 10 000 won. Super filling. @_@

Jeonju bibimbap. To be honest, it didn't taste any different from the ones I've had in Seoul. The presentation was better though LOL.

After lunch, we continued to tour around the Hanok Village.

The stone that marked the entrance of the Hanok Village.

It was so cold that there was ice and snow on the poor plants HAHA.

We came across this super pretty hanok.

The garden was really pretty, wasn't it?

The setting sun.

Love this kind of painting so much! ;)

Goodbye Jeonju!

I absolutely adore eating ice-cream in sub-zero temperatures HAHA. And this ice-cream was crazily good! A must-eat when in Korea! ;D

THIS IS DAMN DELICIOUS TOO! I can eat this everyday HAHA.

We reached Hongdae at around 8.45 pm did some shopping at Hongdae's Forever 21 before having an awesome dinner at some restaurant LOL. No point remembering the name because restaurants/cafes in Seoul (or at least student-populated places like Sinchon, Ewha and Hongdae) last for about only 6 months on average LOL.

This cost only 7000 won, which I think was really worth.

I'll definitely go to Jeonju again next time when I do more research about the place. Because of the makgeolli huhuhu. One regret of this trip. And yes, I'll probably choose winter to come to Jeonju again. This place is really mad gorgeous during winter. ;D


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