Yesterday and today's weather are the coldest I've ever experienced here in Seoul. The temperatures have gone down to negative already and even with the heater in my room, I was still shivering last night. It must have been because I opened the window (just to feel how cold it was outside) for a while. OK, I asked for it.

Anyway, going to school was torturous today because of the weather. I was breathing out "smoke" haha but I kinda enjoyed it though my hands were freezing zZz. I should have worn my gloves. The good thing is that it seems like tomorrow's temperature will be higher than today's. The bad thing is that, this is only the starting of winter and many more freezing days to come.

Temperature in the morning. It was even colder 'cos the winds were very strong. My face and hands were totally numb when I reached school.

Temperature in the afternoon was no better huhuhu.

There was no lessons for today. Instead, we had role plays, which everybody in the level had to participate. I found the idea of a play lame at first, and had totally no interest in it, but when we were having our final rehearsals yesterday, I suddenly felt a lot more enthusiastic and thanked God that we were given this chance to bond together as a class. This also made me sad, because I know very well that I won't be able to continue my Korean studies with this group of people anymore. ;_;

My role in my class play was the weird ahjumma HAHA. Here's my look for the role. ._.

After the play was over, we went out for a class BBQ buffet to celebrate Guo Hao's birthday. Food here isn't as cheap as SG's, but buffets here are totally worth the money I must say. And once again, thank you Ibi for the treat. He insisted on treating us despite our insistence to pay for our own meals because of the culture here. I guess it is really hard to be an elder here in Korea 'cos over here, the eldest is expected to settle the bill when dining out with the rest who are of "lower status". ;X

Anyway, let me wind back to a few days ago, on 11th November 2014, which is also known as Pepero Day in Korea. It is really a big deal in Korea, with shops selling Pepero boxes in fanciful packagings that resemble Christmas presents so much. If I am not wrong, Pepero Day is kind of like Valentine's Day, just that it is probably celebrated exclusively in Korea.

I think I will buy back Pepero when I go back to SG as these flavours are not available in SG. The tiramisu and skinny ones are really good. I haven't tried the rock melon one yet though.

After class was over, we had cooking class again. This time round, instead of cooking pollock, we had chicken, and I must really say that I am really a good cook LOL. I really enjoyed eating the chicken more probably because it wasn't that tough to chew for me. Although the pollock last time round was good as well, we were given dried pollock, so it was hard for me to eat it easily due to the condition of my jaw, which will never be the same as how it was in the beginning I guess.

This is really damn good. I'm not ashamed to say that. ;D

Our soup and chicken dishes. *salivates*

My partner for today, Asari. Congratulations on your marriage unni! ^^

I guess that's all for now. On a random note, Korean tangerines are really effing sweet HAHA. And the best thing is that they're all seedless (for the ones I've eaten so far). I feel like buying some back to SG, but I nearly died carrying the tangerines back to my room from the market. ;_;

Korean tangerines are a MUST-EAT when in Korea! You really won't regret it!

Alright, back to shivering under my blanket now huhuhu. ;_;


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