Updates + Seoul Latern Festival 2014


After last week's extremely cold weather, I thought that it would be winter for good here in Seoul. Apparently, this isn't the case LOL. For the past few days, the temperatures have been above 10°C and it even shot up to 16°C yesterday, with the lowest being only 7°C. It feels like autumn has returned again, because the weather forecast for the week showed as such. Haiz, I was really looking forward to seeing snow, so while I do wish that the temperature will drop again, I am not anticipating the cold.

That being said, although it is currently only 12°C as I am typing this post, I had to switch off my room heater as it was getting uncomfortably warm and open up my room window. I haven't done that in weeks huhuhu. And I am still rocking the 12°C temperature in my SG-style pyjamas, which means FBTs and a T-shirt LOL. And yes, I don't feel cold. I think I will really be a goner when I return to SG. ;X

We had the first part of our speech test yesterday. Although I did stumble a bit over my lines, I felt that my conversation with Asari went really well. In fact, I did think that we performed the best out of the rest, so hopefully we do get high marks. Ms Jung praised us too, but she didn't do so for the rest, so I take that as a good sign LOL. My only regret was that I stumbled, so I guess there will be some marks taken off for that, if not getting full marks for this component wouldn't be a problem for us as well. So sorry, Asari! ;X

Anyway, Daisy (another HKer) and I helped WK with her moving out of her current hasukjib to another goshiwon in Ewha, so after our speech test today, WK treated us to lunch. Thanks WK jehjeh! ;D We had lunch at Mr Bossam, which was highly recommended by another Singaporean whose blog I read a few months back. The bossam was really good! ;D

Thanks for the treat WK! We all ate well! ^^

People have long flocked to Ewha for the spectacular autumn foliages and I finally know why. It's a pity that the leaves were losing their colours/have dropped off when I reached there but nevertheless, it's still so pretty. T_T

Later on at night, A and I decided to pay a visit to Cheonggyecheon Stream because of the Seoul Lantern Festival, which will only be held until 23rd November 2014. Thank goodness A has a better sense of directions now so we decided to take a bus to Dongdaemun instead of the subway kekeke.

The temperature at night was cooler, but not by much 'cos I felt rather stuffy with my winter coat on. ;X But still, the weather was very good for walking along the streams. I really don't mind walking such long distances in such a weather. A was complaining that there were too many couples around HAHAHA. What to do? This is Korea leh, the couplest place on Earth LOL. Anyway, we were rewarded with some truly spectacular sights. The effort that went into making these lanterns are really laudable!!

Saguek much?

Nice tree LOL! Seoul has, in fact, been gearing up for Christmas since the beginning of November LOL! The Christmas tree outside U-Plex is quite nice I must say.

Pororo! ^^

Sheepies! ;D

Via Cheonggyecheon, we walked over to Gwangjang Market for dinner. We decided to have jeon, which are various types of "pancakes" for dinner.

This doesn't look too appetising oops, but it was good. I felt that 10 000 won is a bit pricey though, but what to do? Gwangjang Market is a tourist spot HAHA. And it was good enough for 2 of us to share. ;)

We did a bit of grocery shopping when we went back to Sinchon and gosh, the variety of snacks here in Korea are enough to kill me. I haven't finished the snacks that I've bought the previous time but I have spent nearly 10 000 won on a batch of new snacks. I'm really a snacks hoarder LOL. When my sister comes to Seoul, we'll definitely be stocking up on snacks like typical tourists. ._.

P.S. Iope's sunblock air cushion is really damn good. My face really looked super smooth after applying it and my face didn't look oily at all even after so many hours. I put it on before going to school at about 8.30 am and didn't remove it at all until I got back home at 11 pm. Thank you Ms Jung for highly recommending it to the girls in our class kekeke. And thank you Kimchi teacher (my reading teacher HAHA; she said she's been mocked for her name throughout her life LOL) for telling me about the Black Sales on G-Market. I was able to get the air cushion at a deal price of 27 000 won. ^^


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