Seokchon Lake and Seoul Forest


I missed the rubber duck when it was in HK, so I specially made the trip down to Seokchon Lake although it wasn't very near Sinchon. The exhibition will be held until 14th November 2014, so for those in Seoul, hurry down to see it if you wish to!

South Korea isn't exactly very single-friendly HAHA. In fact, it is probably the "couplest" place I've ever known LOL. My friends decided not to visit the rubber duck art exhibition for various reasons, so I decided to head out on my own. I have no qualms about heading out by myself. In fact, I really love it for I get time to myself without having to entertain other person/people around me.

The cute rubber duck. ;3

The view at Seokchon Lake. Now I know why people say that autumn is really the best time to visit South Korea.

The only problem is that it's kinda awkward to be around people who have selfie sticks (damn I didn't bring mine from SG) while I have to rely on my hands; people having group photos while I'm just taking photos of sceneries and trying to get a good selca shot of myself. Anyhow, the trip to Seokchon Lake was good. While the weather was really cold, the wind that blew was really refreshing as well and I know that I will definitely miss such walks in the parks when I go back to SG.

I've been wanting to go to Seoul Forest for quite some time now, and since it was rather near (it was along the same line??) to where the rubber duck was, I decided to drop by as well, and this is definitely a place which I really recommend people to go. In fact, I really love the parks in Seoul. It may be also be because of the cold weather that walks in the parks really become such an enjoyable affair, with picturesque sceneries to boot as well.

Seoul Forest is also connected to the Han River Park, so I made my way over to the Han River and it is this very river which contributed to Korea's success now. It is really no easy feat for a country to come from the ruins of the Korean war to one of the world's richest countries in just 50 years.

Finally at Seoul Forest! ^^

Pretty foliage at Seoul Forest.

This park has deers too! You can pay 1000 won to get the deers some snacks. ^^

This place is really very suitable for wedding photos LOL.

Trying to attempt a selfie (Koreans call it selca) here without being awkward when there are so many couples and people with selfie sticks. ;X

The parting shot before I went home.

Isn't the Hangang (Han River) just majestic?

Seoul is really very beautiful. I love how this metropolis strikes a damn good balance between skyscrapers and natural greenery. The air here is very clean to say the least although it's the not freshest I've ever inhaled (like NZ and Aussie). But still, good job to Seoul for striking such a fine balance with such success.

OK back to work now byeeeee.

P.S. Thank God I finally have a heater in my room. It was so tough to wake up especially in the cold. Thursday's highest temperature will only be 6°C. And it'll be negative tomorrow. According to past weather trends, it should start snowing by next week. I'm really looking forward to that, but not the cold that accompanies it. >.<


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