New hairstyle


How ah? I really miss Ms Jang more than I have previously thought. The new teachers came in today and I totally felt resistance pouring right out from my heart. Ms Jang did mention that Ms Jung (my new teacher) has a very nice voice and to this, I totally agree. Ms Jung totally sounded as if she is one of the narrators in the CD. Perhaps she really is. But other than that, I still like Ms Jang a lot more. I went around asking my friends how they found the new teacher and they all liked her. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just resistant to changes. ='( Hopefully the subsequent lessons will get better. I'm really totally envious of the class who gets Ms Jang now. ;X

My reading teacher seems alright though, probably because I am neutral towards the last reading teacher. This reading teacher seems more "animated" although I find that she tries a bit too hard to "act aegyo (cute)" and she isn't exactly very young LOL. There was one point during lesson where she went "OH NO BABY!!!!!". #siaozhabor Funny thing is that both my reading teachers share the same 2 surnames and middle names.

Anyway, I've been dying to get my hair cut since time immemorial and I finally did so today, all by myself! I feel very proud of myself actually HAHA. I managed to get my points across to the hairdresser at Edgy Hair Salon who spoke only Korean although there were some hiccups here and there. And it's cheaper than what other hair salons in Ewha and Sinchon are quoting, probably because this isn't very well-known. I got my digital mermaid curls for only 70 000 won!! It's much cheaper than in SG too. Such perms cost about $130+ back in SG.

I am pleased with the end results because I think I look more Korean now. Something needs to be done about the state of my hair though. It's getting drier and drier. ;X I think I should stop washing my hair everyday. I've tried it a few times here because I rarely sweat here anymore but I still felt really uncomfortable about not being able to wash my hair everyday.

New hairstyle!!

Off to study again zZz... I WANT MS JANG BACK PLEASE. T_T


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